10 Essential Items You Should Bring With You To The Annual Bloggers Bash

The big day is almost here. If you are reading this post after the 11th June 2016, then fear not, because this post will come in handy for any Bloggers Bash.

What should you bring with you? Here’s my guide to those essential items every blogger needs for the big day.

  1. Yourself. Yes, you must bring yourself to the Annual Bloggers Bash. If you can’t get there then you can join in all the fun on the Facebook page or by following the bash on Twitter by using the hashtag #bloggersbash.
  2. A camera. Although we will be taking lots of photos and filming the event, don’t forget to bring a camera or to take some photos with your mobile phone. Then, after the bash, don’t forget to share them with us all on your blog.
  3. Business cards. “I blog at balancingawheelbarrowonmylefteyebrow….” Who is going to remember that after a fun day out and maybe the odd port and lemonade? Bring some business cards with you that include all your blog details so you can hand them out. Don’t have any business cards? Then bring a pen and paper and write those details out.
  4. Comfortable shoes. If you’ve read Geoff’s recent post giving directions to the venue, then you may be doing rather a lot of walking by the time you reach the location. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat! You’ll need them if it’s a hot and sunny day while walking to the venue.
  5. Money. If you’ve ordered food then please try and bring the right change with you. We’ll have some change with us, but it will probably soon run out. One pound coins will be most welcome.
  6. Lozenges. You’ll need them at the end of the day what with all the talking you’ll be doing when meeting up with your favourite bloggers for the first time. Don’t be shy, come and say hello. We don’t bite…honest. We’ll be providing name badges so you don’t have to play ‘guess the blogger.’
  7. Travel tickets. Yes, you’ve found us, but don’t forget that you need to get back home. Make sure you have your return tickets with you, otherwise, you could end up clubbing all night with the committee (and boy, can we four party!). Click here and take a look at what happened at last year’s Christmas party.
  8. Tissues. It’s going to be tough saying goodbye, so wipe away those tears of joy when the day comes to an end and you you’ve survived it by ensuring you have plenty of tissues handy.
  9. Hugs. Yes, there will be plenty on offer throughout the day, many that have been given to bloggers attending the event from bloggers not able to make it. Make sure you give out a few hugs. They’ll make everyone’s day even better.
  10. Jammy Dodgers, Jaffa Cakes, and Oreos. Please give these to me. They’ll come in very handy at any future committee meetings but, whatever you do, don’t tell Sacha, Geoff or Ali. It’s our little secret…Okay?

Want to add anything to my list? Then please do so in the comments. Have a great time everyone.

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  1. A very good luck with this year’s event, Hugh. You and others pushed themselves beyond the limit for it to be a great success, about which I’m sure it will be.

  2. I’d love to be bringing myself Hugh. Just know that I’ll be there in spirit, and I hope there are a lot more videos taken than last year. I want to hear everyone speak and catch some of the conversations, lol.
    PS So jealous! LOL xo ❤

    1. Planning on a lot more photos and videos this year, Debby. Last year we didn’t plan to do the videos. It was a spur of the moment idea I had when I lined all the Bloggers up and told them to speak to me. I’m sure WordPres is going to be inundated with Bash posts come Sunday and beyond.
      Happy Reading.

      1. Here’s the plan:
        1) Collect all recyclables over 4th of July / Labor Day / Thanksgiving / Christmas festivities and turn in for $0.10 deposit (no small thing in our family celebrations
        2) Hire out HRH as a comfort animal to hospice groups (even dogs need jobs)
        3) Complete work on teleporter as to avoid TSA
        4) Failing #3, locate at least one potential client in area so as to write off travel as business expense.
        5) Sell a couple thousand books.

        Very doable plan.

        1. All sounds very doable to me. Once the Bash is over, maybe I could take you back to the event on my Time Machine? Unfortunately, it only goes backwards, so I can’t propel you into the future yet.

  3. Hugh, the bash sound like a ton of fun. Okay, I’m on the other side of the “pond” so cannot attend! I’m sure you are going to bring a HAT…others might want to too! Look forward to the photos! 💛 Elizabeth

  4. Reblogged this on graemecummingdotnet and commented:
    Live Aid happened in the summer of 1985, and I didn’t go – which was surprising at the time because I was really into concerts back then. But I thought I’d enjoy it at home instead. It’s not the same, and even with social media, it wouldn’t have been the same.

    The same can be said of most events, and personally that’s how I feel about the Bloggers Bash. So, even though Hugh has done his best to console those who won’t be there within his list of essentials, as you read through it, you’ll realise that there really is no substitute. Hugs just aren’t the same on the web…

  5. This event looked like so much fun! I did not even know of this actually exist before reading your post. Sadly, I am not able to be there as it is far from where I am. 😦

  6. Oh, yes!!! Very good points, Hugh! Thank God, my hotel is in walking distance! I just cannot promise to bring the right change since I got some pounds from my bank only for the weekend. But I will see what I have at the time of the Bash. Lozenges? Believe it or not…. already packed… lol!

    1. No problem about the change, Erika. We will have some and I’m sure the venue will as well. 😀
      Good to hear about the lozenges. By the time I finish talking I think my voice will disappear for a week. Thank goodness I’ll still be able to write. 😀

  7. Just popping in to wish you all a fabulous and successful event. I/We are so jealous here, wish we could get this going in the US. Geography might be the problem, we may need regional events.

    Yes, I did vote, can’t wait to see the photos from your gathering. ☺☺Thanks for all that you do to make this happen. With love from “the colonies”. Van 💖

    1. Sounds like a great idea, Van. I hope you guys over the pond can sort something out. Who knows, we may even join you all if they do become a reality.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. The committee have been planning this for the last 10 months, and now the big day is almost upon us. 😀 I’m sure there will be lots of posts about the event doing the rounds from Sunday.

  8. Now I have to remember all of those!! Change.. better pop out and buy some sweets. The lozenges sound handy Hugh.. I always get a bit of a croaky throat when I talk too much.. And the hugs I’m all for that….. Thanks for the reminder about business cards.. just got mine via Vistaprint!

    1. You’re welcome, Marje. I should have ordered my business cards yesterday, but I forgot! Now I can’t get any until Friday, which is when I am travelling up to London. I’ll have to make do with pen and paper this time and write a note to myself to remember to order them when I get back.

      Thank you very much for the reblog. Looking forward to seeing you again on Saturday.

      1. And you too, Hugh. Hope I remember to bring my business cards.. turned out pretty snazzy! Been reblogging like crazy ha ha! As I am so busy at the moment… job hunting again! Tell you all about it on Saturday. 🙂

    1. Some say they are biscuits, some say they are cakes, Noelle. The jury is out on that. They are a sponge base, with an orange centre which is covered in dark chocolate. Not a fan of dark chocolate but these are very moreish. 😋

  9. Thanks for the reminders Hugh! I didn’t even think about business cards – I don’t have any, something I’ve been thinking about but never got around to, bring so disorganised these days…Jaffa Cakes sound good though…my favourites too…and your secret is safe with me 😉 Very much looking forward to the big day…see you there! 🙂 xx

    1. Nor me, Sherri. I just tried to order some but they can’t guarantee them being here until Friday. That’s no good for me as I leave for London on Friday and I’ll probably be gone before they arrive. I’ll have to make do with a pen and paper (not that anyone will even ask me for my details of course, but who knows). 😀
      So looking forward to seeing you again on Saturday.

      1. I’m sure plenty of people will be wanting your ‘autograph’ Hugh 🙂 Me too, really looking forward to seeing you again, can’t believe it’s been a year! Not long now!! xx

  10. It sounds like you’re going to have so much fun. I’m miffed I can’t make it this year, but it’s definitely on my to do list for next year. Hope you all have an amazing time and I can’t wait to see all of the photos!

    1. Don’t forget to follow events on our Facebook page and on Twitter, Stacey. I know there are going to be so many photos that will be shared after the event.
      Looking forward to meeting you at the next Bloggers Bash.

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