10 Essential Items You Should Bring With You To The Annual Bloggers Bash

The big day is almost here. If you are reading this post after the 11th June 2016, then fear not, because this post will come in handy for any Bloggers Bash.

What should you bring with you? Here’s my guide to those essential items every blogger needs for the big day.

  1. Yourself. Yes, you must bring yourself to the Annual Bloggers Bash. If you can’t get there then you can join in all the fun on the Facebook page or by following the bash on Twitter by using the hashtag #bloggersbash.
  2. A camera. Although we will be taking lots of photos and filming the event, don’t forget to bring a camera or to take some photos with your mobile phone. Then, after the bash, don’t forget to share them with us all on your blog.
  3. Business cards. “I blog at balancingawheelbarrowonmylefteyebrow….” Who is going to remember that after a fun day out and maybe the odd port and lemonade? Bring some business cards with you that include all your blog details so you can hand them out. Don’t have any business cards? Then bring a pen and paper and write those details out.
  4. Comfortable shoes. If you’ve read Geoff’s recent post giving directions to the venue, then you may be doing rather a lot of walking by the time you reach the location. Make sure you are wearing comfortable shoes and don’t forget the sunscreen and a hat! You’ll need them if it’s a hot and sunny day while walking to the venue.
  5. Money. If you’ve ordered food then please try and bring the right change with you. We’ll have some change with us, but it will probably soon run out. One pound coins will be most welcome.
  6. Lozenges. You’ll need them at the end of the day what with all the talking you’ll be doing when meeting up with your favourite bloggers for the first time. Don’t be shy, come and say hello. We don’t bite…honest. We’ll be providing name badges so you don’t have to play ‘guess the blogger.’
  7. Travel tickets. Yes, you’ve found us, but don’t forget that you need to get back home. Make sure you have your return tickets with you, otherwise, you could end up clubbing all night with the committee (and boy, can we four party!). Click here and take a look at what happened at last year’s Christmas party.
  8. Tissues. It’s going to be tough saying goodbye, so wipe away those tears of joy when the day comes to an end and you you’ve survived it by ensuring you have plenty of tissues handy.
  9. Hugs. Yes, there will be plenty on offer throughout the day, many that have been given to bloggers attending the event from bloggers not able to make it. Make sure you give out a few hugs. They’ll make everyone’s day even better.
  10. Jammy Dodgers, Jaffa Cakes, and Oreos. Please give these to me. They’ll come in very handy at any future committee meetings but, whatever you do, don’t tell Sacha, Geoff or Ali. It’s our little secret…Okay?

Want to add anything to my list? Then please do so in the comments. Have a great time everyone.

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