Easy Ways To Consistently Generate Engaging Blog Posts

Writer’s block is something that all bloggers experience from time to time. One week you can be full of ideas, only to find a week later you have no idea what to write about. Even I suffered from Writer’s Block from time to time, but if this block in creativity continues for a long time, then it may not be long for readers to unfollow your blog.

While generating engaging blog post ideas comes easy to some, many bloggers find it challenging. Thankfully there are plenty of easy ways of coming up with regular ideas that your readers will be interested in. So if you’re eager to break out of your block once and for all, here are a few suggestions to get started.

Look at other blogs

Most bloggers will do this every day, but looking at and reading other blogs is an easy way of generating ideas. While stealing other bloggers posts is a no go area and is frowned upon, there is no harm is using their ideas as a starting point. Look at blogs that are similar to your own but also branch out to completely different blogs too. While their content may be completely irrelevant and uninteresting to your followers, they may have ideas you can adapt.

You could also get ideas while shopping online. I recently discovered this when checking out Super Loot & Collector Corp unboxing reviews. It gave me some great ideas for some short stories. Or maybe a Q&A with your followers could be an interesting idea? You could also reach out to bloggers who inspire you for interviews and collaboration opportunities.

Use your memo pad

This is something I find really useful. Whether it’s on your phone or in physical form, a memo pad is an essential part of a bloggers arsenal. None of us ever know when ideas will strike, but when it does, it’s vital you write it down.

Carry your memo pad around with you and use it to note down any ideas you might have. Even if you don’t think they are currently suitable, you can always go back to them at a later date. This is ideal for days when writer’s block hits you hardest or if you’re short on time. If you write down every idea that comes to you, it shouldn’t take long to create a useful inventory you can refer to.

Ask your followers

The most obvious way of writing content your readers will enjoy is by asking them for their input. Ask them for their feedback on which posts they enjoy reading the most. Check your WordPress stats as this will tell you what your most popular posts are. You may be surprised by the results you receive. You might discover that your readers respond and share your personal posts more than your how-to guides for instance. You can also pitch ideas to them to see if there would be something they would be interested in reading. This can give you endless ideas and insight into what to write next. Encouraging their ideas and feedback is also a great way of retaining loyal readers. Just remember to acknowledge them for their input.

These are just a few ways that you can stay relevant and retain your followers. Make a habit out of looking for inspiration from multiple sources to keep your ideas fresh and unique. That way you’ll never be short of ideas again.

What about you? Do you have any ideas you use to combat Writer’s Block?

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