The Eurovision Song Contest – 2016

With over 200 million viewers worldwide, The Eurovision Song Contest is the biggest song contest in the world.

I’ve been a fan since I can remember. If you’re a football fan then, for me, watching the final of the contest is like watching the F.A or World Cup Final.

Last year, Suzie (aka Suzie Speaks), Steve (aka Steve Says…) and I had a Eurovision Twitter party during the contest. I still have the tweets and all I can say is that it would make for some very interesting and fun reading.

This year, all three of us are once again awarding points in exactly the same way each country does at the end of the contest. You can check what points Steve and Suzie awarded by clicking here and here.

Moving on, here are the points from the members of the Roberts’ household (that being Toby and I because John disagrees with our choices, but it’s our blog…so there!)

One point is awarded to Spain.

Two points go to Malta

Three points go to Austria

We award four points to Russia

Five points are awarded to France

Our six points go to Italy

Seven points to Australia

Eight points go to Cyprus

We award ten points to Bulgaria

And…Toby and Hugh award twelve points to…The Netherlands

Of course, we can’t vote for the United Kingdom because we are British, but we wish Joe and Jake the very best of luck.

This year’s contest is one of the toughest I’ve seen for a very long time. Good luck to all the participants.

Will you be watching the contest? Who do you think will win? Did you watch the contest? Did the best song win?

Happy Eurovision everyone.

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68 thoughts

  1. My pre-contest votes are
    Serbia 1 point
    Poland 2 points
    Bulgaria 3 points
    U.K. 4 points
    Italy 5 points
    Netherlands 6 points
    Australia 7 points
    Israel 8 points
    Austria 10 points
    France 12 points
    Latvia and Sweden were runners up – a tough year indeed !
    Have a fantastic evening !


    1. I always say I’m going to give it one more chance, but I always come back. Don’t know if you watched the semi-finals this week, but they were superb. This year the songs alone are very strong and it was a real tough choice coming up with just ten. I think the magic is back this year.
      Enjoy the show, Andrew.


      1. That would be great, but with just over 40 countries competing every year we’d be in for a very long night 😀 Gone are the days of seven songs, one cameraman, and a curtain as a backdrop.


    1. Good to hear, Lucille. The Netherlands has a very strong song this year and I believe have a very good chance of winning the contest. The only downside is it’s third, out of 25 counties, to be performing. Then again, the last time The Netherlands won the contest they were first to perform.
      Enjoy the show.


      1. Hi Hugh, good morning. You know so much about it! Thanks for sharing.
        I ended up recording the show as we had dinner with friends. Sad that the Dutch didn’t make it.
        Did you like the final results?


      2. But at least it came a respectful 11th, Lucille.
        No, didn’t like the final result. Too political once again. However, the way they announced the voting this year was nail biting but much better.


  2. Hugh, do you vote on the basis of certain criteria [e.g., the video’s artistry, presentation] or is it only how much you like the music? Hasn’t there been ‘heavy metal’ music in this in the past, too? From the screen grabs, it looks like it’s all pop. Is that the case this year? I’ll have to check all these videos out later; I’m always on the look-out for new music, as the bands and artists I love, sadly, are aging or passing away or not making good music anymore (if at all). Good job, Hugh & Toby {did he bark for approval, Hugh?} 🙂


    1. It should really be all about the song, Leigh. When the contest first started in 1956 there were seven songs, one cameraman and a curtain as a backdrop. Right up until the late 1990s it was all about the song and then the problems started that it also became about the presentation, the outfits, who was friends with who, etc, etc. As more and more countries joined the competition so it also became more political.

      These song choices were mine (and Toby’s). Probably because I enjoy pop music so much, that’s why just about all of them are pop music based. The Cyprus entry is the nearest to what I would call heavy rock.

      And how wrong were my predictions? Well, very. The winning song was not even in my top 10. Many people said they did not like the song, but it went on to win. Last year’s winner was very much a pop music song. This year it was a screaming Ballard. However, the show was excellent to watch. Very entertaining and with over 200 million viewers from all over the world it’s not to ever end anytime soon.

      I heard that the contest was screened for the very first time in the States and also in China.

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      1. Cool; thank you for taking the time to write all that, Hugh. I had read or heard it had been around for awhile, but I was thinking 70s or 80s, not 1950s. Sounds like you should/could write a book or e-book/novella about it!


  3. I was in Italy during the week long (or maybe longer) Miss Italy contest where the winner was chosen by phoned in votes! It was fun to watch. We just have crazy politicians here in the US to watch!


  4. I’d never heard of this contest, Hugh, until you started writing about it. I like the entry from The Netherlands quite a lot. The kids from the UK are very good too, just not what I typically go for. I like less gloss and polish, more rawness. I hear that Ukraine won, or did I make that up? It’s late and I had some drinks after work, so not sure what I think I thought I heard.


    1. Yes, Ukraine won the contest, Walt. It had an anti-Russian message in it and many people voted for it because of this. I didn’t like the song because it was not the type of music I usually listen too. However, it seems the people of Europe (and Australia) loved it.


      1. Russians are saying that the voting was rigged and that ‘the West’ brain washed people into voting for an anti-Russian song. They showed a TV clip over here that was in a TV studio in Moscow. It was very vocal and there were a lot of angry people. Seems to me that Russia were desperate to win it and, because they didn’t, they are now blaming it on Western European countries. They may boycott the contest next year.

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      2. Well I did I did not know that… too busy with noms yesterday lol! It’s this kind of thing which makes me despair for mankind. I liked that song. It was touching and the singer sang it with such emotion. That does not make me anti Russian. Seems we are always looking for something to ‘go to war’ over. How disappointing. One of the things the hosts said which particularly resonated with me was that in these troubled times for Europe, our love of music was bringing us together. Then this happens. For shame.


      3. Yep, yet again, Eurovision takes a political twist. I didn’t partially like the song. I thought she seemed to be screaming rather than singing it. I thought the Australian song was what the contest once was all about. There were many others that also took my vote but that’s probably because I love pop music. However, the hosts did a fantastic job and made the whole event a huge success. We should ignore the fallout and go forth and get ready for Eurovision 2017.

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  5. Hi Hugh, we loved watching it down here in the land of OZ too! We were right behind the Australian entrant of course and she did a great job. I didn’t like the one that won but I did enjoy Russia, France, Cyprus, The Netherlands and a few others I can’t remember. It is always a fun event 🙂 Great to read your post and all the comments.


    1. lol, I must admit it has caused a few questions, Marje. However, my Sister, who lives in Brisbane, says that Eurovision is huge over there. They’ve entered twice now and done very well with great songs. I’m sure they’ll be back next year. If they do win the contest then I understand that he final would need to be hosted somewhere in Europe, so it may be the UK’s only chance of ever hosting the contest ever again. 😀

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