Llandeilo Book Fair 2016 in pictures and review

I was so very proud to be a part of the Llandeilo Book Fair yesterday, which was organised by Christoph Fischer. Not only did I do a reading of my short story ‘Last Train To Aldwych‘ but I was delighted to help out at the event and to have met wonderful authors all of whom were very supportive and not afraid to answer all the questions I had lined up for them!
I also got to meet some well-known bloggers here on WordPress such as Judith Barrow, Olga Nunez Miret and, of course, Christoph.


The first Llandeilo Book Fair happened on Sat 30th April and I have to say it was everything I hoped it would be, and more. 13116117_10154111069195890_3030147215879274381_o13119740_1091090187580860_3565965637614321087_o
From the first day of organising it people have been supportive: friends, local residents, businesses, schools, the libraries, the press, authors and readers. It’s been a dream to organise. 13118978_10153346314352132_7476212192213809584_n
I need to thank Helen, Robin and Luke from Caffi  lechyd Da for doing such a great job with the catering, Tracey and her team from Heavenly Chocolate for donating the cake and all their advise and support, Naomi Edwards from the local school and Janet Lewis from the library.

Also thanks to the best event day team ever: Hugh Roberts, Ryan and Meryl – Thanks for running everything so smoothly and professional.13119896_10154111069815890_7673435550460422218_o

We had a busy hall all day long and huge interest in the workshops, readings, talks and the discussion panel. The footfall was more than…

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    1. It was a fantastic day, Erika. I had a real great time and learned so much from the wonderful authors there. Meeting some of my fellow bloggers (all of whom are published authors) was also very exciting. It’s great to meet the person behind the blog and to sit down and have a chat with them.

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      1. I can only agree. It is amazing to meet them in person! You get along so well over the blogs but it is such a fantastic experience to be able to talk to them. Feels like meeting stars …. which you all are!

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  1. I’m so glad the day was such a resounding success though not really surprised given that you and Christoph were involved. I hope they go from strength to strength.


    1. Thank you very much, David. Christoph did a fantastic job of organising the event. People were asking if he was going to organise another book fair next year and I’m positive he will. I was delighted he invited me along to do a reading and it was a pleasure to help out at the event.
      Bank holiday hugs to you.


  2. How fantastic Hugh! What a thrill it must have been. And it’s great you managed to find time to be there with your big move and all. You are a busy bee! 🙂 xo


  3. Hi Hugh, it’s been far too long since I visited you here, blogging has definitely taken a back seat for me lately, but I wanted to drop by and let you know I’m still here, somewhere in the ether! What a wonderful time had by all, thrilled you got to read your short story and meet other fab bloggers…congratulations to Christoph for organising such a successful Book Fair and to you and everyone else for taking part. I hope there’s another one next year and I can join you! 🙂 xx


    1. Hi, Sherri. Thank you so much. Christoph did a brilliant job at organising the event and he’s just announced a Christmas Book Fair which is being held in Llandeilo on December 10th. I’ve already volunteered to help him and he’s told me to have my collection of short stories in print by then! Now I have my work cut out.
      It would be fantastic if you could join us at the Fair. Check out Christoph’s blog for full details.
      Hope all is well with you? Please do let me know if Hubby and you find yourselves in the area we are now living in. It would be brilliant to see you both.

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      1. Wow, you certainly do have your work cut out Hugh! But I think having a deadline is great, I certainly work better to one. Hence, the one I’ve set myself. I’ll definitely check out Christoph’s blog, I would love to be there on December 10th. And that is very kind of you Hugh, thank you so much, we would love to come and visit you. Wales is a part of the world we fully intend to explore and knowing you are there gives us even more reason! I’ll certainly be in touch about that, really look forward to it. Things are humming along here, the usual stuff of life, but plodding along, writing my memoir, trying to find the time to edit and do the workshop and spend time wtih Mum too of course. But she is doing well! Have a wonderful weekend Hugh… 🙂 xx


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