Have You Ever Wondered How British People Sound When They Speak?

English may be one of the hardest languages to speak, but I often find that it’s the accents of those who speak it that can make it even harder to understand despite being an English speaker myself.

British Flag - The Union Jack
Credit: en.wikipedia.org

Watch this humorous video and discover how people in different parts of  Great Britain speak. You may need to log onto my blog to view the video.

Sometimes, even the different words us British use to describe something when talking to each other can cause confusion. That’s a post for another day.

Do you ever have problems understanding accents?

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110 thoughts

  1. While I’m not originally from here, I live in mid-Wales and the accent here is very similar to some of south-west England’s counties, like Cornwall as the vowels are drawn out and the rhythm is very sing-songy. People tend to speak slowly, too. It’s totally unlike South or North Wales.


  2. Hi Hugh! I enjoyed this video so much. I’ve always been pretty good at understanding different english accents. Here in the USA every state has a different accent and even within the states accents differ (eg. New York Italian accents, Cajun accent from Louisiana, Cuban accent in Miami, Amish accent in Pennsylvania . . . ) I’ve grown up listening to all sorts of accents. I do love the British accents though. 😉


    1. Hi, Vashti, apologies for the delay in response but we’ve just moved house!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video. I think she does a great job in doing the accents and I think the pictures of some famous stars also helped. Now we are living in the South Weast of Wales, I’m sure my accent will change again. 😀


      1. Yeah, I enjoyed it. I think she’d have to do a whole video for Aberdeen. They have their own language called Doric which even I struggle with. Fit?


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