6 Reasons Why You Should Unfollow My Blog

Unfollowing blogs. It’s something many of us don’t like talking about and something many bloggers seem to fear. However, one of the best things that will happen when you unfollow a blog is that it will free up your WordPress reader and/or your email box. The more you unfollow the more they will be freed up.

Why should you unfollow a blog and why should you unfollow my blog?

  • You don’t like what I have written on my ‘About me’ page.

One of the first things I look for when visiting a new blog is its ‘About me’ page. If there isn’t one, it takes you more than 3o seconds to find it, or the contents of it are not to your liking, then unfollow me.

How To Create The ‘About Me’ Page For Your Blog

  • My blog links don’t work.

From time to time we all encounter this problem on our blogs. If I find a broken link I will notify the blogger. If it doesn’t get fixed and there are lots of other broken links on my blog (including those in the email notifications you get from WordPress when I issue a new post) then unfollow my blog.

How To Create A Pingback In A Blog Post

Is Your Blog As Friendly As You Think It Is?

  • I don’t respond to your comments.

If you’ve taken the time to read any of my posts and leave a comment then thank you very much because you’ve made my day. However, if I never respond to those questions you asked about my post or acknowledged your comment by way of a like or a response then unfollow my blog.

How To Get Readers To Leave Comments On Your Blog Posts

  • My blog is unattractive.

Do you find my blog or posts layouts messy? Are they not particularly nice to look at or hard to read? Then don’t hesitate to unfollow my blog.

How To Ensure Readers Will Keep Coming Back

  • I’ve not published any posts for a long time.

Regrettably, many of us run out of ideas to write about and, after a while, some of us will abandon our blogs. However, if you delve deep within your blog there are a wealth of posts that many of your followers may never have read.

Why Republishing, Reblogging and Rescheduling Your Posts Always Work

  • My posts do not interest you.

I’ve followed many blogs by mistake. For example, I recently unfollowed a blog because the posts were about makeup tips and reviews on ladies shoes and clothes. If my posts don’t interest you then unfollow me.

Never be afraid to unfollow a blog. It will free up valuable time which you can put to better use such as writing, or reading and commenting on the remaining blogs you follow.

How To Unfollow My Blog

The simplest way is to click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of the WordPress email notification you get when I publish a new post.

WordPress users and those choosing not to receive email notifications should use the following method so they can see a full list of the blogs they follow.

Click Reader (which can be found next to ‘My Sites’ in the top left corner of your blog).

Click the ‘Manage’ button (next to Followed Sites).

You’ll now see a new page that lists all the blogs you follow.

Find my blog in the list and click ‘following’ which should be written in green text.

You’ve now unfollowed my blog and, no, WordPress will not notify me that you have just unfollowed.

Of course, I don’t really want you to unfollow my blog but do consider unfollowing some of those blogs you do follow if you never visit them.

What about you? Do you unfollow blogs? If so, why do you unfollow them?

How To Become A Successful Blogger

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  1. I just followed and this is the first thing i read..? Lol.. time to work on thee about ME page.. great info. Thanks!

  2. Love this list! I do think that the About page is the most crucial part of your blog. That is where others who are new will look up first before exploring other parts of your blog. Having a kick ass page will definitely intrigue others in wanting more of your blog! 🙂

  3. I unfollow Blogs that don’t blog. That are actually Porno or something else that doesn’t interest me. I think there is so much pressure to like other peoples blogs if they like yours/mine etc . I hate it when people leave links to their blog asking me to read it. It feels like spamming. If some one wants my opinion then ask but don’t continue to spam me with links to your post. I also always go to about the author/Blogger and I hate seeing that they haven’t put anything in it. Now some people may still be new to blogging but if you are able to post .I have to assume a person has the knowledge to create an about page or at least google or sign up for a course on how to make their blog the way they want it. Sometimes I’m scared that it will turn all school ground drama like if I un follow and then some one will un follow me. Having typed that I don’t want flaky followers. I am not flaky so best to remain authentic and take a risk..

    1. I agree about bloggers who leave links to their blogs in comments, Daisy. However, I don’t mind if they leave a link to a post which is relevant to what my post is about. What I do not like is when comments such as “Great Post” is left and then a link to their blog is also included. I was told in my early days of blogging that this was not acceptable to most bloggers (not that I did it, of course).

      The ‘follow you, then follow me’ method is also something I no longer follow (excuse the pun). I ended up following so many blogs that I had to take action. I unfollow blogs just about every week for various reasons and if they then choose to unfollow me, then so be it.

      Thank you very much for your comments.

  4. Brave post, this, Hugh. I’d thought of doing a post like this in my previous blog a couple of years ago but was always worried then that people would use it as an excuse to unfollow me. In my current blog though, I’m not too bothered as I’m not aiming for popularity any more. I love having people follow my blog but I’d much rather they follow me because they want to, and in my experience a lot of people follow a blog for quite different reasons, such as trying to get publicity for themselves, or because they think I’ll instantly follow them back (I don’t necessarily).
    I’m not particularly upset if someone unfollows me unless it’s a person with whom I’ve been getting on well with, via comments in my own blog, or it’s someone I’ve known for years. As for why I unfollow blogs, the reasons are many. One of them is that I’ve probably not read enough posts before following a blog and hadn’t realised what some of the content was about. For instance, while I fully respect people’s beliefs and their rights to write about what they believe in, I don’t like reading religious posts. I also don’t care much for bloggers who have hidden their intent within their posts and suddenly find that they just really want to sell something. Another reason for my unfollowing some blogs is that I don’t have a lot of energy and prefer to limit the number, so if there’s a new blog I want to follow, I look through the ones I’m currently following and if any haven’t piqued my interest for a while, I’ll unfollow.

    1. lol, yes quite a few people commented that they thought I was brave publishing this post, Val.

      I don’t know if anyone did unfollow my blog after reading the post, but I’ve gone to the stage now of not getting worked up about the number of followers my blog has. During the fist year, for many bloggers, one of the keys is getting as many followers as possible. Those that don’t see the figure rising (mainly because they fail to acknowledge comments or never visit and read and comments on other blogs) often give up and then abandoned their blog. Those that build a blogging community and become regular members of other blogging communities usually go on to gain more followers and succeed with what they first came to the blogging world to do.

      I agree, I much rather the followers that interact with me rather than those who just follow hoping I’ll follow back and then never come back to visit. I call them ‘ghost followers’ and I’ve written about them in some of my posts. I don’t mind authors who promote their books (however, not in every single one of their posts) and I’ve often promoted bloggers, authors, and writers here on my blog.

      I value your last point very much. For every new blog, I follow, I will now unfollow another (for the same reason you have stated). I will also unfollow a blog if I know I’ve made a mistake by following it. For example, I recently followed a blog (because he followed me and I liked his ‘about me’ page) and since then I’ve received up to five new posts a day from him, most of which are poor quality and not really interesting to me. I’ve stuck around to see if his posts will change for the better, but it does not look like it. He’s never been back to visit me (as far as I can tell either).

      1. One of the things I do before I follow a blog (but I don’t always remember to do this!) is look for an archive and then read the first few posts. Most blogs change over time but it gives me an idea of what the blogger is really like before the ‘everyone/nobody loves me’ sets in and they change! Also, of course, before they got the hang of how to blog unless they’ve done it before.

  5. I nervously checked all the points on my blog as you talked about them. I had an un follow just yesterday….

    Seriously, I don’t bother about unfollows on twitter, but an unfollow on my blog is something that really saddens me, because getting followers for a blog is such hard work.
    Thanks so much for sharing this 🙂

    1. It is sad when we lose followers, but people will unfollow my blog for the same reason(s) that I may unfollow another blog. I’d much rather somebody not follow my blog if they are never going to come back and visit. We all get followers who never come back and all that does is to block up their WordPress reader with my posts. The followers will come providing what we write about is good quality interesting stuff. I’ve written a few posts about this subject which you can find under ‘blogging tips’ on the menu bar of my blog.
      Thank you for reading my post and for your comments. I really appreciate it very much.
      Best wishes,

    1. I use email notifications so as not to miss a post. I know it means lots of emails but I don’t trust the WordPress reader to show the posts of all the blogs I follow. However, it’s great to hear you have a system set up so as to free up time for reading and visiting those blogs you follow.

    1. You’re welcome, Vashti. I hope the post has persuaded you to unfollow some of those blogs. You’ll find you have more time on your hands when you unfollow the blogs you’re no longer interested in reading.

  6. Great advice, Hugh. I do unfollow blogs now and then, usually because there is no reciprocation…and occasionally because someone posts a bazillion times a day, and I get overwhelmed. It frees up time to dedicate to the blogs and people I enjoy. And there’s never enough time as it is. Sigh.

  7. I unfollow blogs not very often but I do when they barrage the reader with post after post all in one day.
    Thanks for the info – I probably need to go back at look at the “About Me” page, probably does need some tidying up!!!!

  8. This is such a thought-provoking post. I almost never unfollow blogs (unless they deeply offend me). I always feel so guilty and worry that I might hurt their feelings! But I always wonder what if they suddenly write a post that I love.

    But you’re right, there are so many wonderful blogs out there, you can’t possibly read them all. And maybe it’s a disservice to follow someone when you never actually read anything they write….it’s definitely food for thought.

    1. Thank you, Stacey. Yes, food for thought. I wish I could read every single blog post of those I follow, but it’s just not possible. Most understand, but those that don’t normally don’t stay around in Blogland for very long.
      Thanks for visiting my blog today and for leaving a comment.

    1. Hello, Joy. Thank you for the visit from Suzie’s Blog. I hope you find my Blogging Articles useful. I can’t claim to be any kind of expert on the subject, but I do like to share what I have learned to others.
      Best wishes,

  9. Another great post in this series, Hugh. I’ve been meaning to unfollow quite a few blogs I’ve followed over the years. Reason being I feel that I have too many blogs to keep up on, and that when I do see them in my WP Reader I know I won’t click on it. Currently I’m following over 300 blogs and it really is hard to keep up with all of them – and as you mentioned, not all of them acknowledge my comments and questions. It is rather dejecting when you are actually interested in the post you read and took the time to comment.

    The About Me page is a page that usually determines if I follow a blogger or not. If there is no About Me page, I feel that I cannot connect with the blogger. It will be interesting to visit the About Me pages of the blogs that I follow when I do a blog-reader spring clean soon, and if I still like the blogger and they have valuable content I won’t unfollow.

    1. I’ve always said that it’s impossible to read every single post of all the blogs we follow, Mabel. 300 blogs are a lot to follow. I was once on that number and had to cut it down. However, I’m now adding more newly discovered blogs to my list again and I’ll certainly carry out more housekeeping in a few months time.

      Some disagree, but the ‘about me’ page is such an important part of a blog. I want to know who the person behind the blog is.

      Thanks for your comments on this post. It’s always very nice to hear from you.

      1. Agreed. There will be days or weeks when I’m busier than usual with work and all things life that I will have to skip a few posts from my favourite bloggers. 300 blogs is a lot of blogs indeed, and I am at a point where I am scrolling my reader each day and sometimes the new posts seem never ending.

        Always good chatting with you, Hugh. Thank you for another round of wise blogging advice.

  10. I like the way you framed this topic (why you should unfollow me)..I wouldn’t go out of my way to unfollow but I am realizing if I am finding that a blog is no longer of interest and I am scrolling by many posts in the reader, then it may be time to push that button… a practical time-saving step.

  11. First of all, I’d never unfollow YOU! Let’s get that straight. There’s just too many nuggets of great info and good entertainment around Hugh’s place.

    Second of all, LOL, I had to laugh at why you unfollowed a blog you mistakenly followed about makeup and shoes, (hmm, I need to find that blog :))

    Third of all, agreed on all counts! And I especially like the reference to broken links. I always test my links, good advice, but sometimes, I’m sure one escapes me. I do appreciate when a fellow blogger/reader lets me know the link didn’t work. That’s helpful advice and I’ve often informed others of the same.

    Blogging etiquette isn’t that difficult. We put out something of interest, let others know what we’re about on our ‘about’ page, give them something to go on and decide if they’d like to follow. Not all posts will pertain to that person’s preferences, but if they like you and know they can expect more posts on the topics they do like, they’ll stick around . . . that is if, like you said, you take the time to reply to those who took the time to read and comment. We all know what a valuable commodity time is.

    Great post as always my friend! xoxo 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debby. 😀 I kinda hoped that nobody would take my advice and unfollow me and, so far, all’s good.

      I’ve made a few mistakes in the blogs I’ve followed. There was another one which was all about hair removal. What got me was that both these blogs had excellent ‘about me’ pages. I guess sometimes having a great ‘about page’ me can backfire on followers. 😀

      Thank you for joining in the debate on this subject. I’ve loved all the responses and must decide on the next debate subject soon.

      1. Thanks for the morning chuckle Hugh, lol, hair removal. You’re so funny!
        And yes I agree, even though ‘about’ pages may be well written, if they don’t inform what to expect by following, it can be misleading – hence, the hair removal and makeup, lol.
        I certainly look forward to your next debate! xo

    1. That’s very nice to hear, Noelle. However, I would recommend you weed out any abandoned blogs from this lists of blogs you follow on your ‘managed followed blogs’ page. Occasional housekeeping of your blog is very healthy.

  12. What? Oh I get you… for a minute I thought you were going a bit reclusive on me glad that’s not happened Hugh, that would be oh too sad.But yes you’re right from time to time it would be good idea to do a bit of de-cluttering. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  13. What an interesting and unique post, Hugh. Love coming here and seeing what you have to share each day so there’s no chance of not following..:) of course there are some others….:)

    1. Many feel the same way. Sometimes there can be a very valid reasons as to why they have not responded but when it keeps happening then I may unfollow the blog and I will certainly stop leaving further comments.

  14. I’m sure you said this before but if someone follows me then I’ll thank them (unless their about me page is obscure like you say – isn’t that irritating) and check out a couple of posts. Only then do they get the follow. As ever you’ve generated a list of comments and I nearly unfollowed you because it’s taken me three days to scroll down to the comment box…!

    1. You may have done, Geoff, but it’s always good to say it again as many may not have read it the first time.

      I love your last comment. I need to figure out if there is a way to get the comments box to always be at the top of the comments. However, I guess then that it would stop people reading some of the other comments? Would that then put people off from leaving comments? Heavens-forbid!

      1. If you prefer, you can make the most recent comments appear at the top and the older ones at the bottom. That way, the comment box is nearest to the most recent.You can adjust that on the Discussion Settings page of your dashboard (Settings – Discussion – Other comment settings.) You can also break your comments into a number of pages so they are easier to manage.There’s one very good reason for doing that if you get a lot of comments and that is it doesn’t take the page so long to load, so people won’t go away!
        However… I don’t do either of those, cos firstly I don’t aim for loads of readers (I haven’t the energy) and secondly, I’ve dyscalculia and the reverse order does my head in!

        1. Thank you very much for the information, Val.

          I’m leaving things as they are because I think it only fair that people who comment on my posts get visibility. By having the comments box at the top I think many would then not read other comments which have been left. I know some may be put off from leaving a comment if they have to scroll to get to the comments box, but I think that’s a risk worth taking.

  15. Well, now you are just making it too easy to show people how to unfollow! But it is pertinent information. A lot goes into blogging and inspiration can dry up (I know…I have lived it). I think bloggers really have to decide what they want to write about. We all need to develop a “hook” or focus to our blogs so that inspiration does stay with us. Stumbled at tweeted 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing this post, Terri.

      I had to write something about this subject as I’ve been reading so much about how people feel guilty about unfollowing blogs even though they are so snowed under with so much to read. In fact, some of the comments left here have confirmed this and I just wanted to reassure people that they should never feel guilty about it. I remember being in this situation myself and it really did pull me down and make me think about abandoning blogging altogether. I’m so glad I acted on it.

  16. My goodness, Hugh, what a debate you’ve started – yet again. Well done!! I’ve not been on-line for a few days so catching up and what a lot to catch up on. I feel guilty when i skip through the blogs I usually read, don’t share, or don’t comment on. These tips are so useful though so I’ve copied and pasted onto a word doc to read tomorrow. STILL haven’t got the hang of Pingback… what is wrong with me!!!? perhaps too impatient – if I don’t get something right the first time I think, ‘oh blow, I’ll come back to it … and don’t. Hey-ho. Jx;

    1. Thank you, Judith, and many thanks for reblogging and sharing this post.

      I’d be delighted to give you a lesson on Pingbacks. Maybe we can have a chat about it at the upcoming book fayre? Very much looking forward to meeting you there.

      Have a great week.

  17. Great post!
    I thought it was some sort of April Fools joke, but it’s actually a very honest and helpful article.

    I try to respond to every comment posted on my blog. Additionally, any blogger who comments will get a visit from me and I will comment on one of their posts or share their work on Twitter if I find it compelling. I think they appreciate it.

  18. Another thought provoking post from you, Hugh.
    I’m so grateful to bloggers who follow me that I would feel I was being “unfair” to unfollow others. Disloyal somehow.
    This is strange as I’m not a bit like this in real life and can’t be bothered with people who aren’t on my wavelength. Bah humbug!

    1. Thanks, Helen.

      You should never feel disloyal. Believe me when I say that there are some out there who will follow you in the hope you will follow back. Then, as soon as you do, they will unfollow you. However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to knowing when it is time to do some housekeeping on the blog we follow.

  19. Great post Hugh, I follow almost all of these steps to unfollow a blog or to follow, but one thing that make confused is how do I follow a blog to receive notifications only in my reader and not by email? Some of them, like yours show up in my reader, I’m happy with it, because when I have time for blogging, I check my reader and visit the posts that I want. But some other blogs send me email notifications, and I don’t like it, my mail box gets full of blog’s emails and I don’t have time to check all the posts, so sometimes I unfollow a blog because of it. Have a great Sunday!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. You need to turn off the email notifications for those blogs that you get an email for whenever the `author publishes a new post. To do this, do the following.
      Click on ‘Reader’ (in top left corner of your blog)
      Click on ‘Manage’ (next to followed sites)
      You’ll now see a list of all the blogs you follow.
      Find the blog(s) that you get email notifications for.
      Click on the small arrow just to the left of the photo
      Slide the button for ‘Emails for new posts’ to the ‘off’ position

      You will no longer receive email notifications for these blogs when they publish new posts.

      I hope that helps? 😀

  20. Great article, Hugh.

    I will add that spelling and grammar counts! I’ve seen articles that were one huge run-on sentence or go for 800 words without a single paragraph break. It’s tiresome to read them and I usually putter out and give up trying to after the first few lines even if the content itself is worthwhile.

    I stopped following a blog because most of it was articles submitted by readers and looked like the blogger cut-and-pasted submissions exactly as he received them. It was clear that he made no effort to proofread anything or even do a basic spell check. It was a linguistic minefield. I would be embarrassed to have so many sloppy, obvious errors on my website.

    Bloggers who are not naturally adept at editing on the fly should get a good style manual and learn how to use it. “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk and later revised by EB White has been in continuous publication since 1920 and is the uncontested Gold Standard of writing protocol. You can buy them for less than $10 US.

    Thanks again for the solid insight.

    1. Thank you, Chris.

      I agree about the layout of posts and spelling and grammar. Being dyslexic I suffer from that problem, but I always use spell-check and get my partner to read posts before I publish them. WordPress give everyone the ability to preview posts before being published but it seems some don’t use it. Maybe in some cases, it’s just down to not knowing how to?

      Thank you for joining the debate on this subject.

  21. Hugh, I think blogging is a lot more complicated and time-consuming than some folk realise. I’ve had to curtail my recent blogging activities due to personal circumstances. I sometimes feel guilty about my hit and miss presence in the blogosphere, but my family and health have to take priority. Perhaps, if I was more organised I would be able to do it all…but, I’m not. And I also follow way too many blogs who probably don’t even know who I am! Because, I enjoy reading them and I don’t need them to follow me back. But, then am I upsetting the folk who follow me? For me blogging is not all about followers. I gave all of that up ages ago.
    Perhaps there is a case for having a clear out?
    I feel a bout of reckless spring cleaning coming on…when I have the time and energy!
    Love your new look blog and well done on the amazing posts. You are one successful blogger. Keep up the good work…I will visit as often as my circumstances and conscience will let me. x

    1. I agree, Dorne, it can be very time-consuming, but we are all in control as to how much time we want to give it. As you and many others have pointed out, there is life outside of blogging and sometimes it takes priority over everything else. We should never feel guilty about how often we visit the blogging world, but many of us do worry if somebody goes off the radar without any warning. I’ve seen it happen and in one case I’ve not been able to contact the blogger as her blog and all her social media accounts have been disabled. That concerns me greatly but all I can do is hope she is well and that she just decided to pack blogging and social media in.

      Many, including myself, believe that blogging is all about the community, but I think in that first year it can be all about the followers. However, for most, that soon passes and blogging becomes far more enjoyable as we interact with our own blogging community and those that we become members of.

      I think there is only a case for a clear out of the blogs we follow when we become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of posts there is too read. From the comments, this post has generated, many feel guilty about not reading every single blog post of all the blogs they follow. Nobody should ever feel guilty for that. I think we all agree it’s just not possible to do.

      Thank you for the thumbs up on the new look blog. I’m very pleased you like it. I fancied a change and I fell for this theme as soon as I saw it. It had a few bugs, but with the help of WordPress all of them I highlighted have been fixed 😀

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