Book Recommendation Of The Month – Rhymes Of The Times by Judy E. Martin

How lovely it is to be back on Hugh’s blog. He has kindly invited me back to talk about my new book Rhymes of the Times.

Author, Poet, Writer & Blogger, Judy Martin
Author, Poet, Writer & Blogger, Judy Martin

You might be wondering why I decided to publish the book now, and what motivated me to take the leap into the murky depths of the unknown.  Well, the answer is quite frankly, why not?  I had already written a variety of poems and limericks and had often been asked why I never published them.  I think, I was a little concerned that people might think they are too fluffy, or not highbrow enough.  There can be quite a bit of snobbery attached to poetry and I was not sure that I wanted to get involved in all of that.

Then I thought, oh what the hell! I am not out to offend anyone, they are just a bit of fun, and I am not claiming to be the next poet Laureate for goodness sake! Now, I had heard that it is pretty difficult to get poetry books published, and did not have the confidence to approach any publishers with my material, so decided that I would  ‘look into’ self-publishing.

I had already encountered Createspace when I wrote the manuscript for NaNoWriMo and had a little poke around.  However, that was all I had done. I had absolutely no clue as to what to do next. I knew I needed a really standout cover, though, and had a vague idea of what kind of thing I wanted, but my mind is not artistically wired, so I approached Chris over at the Story Reading Ape and he came up with an absolutely stunning cover which matched the book perfectly.

Rhymes of the Times - Judy E Martin

I collated all of the poems that I wanted to use, and eventually managed to manhandle them into some sort of formatting that was acceptable (after MANY attempts), and then finally I had a book!  When I saw it all laid out in book fashion with my name across the beautiful cover, I was quite choked actually. I have had one or two poems published before, and also an article in a medical journal (I know, the height of excitement),  but this was MY book, filled with all of MY work. I was  ecstatic.

I have now actually held a copy in my  hot little hands, and  that is a massive thrill for me. I have even been asked to sign one or two copies AND have been given some wonderful reviews on Amazon. Something I never thought I would see.

My book is available both as a paperback and on Kindle if you would like to purchase a copy. This will certainly appeal to you if you enjoy limericks and verse with a bit of humor thrown in. I  love to write about the ordinary and the everyday family, work,housework, aging. All of the things we encounter in our lives, I then like to put my own spin on it and try to make it more fun. Oh, and as a special treat, if you make it to the end of the book, there is a little bit of sauciness to round it all off!

You can buy the book on Amazon UK here and here.


Judy Martin’s blog, Edwina’s Episodes, was Hugh’s Blog Recommendation and Guest Blogger in June 2015. Click here to read her post.

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