Thursday Doors – March 24, 2016 – A Door For Book-lovers?

This one could be for all you book-lovers out there.

Thursday Doors - Photography Challenge

Any idea what those books are for? Maybe they’re just a feature?

Posted for Thursday Doors, a weekly photography feature hosted by Norm by Norm 2.0.

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

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80 thoughts

  1. Nice find. It might pose a problem if it were a functioning door because people would constantly bump into the decorative piece (especially if your arms were full carrying some bags); but thinking on the bright side, maybe it was a door for the Hobbits since they would walk under the decorative piece. 🙂

    1. Yes, very true. The door was quite set back and there was a wide pavement outside. I have a feeling that once the door stopped working then the decorative piece was added to it. Given that it’s right next door to a secondhand bookstore I think it’s a great gimmick for them.

  2. What a neat find! My Mother would adore it. Her degree is in Library science. She reads all the time, and taught me to love reading.

    Hum..wondering if there’s secret place to push which clicks something that releases that only slanted book so one can pull it down to open the door? 🙂 It would be a cool way to open your front door wouldn’t it.

  3. Fascinating!! As a book lover myself, I would love a door like this. It looks like it could be the mail slot or as someone else said the only access to the inside. I would not have noticed there was no handle or lock. Fine Sherlock I’d make. BTW; thank you for following my blog. I don’t write often. Spend too much time reading others blogs. 🙂 I see several of your top posts that I must peruse soon.

    1. I did think it could be for the mail but I could not find any opening. I didn’t notice about a handle either. The whole thing just caught my eye as I walked passed it. I’ve never seen a door like this before. It is an odd one, but I quite like.

      1. I have been behind a pulpit… *scowls* I was but a child… Suday school “oh how deep the hole is that digs me”. I will close this door firmly before it gets worse. *sighs* 😇

  4. Life is an open book? (and it all rests on histories of the past?)
    More curious as to what the open book is. Some institutions display rare books open so you can read them 2 pages a day without touching and damaging them. Perhaps some churches still leave a passage open for anyone who stops by.
    Door are always intriguing and mysterious – this one especially

  5. How fabulous! I’ve never seen anything like that before. I can’t see a door handle or keyhole, so maybe it’s weird new way of getting into house 😀

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