You Can Do Magic – A #WQWWC Post

Did you know that you can do magic?

Yes, each and every one of us on this planet can perform magic and, best of all, we can perform it as much as we like every single day of the year.

Take me for example. While searching the chocolate aisle in the supermarket on Monday, I saw an elderly lady trying to reach up for one of the largest Easter Eggs in the store. She couldn’t quite reach it and despite a shop assistant and several other customers being nearby, there was no attempt to help her.

All of a sudden the song “You Can Do Magic” by Limmie & Family Cookin’, a hit from the 1970s, came into my mind and I walked over and reached the Easter Egg off the shelf and handed it to the elderly lady. However, I didn’t only do that but I also smiled, said “hello” to her and we had a brief conversation before she carried on with her shopping. I asked her if there was anything she was looking for that I could help her with, but this was the last item she had come into the store to buy.

I then made my purchases and made my way in the car to visit an aunt and uncle, both in their late 80s. As always, they were delighted to see me and even though they told me there was no need to have bought them the chocolate Easter Eggs I’d given them, I could see they were not only delighted with the chocolate but also that I had stayed with them for a few hours while we chatted over cups of tea and a never ending supply of biscuits.

“You’ve made our day by calling in” were the words of my Aunt, as I left their house.

Getting back to my car I put the radio on and was amazed that Limmie & Family Cookin’ were singing their song. ‘You Can Do Magic’ played for just over three minutes while I realised I’d just performed another piece of magic.

“Go out and perform at least one piece of magic every day.”

Written for ‘Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge’ which, this week, is all about Magic. Click here for full details.

Writer's Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge

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113 thoughts

  1. What a wonderful post in kindness Hugh. I believe the universe was rewarding you with a thank you by that song coming on the radio after your acts of kindness. Remember: We get what we focus on. 🙂 xo Happy Easter


  2. Terrible how everyone is so absorbed in themselves they can’t see someone might use a little help. Such a simple and easy kindness. I salute you twice, Hugh. 😀 😀
    Now I can’t get the song out of my head.


  3. Hi Hugh! That was so pleasant to read. There’s a great message here. You’re such a sweet and lovable person. You’re right, good deeds are magical in the way they can affect people. Both the person who performs the good deed and the one who receives it. Lovely post! 😀 xx


  4. This is a very cute story! I love the things that seem so little to us but mean a lot to others.

    Saturday I’m hauling some stuff for my sister. I’m the little brother with the big truck, so I get hit up a lot for these types of jobs.


  5. A great post yet again, thank you Hugh. For the past twelve years I have made a conscious effort to do one selfless thing a day for another human being, and some days I don’t see any one, on those days I will phone or text email or write some thing to make someone know I care. Doing this with an in the moment quality has made me look deeper in to my actions and be more caring in every way. Oh and it comes free.


    1. Looks and sounds as if your spreading the magic I talked about on a daily basis, Ellen. That’s wonderful to hear and thank you for doing so. If we could only persuade everyone to do the same then our world may be just a little better. However, we’re making a difference and that’s what counts.

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  6. There is so much magic in the small things. ☺ Love this post, and the thoughts behind it, Hugh. No coincidence that you heard that song at that moment. Kindness goes such a long way. 💖


  7. Wonderful, Hugh! My husband and I have what we call RAC’s (random acts of kindness) that we try to perform for someone every day. Just helping someone’s day a little brighter, and often, easier pays us back 100 times what we paid out. Whether it is helping someone cross the street, buying someone’s coffee, or just speaking to them and bringing a smile to their face, the giver reaps greater returns. Keep it up, my friend. You are making your part of the world shine brighter.


    1. I love what you have called it, Michelle. I’ll remember that. I’m certainly doing whatever I can to perform at least one random act of kindness per day. It’s amazing just how good it makes you feel. It’s wonderful to also see those smiling faces.
      Keep on spreading the magic.

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