How To Become A Successful Blogger: Part 5 – How To Get Readers To Leave Comments On Your Blog Posts

The question I get asked most about blogging is “How do I get other bloggers and readers to leave comments on my post?” It’s an interesting question and one that can produce many different answers.

Most bloggers want readers to leave comments on their posts. Over the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve found many key elements of how to get readers to interact with me. However, today, I’m going to give you what I believe are the three most important.


Is this a no-brainer and something nobody needs to tell you? I think not because we probably all come across posts which have little content to strike up a comment, or posts that have been badly put together and leave us wondering why they’ve even been published.

From my first days as a blogger, I was always told that the quality of the posts I publish was going to be far more important than the quantity of posts I publish. You’ll notice that many of my posts get lots of comments left on them and that makes me a very happy blogger because that is exactly what I wanted to happen when I first came here. I like to think my blog is like wandering around a second-hand store because you’ll never be quite sure what you will find around a corner and, when you do find something, you’ll want to ask a question about what you have found.

Once you’ve got the quality of your post right then one of the easiest ways to get readers to leave a comment is to ensure you ask a question in your post. Ask the reader what they would have done or if they have any suggestions or tips on what you have written about. I’d recommend you leave the question towards the end of your post and always ensure it relates to the subject you have written about.


Once you start getting comments left on your posts then do everything you can either to respond or acknowledge those comments. If people have taken the time to leave a comment on one of your posts then simply reading and not responding or acknowledging that comment is a sure way to put that reader off from ever leaving any further comments on your blog. If a comment doesn’t warrant a response then, at least, acknowledge you have read the comment by liking it.

I don’t know about you but if I find my comments do not get a response or acknowledgment, then I’ll stop leaving comments on a blog because I know I’m wasting valuable writing time or could be reading and leaving comments on another blog where I know the author will respond.

Reading other blogs and leaving comments

As well as building your own blogging community and responding to the comments being left on your blog, you’ll also need to read and comment on other blogs. This is probably the main reason why many bloggers fail to get readers to leave comments on their own blogs. If you don’t visit, read and leave comments on other blogs then you’re unlikely to get people to leave comments on your blog. Being a part of other blogging communities is a sure way of getting people to come and visit your blog.

Don’t have the time to read and comment on other blogs? Then make time!

I remember reading a comment from a blogger who said she was now going to ensure she spent at least two hours a week reading and commenting on other blogs. Why had she said that? Because nobody was leaving comments on her posts. ‘Only two hours?’ I thought. Well, it’s better than not visiting, reading and commenting on other blogs at all. Even if it’s only ten minutes a day, make sure you read at least a couple of blog posts and become part of other blogging communities. Only leave a comment if you have something that will add value to the post you have read and never be afraid of responding to other comments left on a post.

We’ll look more closely at comments in another post I have planned for this series.

One of the easiest ways to become a member of a blogging community is to participate in blogging challenges. There are hundreds of challenges on WordPress and even if you only participate in one a month, I can guarantee it will bring traffic to your blog. Some of those visitors will leave a comment on the post you have published in response to the challenge in which you have participated and they may even start to follow your blog.

What about you? Do you have any suggestions, advice or tips on how to get readers to leave comments on your posts?

How To Become A Successful Blogger

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177 thoughts

  1. Thanks for this, Hugh. I’ve thought for quite a while that my font on my travel blog was too small but didn’t realise I could customise it on a free theme. I’ve changed it and am happier with it. I might play with it a bit more but for now it’s definitely better than it was.


  2. Hugh, I so agree with you. A blogger must respond to comments and take time to visit other blogs and make meaningful comments. I’ll be at this seven years in February 2017, and as my readership has grown, the amount of time it takes to respond to comments has grown. But I feel it would be rude not to respond to my readers. Interacting with them is what makes blogging enjoyable. I’ve had readers who ask questions or make requests and some who have emailed me photos when they’ve made one of my recipes. I love it!


    1. I’m very pleased to hear it, Jean. All too often I’ve left questions in the comments section on a post and get no response. It’s as if I’ve been invited round for coffee and then just ignored.

      I understand that answering comments can take a long time, but if bloggers find it a problem then they can always switch comments off. Yes, I’ve unfollowed a few blogs because they don’t respond to my comments, but I think the worse are those who do not respond to comments on their ‘about me’ page. Just by looking at the comments section of an ‘about me’ page tells me if I should or should not follow the blog.

      Thank you for joining this debate. 😀


  3. As a blogger, student and ‘multitasker’ I know it’s often hard for me to be present all the time. So, I created a special ‘space’ on my blog ‘DAILY PILLS’ where my followers can enjoy awesome quotes from me anytime, as they await my next articles, poems or stories. So, when I’m not online, I have that confidence that my followers/visitors will not be starved of good posts on my site Though, I’m new to the world of blogging, but, I enjoy every lessons I learn other bloggers.


    1. I don’t think any of us should apologise for not posting on our blogs on a regular basis. Indeed, I have taken a few breaks from the blogging world, but I’ll always announce my intention of leaving for a while so that nobody gets worried that I’ve disappeared for no reason. Even during my absence, I still get visits and even seem to gain new followers. Those who have followed me for a while say they read older posts that they may have missed. Don’t feel pressured to publishing posts every day. One of the first rules of blogging I was taught very quickly by well-established bloggers is that the quality of posts is far more important than the quantity of posts. I’m still learning lots about blogging but will continue to share blogging tips and advice here.

      Good luck with your blog and your writing. Do what feels right for you. My tips and advice don’t work for everyone, but I enjoy sharing what I have learned. I wish you much success with it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope you can come on over, Elizabeth. It’s taking place on June 9th, so plenty of time to organise. We had some international visitors at this year’s Bloggers Bash. It would be wonderful to have more at next year’s event. 😀

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  4. I also put my blog posts and their links on social media. It hasn’t increased my audience a whole lot yet, but it’s slowly attracting readers, so I hope with time that may improve a little. Being active in the WordPress community has been the biggest help for me so far.


    1. Building a social media following can be tough, but using hashtags and participating in events such as #Mondayblogs and #SundayBlogShare certainly help. There is also some blogging Facebook groups which are very successful, but I’m not on Facebook so can’t join them. However, I’d try and stick to just using two or three social media sites for your blog as they can eat into your writing time. The most successful ones for me have been Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Flipboard. With time (and some work) they will bring traffic to your blog.
      And, yes, being active and a member of WordPress communities is one of the best things a blogger can do.

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  5. Thank you for the tips. I enjoy reading you and I am glad to hear that I am doing all the right thing so far… Should see progress on the number of comments on my blog in a near future!


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