How WordPress Helped Me Conquer Having Dyslexia

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Hugh, who hid a secret. In fact, it was not only a secret but a monster that had haunted him since his childhood days. He had locked the monster away since the first day he realised it was following him. The monster was called Dyslexia, but in February 2014, Hugh turned the tables on Dyslexia.

He had never admitted to having Dyslexia and his school told him there was no such monster and that it was all make-believe. So, Dyslexia became part of his life and he decided to lock it away and throw away the key.

Over time, some would have their suspicions that he was hiding something, but no one would say what they thought the secret was. However, one day he met his lifetime partner, John, who confronted him one day and uttered the monster’s name.

“There’s no such monster” said Hugh, feeling embarrassed that John had uttered the name of the monster in front of him.

It was a horrible monster and had such a horrible name. Hugh never wanted to hear the name again. He walked away, his head down, feeling like he wanted the world to swallow him up and rid him of what had just happened. He would still not admit to John that he had a monster locked away, even though this monster was preventing him from doing what he really wanted to do.

John would mention the monster’s name a few more times until, one day, Hugh got so fed up with it that it made him look for the key to the closet the monster was locked away in. The key was hard to find and, try as hard as he could, his mind would not allow him to unlock the closet door.

Then, after mentioning to a relative that he would like to blog, Hugh was given the details of a wonderful weapon called WordPress that, if used with courage and commitment, would defeat the monster called Dyslexia. He hesitated for a few days while checking over the weapon called WordPress and marvelled over its stories and photographs. He so wanted to be a part of those stories and photos, but the monster was having none of it.

Finally, having studied the weapon named WordPress for many days and realising that there were other WordPress users who had the same monster in their lives, he switched on WordPress by creating an account and pressed the ‘new post’ button. He had been told that this was the most powerful part of the weapon and that providing he pressed the ‘publish’ button that his monster would be defeated.

Today, Hugh’s monster is still part of his life, but it no longer embarrasses him to tell people that he has dyslexia and he no longer lets it stop him from writing. John, Toby, Dyslexia and Hugh, now all live happily ever after.

And there ends this tale of how WoprdPress helped Hugh defeat the monster called Dyslexia.

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