How To Add Your Twitter Username to Your WordPress Blog

Until recently, Twitter was my biggest Social Media referrer account. Over the time I’ve been using it, I’ve had vast amounts of traffic to my blog from it.

I love sharing blog posts on all the Social Media platforms I use and am always delighted when I see Social Media sharing buttons at the bottom of blog posts. However, when it comes to clicking on the Twitter sharing button on some blogs I’m always surprised that the blogger has not linked their Twitter account to their blog. There are two reasons why this may happen.

1. The blogger does not have a Twitter account. 

I often wonder why the Twitter sharing button is there if a blogger does not have a Twitter account. I agree that the post can still be shared without the author of the post having a Twitter account, but I tend not to share the post if I see ‘@wordpressdotcom’ at the end of a tweet I’m about to share. If you don’t have a Twitter account, but do have the Twitter sharing button at the bottom of your posts, then please consider opening an account. You need never use the account but other bloggers are more likely to share your posts on Twitter when your Twitter username appears in a tweet.

2. The blogger has not added their Twitter username to their blog.

If you do have a Twitter account and ‘@wordpressdotcom’ is appearing at the end of your tweets then you’ve probably not added your Twitter username to your blog account. To add your Twitter username, go to the dashboard of your blog and click on –

Settings – Sharing

How to add your Twitter username to your WordPress blog

This is the page where you can view all the sharing buttons that appear at the bottom of all your blog posts.

In the box next to “Twitter username to include in tweets when people share using the Twitter button” enter your Twitter username and ensure you click the ‘save’ button at the bottom of the page.

Your Twitter username will now appear at the end of all tweets that other bloggers share on Twitter.

Still not convinced about having a Twitter account? Take this into consideration.

I hold a weekly photo challenge on my blog. I tweet every entry (where there is a Twitter username at the end of the tweet). I currently have 2,885 followers on Twitter. By sharing your post, via Twitter, I’m sharing it with 2,885 other people. Some of them may retweet my tweet. A link to your post is now being shared with thousands of people, some of whom may come and visit your blog. Every share opens up the possibility of more traffic to your blog.

Remember what I said earlier. Once you open a Twitter account you need never use it again (unless, of course, you want to share the posts of bloggers you follow).

Do you have any questions about Twitter or how to use it?

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66 thoughts

      1. Well, as I mention in the post, you don’t ever have to use the accounts, but bloggers are much more likely to share your posts on Social Media when you have a user name. Therefore, your posts could be shared to thousands of others simply by just having a social media account and a user name, thus bringing far more traffic to your blog.

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      2. I have had that discussion before, I prefer quality to quantity. I do not think that more followers make my blog better – unless my followers do indeed read my contributions, comment and discuss – and have fun with each other and me. More people do not guarantee that. Even now I have people following me about whom I am sure they just follow me to do me a favour – as they do not speak German … Those people never leave comments …

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  1. Thanks, Hugh. I’ve also been surprised about bloggers not having share buttons on their blogs and have recommended to some that they add all the sharing buttons they can. My blog automatically sends a direct link of my posts to my facebook author page, my twitter account, tumblr, etc. I was surprised the other day to get a message from someone on LinkedIn about a post. I’d forgotten I added it. Then there are some that when I share their post on twitter, I notice that their username isn’t on the post. I usually add it but that takes time that most sharers may not take.

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    1. Time is of the essence to many bloggers, Kim, and I think many would be put off at having to add the twitter username when the blogger themselves can quite easily add it. It may be down to not knowing how to, so I’m hoping my post will help those that do not know how to add it.
      Once again, thank you so much for reblogging and sharing my latest tips post.

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    1. Nor am I, Judy, but it’s great to hear it’s gained you new followers. Just goes to show that you don’t even have to use Twitter in order to have your posts shared and gain new followers. Just ensure you have your Twitter Username attached to your blog and away you go.

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  2. This is an invaluable public service announcement Hugh. I see so many who have the Twitter share button but seem to have forgotten to link their account to it.
    It really makes a difference. Twitter is still my #1 source for traffic after the WP reader.
    Now of course I have to go share this on Twitter 😀

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  3. I was one of those blogger who had the Twitter button but no account…yikes! As you know, I now have one! Thank you Hugh not only for another helpful post for bloggers trying to figure all this stuff out, but also for your more than generous sharing. You make your directions very easy to follow and makes perfect sense 🙂

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  4. Good advice, Hugh. I’ve often helped people to add their Twitter handle on WP. I don’t adhere to what you say in #1, though. I often tweet posts from people who aren’t on Twitter as I’m often thinking what my Twitter followers might enjoy reading that they wouldn’t necessarily see otherwise. My tuppenny-ha’penny worth!

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    1. Thanks, Sarah.

      Interesting what you say about tweeting tweets that do not have a Twitter username. Only a few people have commented about it so far and seem to agree with what I have said. However, I love hearing what you all have to say about what I write, especially when it causes a bit of a debate.
      Your ‘tuppenny-ha’penny worth’ is always very welcome.

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  5. Thank you for the information. I do have a twitter account but I can’t find settings/sharing on my blog (it’s a free version). I have widgets, which is what I used to set up my sharing buttons, but I’ve never seen the option of adding my twitter name. So frustrating.

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    1. I have a free version of WordPress as well and anybody with a WordPress blog should be able to access the dashboard of their blog. When you open up your blog you need to click on WP Admin. This will open up the dashboard of your blog where you can see ‘settings’. Hover your mouse over ‘settings’ and a new menu will appear where you will see ‘sharing’ (amongst other options). Click on ‘sharing’ and it will open up the page that I have shown on this post.

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  6. Good mention here Hugh. I tend to feel the same way; when I share a post I enjoy with the twitter button and it ends with, I don’t send it because the author of the post isn’t getting recognition for it anyway on twitter. 🙂

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  7. Good reminder, Hugh. I’m always amazed by people who don’t have any sharing buttons at all in their blogs. Yes, it’s possible to share in other ways, but why make it difficult? In some cases people might be very new to blogging but…

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