Book Tuesday

You’ll never guess who is being featured on ‘Book Tuesday’ over on the blog of author Eloise De Sousa today!
This came as a complete surprise to me.
Thank you so very much, Eloise.

Thoughts by Mello-Elo

Hi and welcome back to Book Tuesday.  I hope enjoyed my guest blogger last week, Lance Greenfield, who gave us a glimpse into his favourite childhood book.

hughThis week, we will be covering a genre I absolutely adore and I will be focusing on short stories by a fellow blogger. Many of you will recognise this blogger from his contributions to various blogs, his weekly photo challenge and of course, wonderful short stories that keep us entertained. I am talking about Hugh from Hugh’s Views and News and the genre is horror.

I can’t remember how I met Hugh, but I have been fascinated by his style of writing ever since our first encounter. From straight up comedy to the most grotesque horror, Hugh keeps you on your toes with his beautiful descriptions and fantastic twists woven into his fantastic tales. Whether he tells the story of marriage, or…

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