Spunky takes over!

Hello y’all,

I’m Spunky. Ronovan’s eating his dinner right now and left his laptop up and running. Ever since I saw that show Dog with a Blog on the mouse ears channel, I knew if a dog could do it, so could I.

And here I am.

Ronovan told me that Toby had left the building. I rarely enter the building so I’m not sure what he meant by that, but good for Toby. Getting outside is good for anyone. Even people. People don’t understand what we go through to exercise them. I bat the ball into the woods every time Ronovan and his boy “B” come outside. It gives them a good workout.

I’ve seen picture of Toby having to drag that human with the skinny head around to make him exercise as well. I think that’s Hugh, unless Hugh is the one with four legs and Toby is the skinny headed one. Now that I think about it, Ronovan’s never been specific about that. That’s all I have time for. Leaf chasing time now. The wind is blowing real good here. I have to go find my sister so we can curly up and sleep. She has all the hair so I keep her around.

Oh yeah, some of you may know me already from Ronovan’s blog. He wrote a silly story about me and a pumpkin, The Spunky & The Pumpkin Meet. How did I know that’s what was inside of ’em? Also, ignore the baby picture in the story. I told him not to share that one.

Don’t forget to enter Hugh’s Photo Challenge with the prompt of Games. Otherwise Ronovan’s out of a job next time Toby takes Hugh somewhere.

Spunky in the Woods.

33 thoughts

    1. I have a Catalog of writing techniques for paws. It’s called “Where to Pause with your Paws when you write a Dependent Clause.” It’s quite useful. However, I enjoy Toby’s writings. You should ask him for tips.

      Toodles and Kaboodles for now. I hear the bird feeder being filled and I enjoy the almonds.

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  1. You make me laugh Spunky. I hadn’t noticed that Hugh had a skinny head. I wonder if my dog thinks that Mister has a round head and I’m related to an Afghan hound with my long hair. It’s interesting to think of things from a dog’s viewpoint — especially a dog that’s in charge of its people!

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    1. I believe dogs think more in the area of this human I own is the ‘food’ human, this one is the ‘keeps losing the ball I must find’ human and things of that nature. We cats are more cerebral. We prefer to describe our humans in ways such as ‘this one wears the pointy shoes for rubbing my jaw upon’, ‘this is the knows where the points behind my ears to scratch are one’, and ‘this is the one that has no clue what cats like one.’ We have our priorities.

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