Wordless Wednesday – Me As A Puppy

Hugh is busy packing. We’re moving back to Wales tomorrow, but before he packs the computer away I thought I’d post this photo of me.

Toby, the Welsh Cardigan Corgi

This was me on the very first day they brought me to Hove. ย I’m going to miss this place, but am so looking forward to moving back to Wales.

This is our very last blog post from Brighton and Hove.

For those who haven’t met me yet, I’m Toby, the Welsh Cardigan Corgi.

Hugh will be back on Friday and he’ll respond to any comments then.

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67 thoughts

  1. aaaaaaaaah ……. he is a big boy now!

    End of an era, wonderful whilst it lasted, our best wishes for the new, hopefully even more fabulous era, which is about to start!

    M & P xx

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    1. Oh I’d rather like that. They’re even taking me out to a dog friendly pub tonight. Should be quite a night of celebration.
      Hugh say to tell you that he’s finished the story. I don’t know how he managed it during all the packing, but it’s done and will with you over the weekend.
      It’s a bark, bark from me.

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  2. What a handsome boy you are , nearly as handome as me..Saangchai, only joking I hope you like your new home, we are moving soon and my mistress is taking me on a plane..ohhhhh not sure if I am looking forward to that but it’s only a short flight she said much better than being in the car for 18hrs..so have fun Toby woof.


  3. Happy New Year to you, Toby.
    My daughter and I are ogling your puppy photo. You were very cute and look strangely like our dog, Bilbo who is a Border Collie.
    We hope you are not too sensitive to fireworks, our friend. We are on dog duty tonight. Lady, our Border Collie x Cavalier, reacts very badly to fireworks and she spent last NYE dribbling all over my husband’s lap.
    Forgot to take her to the vet for some chill pills. I’ve never given the dogs anything like that before but she was exceptionally distressed.
    Tell Hugh to give you more coverage on his blog. Looks like his new book has put you in the back seat…not that I’m trying to make you jealous at all.
    Have you set any NY resolutions?
    Lady’s resolution is to stop stealing food from the humans. That’s more than enough for her to deal with in the following year.
    Bilbo’s is to let himself be brushed and to even endure the occasional bath without snapping at the bath-er.
    Happy New Year!
    xx Rowena


    1. I often get mistaken for a cross between a Corgi and Border Collie, Rowena.

      Fireworks? I don’t like them at all. They kept me awake for a long time last night. However, I now hope there won’t be any more until the humans celebrate Guy Fawkes night in November! Thank goodness the humans I own don’t buy fireworks. Now I know why they had the TV on very loud last night, but it’s always the same movie every New Year’s Eve – Mamma Mia! I was hoping for 101 Dalmatians, but they got their hands on the remote control far too quickly!

      I wasn’t very active on Hugh’s blog last year. I was far too busy, napping, playing, walking and chewing treats, but I may make a come back this year; we’ll see๐Ÿถ

      No, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. Always end up breaking them by the 2nd January. I don’t like being brushed; the humans can only brush me if there are treats involved. They never learn.

      Happy New Year to you.
      Lot’s of barks and tail wagging,
      Toby – woof!

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      1. Toby, it sounds like Hugh would’ve enjoyed my post NY movie…”Can’t Stop the Music”. It’s played on Sydney’s channel 9 every NY for years. I’ve always loved the Village People’s music, especially YMCA. The music also is an interesting character of its time.
        xx Rowena


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