How To Become A Successful Blogger: Part 3 – How To Ensure Readers Will Keep Coming Back

If we were inviting people around to our house for dinner, a party or just for a coffee, most of us would want to ensure that our home was clean, tidy and looking good, right? If that’s the case for our homes, then shouldn’t it also be the case for our blog?

After writing a new blog post, WordPress allows us to preview the post before we publish it. If you haven’t noticed it then the ‘Preview’ button sits right beside the publish button. I’m always surprised by how some blog posts look as if the author never previewed the post before publishing it. One of the most common errors I see is when large gaps appear between paragraphs or when there is a large blank space at the end of the post. Another error is a sentence being interrupted by an image or photo.

Another off-put for me is when there are large blocks of text within a post. These should either be split into smaller paragraphs or broken up with images or photos. That way it makes reading the post easier and the post is easier on the eye. In this particular post, I’ve only used one image but I’ve split the post up into several paragraphs. Just imagine what it would look like had I only used two or three paragraphs!

Another annoying feature I come across when reading some blog posts is how small the text within a post is. Some would almost need a magnifying glass to be able to read the post. Tiny text is not good to read and will put many readers off from reading your post and even following your blog. Think about increasing the size of the text on all your blog posts. It also goes without saying to ensure that people can read what you are publishing by making the text clear. For example, dark coloured text on a dark background is not good, as is a light coloured text on a light background.

To increase the size of the text on your blog, go to dashboard and click on –

Themes – Customize – Fonts

Depending on the theme you use, you can then select the font type and size for the heading of your blog and the font used in your posts. Play around with the different styles and sizes of font and preview them first. Then, once you’ve made your decision, don’t forget to click the save button.

Get into the habit of ensuring all the links on your blog work. Check the links on your menu bar and in any widgets on your blog. For some reason links can become redundant and not work and many readers will leave your blog almost straight away if they come across too many links that don’t work. Those using social media should always ensure links to their social media accounts work.

First impressions always count so ensure you have a theme and colours that you like. There’s no harm in asking for advice from other bloggers of which theme and colours to choose but always go with your gut instinct. If you are not happy with the theme or colours of your blog then you’ll be more likely to stop blogging altogether.

How To Become A Successful Blogger

Is there a subject you would like me to cover in my ‘How To Become A Successful Blogger’ series? Do you have any questions on what I have covered in this post? Leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.

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