Thursday Doors – February 4th, 2016

Here’s a door that I think would take you back to the 1920s if you walked through it. I wonder who was the very first person to walk through this door?

Thursday Doors - 4th February 2016

Shame about the modern door buzzers on the side wall but I’m glad this art-deco door has survived.

The photo was taken in Brighton and Hove which, after many years, we will be moving from next week. I’ll miss all the wonderful doors the city has but have taken lots of photos of them.

Join Norm, and many others, for his ‘Thursday Doors’ challenge.

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  1. Brighton and Hove has a wonderful variety of doors doesn’t it? I love the art deco look with this one. It seems strange knowing you’re not there anymore, but I’m sure you’ll find plenty more doors pics to share from your new neighbourhood in Wales Hugh 🙂 xx

  2. A nice door, but I personally would like a more oval design. Don’t mean to sound snobby, but I can be particular (and spoiled), because hubby’s specialty is to hang doors and bigger ones than these.

  3. Such a gorgeous door, Hugh – I love when you see them still with the old glass intact, instead of the more modern frosted stuff. My mother-in-law’s house in Australia had a wonderful original front door with painted stained glass all around it – it was lovely to see it all still in place.

      1. Oh, was it your front door? Interestingly, in Melbourne, you see a lot of places with these original doors and also the matching stained glass windows. We lived in a house for a while which had been completely renovated in the worst style, removing all the original features, yet they left the original windows. I wonder if it’s the damper weather hear that makes people get rid of them. I personally can’t stand all the plastic windows everywhere, but I get that they are practical. I hope the move is going well for you 🙂

        1. No, not my front door. I wish it was, Helen. I would have gladly removed this door for the house we are moving to in Wales.
          I get it about plastic doors and window frames. I think it’s all about cost and maintenance now, hence the increase in these doors. Such a shame really, but I don’t think as many people tend to look after their houses as well as much as they may have done 100 years ago.

    1. Most of the front doors in the street where I took the photo were very much the same style, Norm. There weren’t many left but, of those that were, they had similar designs with just the glass work being different. The houses will have been very expensive when built and, sadly now, most of them have been divided up into apartments.

  4. Hugh, love that door! A great find! Surprise for me when I bought this house there was an antique door with a speakeasy! The owner came back and wanted to take it! Nope! Happy Thursday! Hope your move is “smooth.” 💛 Elizabeth

  5. The glass is gorgeous, although I’m always mixing up the ‘movements’: Art Deco with Arts and Crafts with Art Nouveau. Guess I need a class!? In any case, I love this series, Hugh!

    1. Thanks Leigh. I get mixed up with them as well, although I do love anything from the 1920s and 30s. I’m sure, one day, it will come back into fashion. What’s the saying? “What comes round will go around?”

        1. Found on Google –
          If the difference between art nouveau and art deco had to be encapsulated in a few words, it would be these – the former is flowing, whereas the latter is sharp. Where art nouveau is known for flowery shapes and themes, art deco is known for streamlined, sharp themes (think of the Chrysler Building in New York). Both art nouveau and art deco designs evolved as a response to the culture of the times. The former was influenced mostly by the industrial revolution and the latter by World War I.

  6. That’s a beauty! I love the circular window and the arched transom light, both with a touch of stained glass. Somebody certainly had a vision for what this door would say to the people passing through.

  7. This door is magnificent – love art-deco! There is a story in there somewhere as the first occupant walked through the door. Doors make such an impression to me and can reflect the owners. This one is very classy…#20.

    1. Oh I so agree with you. Doors really do reflect the owners. I would love to know who the first occupant was. At the time, the house would have been just the one dwelling. Almost 100 years on and now the door is the front to many individual apartments inside the building.

        1. There’s a house just up the road from where we currently live that is being rebuilt. It had a similar door. I asked if I could have it but it seems the builder already had plans for it. I expect he’ll auction it off. I’m amazed how some of these doors have lasted so long. They are just so stunning.

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