Weird Questions Gay Couples Get Asked

Last week, I published 10 Reasons Why You May Be Gay. It got a lot of reactions, which I always like my posts to get.

I wasn’t going to publish anything along the same line, but when I was pointed to the video below, I couldn’t resist. However, it wasn’t only the subject that got my attention. No! It’s also because a particular breed of dog also features in it.

This is a light-hearted look at some of the questions a gay couple may get asked. It includes some of the items I had on the list in my post last week. I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to know your thoughts. You may need to log into my blog to view the video.

Thanks to Trina at Its Good To Be Crazy Sometimes, for bringing this video to my attention.


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88 thoughts on “Weird Questions Gay Couples Get Asked

  1. My partner and I are 19 years apart and I get asked if I am his dad. Then its the blurted, are you guys gay? I usually say No, but my boyfriend is. I don’t take offense at any of the questions, usually they end up putting their foot in their mouth. If the worst thing you have to face is an awkward question, life is pretty easy.

    Video was hilarious, but you said”…iwrote the script and, of course, is gay”….tongue in cheek I hope

    1. Thanks for your comments Adrian. I’ve always preferred to be with a partner who is older than me, so I get where you are coming from with being asked that question. I ‘ve seen it happen with older guys who date younger women as well. I certainly don’t take offence if asked questions like the ones in the video but I know that some people still do. I suppose it boils down to what situation you are in. Unfortunately, there are still homophobic people in this world and wouldn’t we all love to see the day when homophobia is eradicated.

      I read that the video was scripted and filmed by a gay man based on some of the questions he himself has been asked. Of course, not everything we read is true and I’m now hoping that my source was genuine. 😀

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