The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant

Here’s my entry for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challange with the theme of Vibrant.

Beach huts along Brighton & Hove seafront

Beach huts along the seafront in Brighton and Hove. These beach huts sure brighten up the darkest of Winter days.

I’ve used beach huts in one of my own recent weekly photo challenges. If you enjoy participating in weekly photo challenges then come on over and join in the fun. Everyone is welcome.

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63 thoughts

    1. I am. I’m going to rotate the ones I participate in so that I get to have a go at each one over a few months. It was coming to WordPress that got me started in enjoying photography. It’s a great interest and one I’m really enjoying a lot.
      Thanks, Ali.

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  1. I can imagine the conversation in the paint store.

    Clerk: Sir, you need a note from your wife.
    Me: What?
    Clerk: We have had too many complaints from wives after their husbands selected the color. Our policy requires a note from both spouses for colors in the restricted zones of the color wheel.
    Me: It is for a beach hut door.
    Clerk: Oh, very well sir, we’ll have your order up in a jiffy.

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    1. lol, I’m not sure if there are any rules as to what colours these huts have to painted, but I’m guessing not. I think it’s up to the owner of each hut what they do. I think there could be a competition going on as to who has the most unusual and vibrant beach huts doors.

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  2. Beautiful row of beach huts, Hugh. It reminds me of the beach huts in Australia. We have a long row of them along a beach called Brighton beach. How about that 😀

    In relation to your above comment, the beach huts in Australia don’t come cheap either. You’ll need to fork out about half a million dollars for one. But they do really have a good view 🙂

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    1. Thanks Mabel. So, you have a Brighton beach as well? I always thought these huts typically British, but it seems I may be wrong. As for what they cost, well, I was so shocked when I found out. It’s almost like having a second home.


      1. Yes, we have a beach called Brighton Beach here in Melbourne. It’s towards the east, about half an hour train ride from where I am. The beach huts here attract tourists all year round, even in winter. Sometimes you even have to wait for your turn to take photos in front of the more popular boxes. They have different designs on their fronts/doors.

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  3. Oh this is fun, Hugh! Perfect for “vibrant” — wonderful colors. You know i NEED colors. It seems to be a physical need for me, to have colors all around. Neutrals just aren’t enough to make me feel good. I love these brightly colored doors. I just wish there’d been a polka dot one… 😀 Dotty for polka dots. Mega hugs!

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    1. Toby and I have just been for a walk down to Brighton & Hove seafront to see if we could find any beach huts that had polka dot doors, Teagan. Unfortunately, we could not find one! However, it’s a beautiful sunny winter’s day today so we enjoyed the walk.

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      1. A good distraction definitely 🙂 It’s a shame we never got to go to Claire’s shop and get you your lemon curd cupcake though Hugh…I won’t be down to Brighton and Lewes until April. Never say never though…life is stranger than fiction, I always say! Have a lovely weekend, and again, all the best with your packing, never an easy job but all worth it when you move into your lovely new home in Wales 🙂 xx

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      2. I agree, Sherri. I don’t know where the time goes. We’ve found a few time capsules whilst cleaning drawers and cupboards out. So much stuff, and we’ve only lived in this house for 5 years! This will be the last house move (but we’ve said that before).
        Have a wonderful weekend.

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      3. It’s amazing isn’t it how ‘stuff’ accumulates? A good opportunity to have a thorough clear out if nothing else. Thanks Hugh, and you have a lovely weekend too 🙂 xx

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