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At the time of writing this, it’s well and truly awards season what with The Baftas, The Oscars, The Brits, The Soaps Awards, The Mildreds…

‘Screech…come to a grinding halt!’ The Mildreds? What the heck is The Mildreds? I’ll come to that shortly, but for now, I want to delve into the wonderful world of blogging awards and how they can gain you lots of followers as well as lose you valuable writing time.

I remember how delighted I was when I got a message from another blogger informing me they were nominating my blog for an award. That comment lifted me a few inches off the ground and I spent the next few hours telling everyone I knew that my blog had been nominated for an award. That was during my very early days of blogging and even though I was faced with a list of ‘demands/ what I had to do’ if I wanted to accept the award, I duly wrote my post, answered lots of questions from the blogger who nominated me and nominated another 15 bloggers for the award.

Weeks after that first award I was delighted with what had happened. Not only had being nominated for the award brought my blogs lots of new followers, but I was able to pass on the award and be thanked by those bloggers I’d nominated, which in turn brought me even more followers.

These awards were fun to do.  People got to know more about me from the questions being asked, my blog stats were rocketing and, most importantly of all, I was able to pass on the good fortune that blogging awards brought to other bloggers.

Of course, more followers meant more comments. More followers also meant more awards and, before I knew it, my writing time was starting to be swallowed up by answering comments and writing posts about nothing else but accepting awards.

Blogging awards are a great way to promote your own blog as well as put you in touch with lots of other bloggers. They can help build up your blogging community and get you into the blogging communities of other bloggers. I even went further and invented my own Awards ‘The Mildred Awards’ which became my most viewed and commented-on post for many months. In the early days of blogging these awards can do wonders for both you and your blog, but be careful and don’t allow them to completely take over your blog.

When I started getting behind with accepting awards I had been nominated for, I started to panic. What would people think if I didn’t accept their award? Would I start to lose followers because I wasn’t passing the award on? Would people stop nominating my blog for awards?

In February 2015, I decided it was time for my blog to go award free. I’d seen other bloggers do it and I knew it was time for me to accept that blogging awards had done their job for my blog. I wrote and published The ‘Mildred Awards’ post and made the announcement that my blog was now ‘award free.’ I was then able to move on and get on with the rest of my writing. After all, that is what I had come here to do.

However, that did not stop awards coming in. Of course, I thanked people for nominating me and announced to them that I had gone ‘award free.’ Most were happy with my decision but there were a few who saw it as an insult. In fact, one blogger even went as far as to say that they were really disappointed that I was not accepting the award and that they were unfollowing my blog!

That was a tough conversation I had with that particular blogger, but I also saw that I was partly to blame. Why? Well, although I’d announced in February 2015 that my blog was now award free, there was nothing else on my blog stating my decision. How could I possibly expect anyone (having not read the post) to know I was now award free? Hence, I put together a widget which announces I am award free which you will see on one of the widget bars at the foot of my blog.

Whilst I don’t accept awards anymore, it doesn’t stop me accepting the odd one. I recently accepted a Champion Award given to me by the author, writer and blogger Sally Cronin. I’ve even gone so far as to invent another new award, The Men’s Really Hard Hat Award, in response to an award currently doing the circuit which can only be given to female bloggers. ‘The Men’s Really Hard Hat Award’ is a spoof award that makes only one demand on those I nominated. It’s had hundreds of views and some really wonderful comments.

So, should you accept blogging awards?  Yes, you should. However, they have their time and place in the blogging world and, as far as I am concerned, my advice is to let them go once they have done their work in establishing both you and your blog. I know some will disagree with me and that’s why I want to know your thoughts.

What about you? Is there anything you particularly like or dislike about blogging awards? Have they worked for you? Have you ever accepted them? If not, why not?  Do you get fed up with seeing award after award post on a blog? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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