Thursday Doors – January 14, 2016

I had to look at this photo a few times to decide if what I was seeing was correct.


Does this door look like it’s half way up a wall to you? Maybe not, but I do know that when I took the photo my feet were firmly on the ground. Maybe I’m Peter Pan? Maybe he lives here? That letterbox is so small it would be difficult to get even a postage stamp through it.

Taken for the Thursday Doors challenge, over at Norm 2.0. Click here and come and join in the fun.

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  1. Really great find!! And I think the step is missing – because many times doors are raised like this, but we see them with steps – or maybe Peter Pan theory fits better – ha!
    Anyhow – I do not like the smell of jasmine – but my my my is this a pretty door and entrance – 🌸🌸

      1. Yes and it is another example of how are tastes vary- but now I wonder what doors you do find exciting – let’s see – majestic tall wood frames ? Old school thin doors? Well I guess I will have to see what unfolds this spring –

    1. Stow in the Wold, in the Cotswolds. I would have probably had to bow my head a little to go through it. Cute? I suppose so. Many of the comments seem to revolve around a secret door to a secret world. Who knows?

  2. I have to thank Moondustwriter for pointing out that that looks like at least 2 or 3 doors (a door within a door at least). In any case, I think it looks fascinating and quaint, welcoming, and mysterious all at once, but then my husband’s hope is that we live in a comfy underground home someday in our dotage (yes, he probably is at least part-hobbit!). Lovely picture, Hugh. Keep traveling! 🙂

    1. Hmmm, I had to take a closer look at that door after you saying it looked like a door within a door, Leigh. Now that you have said it (and Moondustwriter) I can totally see where you two are coming from. It’s amazing how we all see different things in photos. I was thinking it looked more like the door was half way up the wall and there you two go and say something different which I never saw in the photo before. Maybe this is a magical door to somewhere?

      1. I can also see the ‘up a wall’ aspect, though, and I’m glad you mentioned it. It SEEMS as if you were stooping and/or as if the door is super-tall, like 8 or 10 feet tall, so it seems like it is above the perspective of the photographer. I was thinking Victorian Garden, Secret Garden, that kind of thing, though, but I’m not knowledgeable about either story or concept.

        1. I was standing up straight when I took the photo. I think I would have had to stoop to go through the door, but not by much (I’m 5ft 7). It certainly seems to be becoming a magical door. The very mention of Peter Pan and many of the comments are inspiring some short stories.

  3. Hello
    Hugh “What’s the scores on the doors or… ” oooh shut that door” sorry I just couldn’t help myself; it’s okay I’m done now 😯😕 I used to visit a place called Stow on the Wold when I was a child and I remember visiting someone with Dad, I remember a really old door in a wall at the bottom of the vegetable plot that hid an enclosed garden. Needless to say it became a place for many stories, of magic and adventures and fanciful meanderings. I feel adventures behind this door, it secretes all sorts of possible storytelling. 😇

    1. lol, I’m loving your opening comments, Ellen. I love Larry Grayson and his “shut that door’ comment. Even though I knew it was coming it still made me laugh out loud when he said it.
      It was Stow in the Wold where I took the photo. We’re going back later this year so I may pay the door a revisit.
      I love the story of that secret door at the bottom of the vegetable plot. I’m sure there are lots of stories to tell. Hopefully, you’ll get to tell them to us?

  4. Definitely looks like something out of a fairy tale.
    Of course the woodworker in me had to notice how the frame seems out of square and now my brain is on about trying to figure how/why that happened 😦
    Nice find High!

  5. I remember when I was a paper boy that I hated letter boxes like that, especially on Friday which was “Rugby Advertiser ” day which was so thick and heavy it represented a real letter box challenge!

      1. One I can remember used to scare me witless when it would jump at the letterbox and pull the newspaper through whilst I was delivering it. One day on my dad’s advice I hung on to the other end and the dog shredded the outer pages. I think it must have got a kick up the backside or something because it didn’t do it again for a while.

    1. It was a weekend trip we had in early December to a place called Stow. It’s in the Cotswolds, in Southern England, and has many charming buildings (and doors). We’re planning a return trip in the late Spring/early Summer, when the weather will be much warmer.

      Yes, I’ve given the blog a bit of a freshening up. Glad you like it, Deb. 🙂

      1. Oh my! What a coincidence. I have been posting photos recently from the Cotswolds on my Instagram @thefrontdoorproject. I traveled to London and the Cotswolds almost six years ago with my Mom, sister-in-law and her mother. Four ladies on the loose! I have never been to a place so magical. I have such vivid memories of my time in that region even though it was only three days. What a treasure! Can’t wait to see more photos when you visit again!

        1. I’ll certainly be taking some and hopefully lots more of doors as well. When we were there the whole place was done up for Christmas. It was wonderful even if the weather was unseasonably mild. I loved the afternoon teas we had and the walks were incredible.
          Glad you had a great time time there, Deb. I hope you get to visit again.

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