The Men’s Really Hard Hat Awards

Not another awards post from me?  I’m an ‘award free’ blog. Don’t you see that ‘award free’ widget over on your widget bar, Hugh? Yes, I do, but this is a call to arms post to all the men out there.

Have you noticed the new ‘Girl Love’ blog award doing the rounds at the moment?  It’s a lovely award, but unfortunately us guys are not allowed to be nominated for it. ‘Time for action’ I thought and I’ve created an award which can only be awarded to men that blog.

‘The Men’s Really Hard Hat Award’ is my way of honouring some of the male bloggers who I follow. I’m giving them this brand new award as a thank you and in recognition of all the support they’ve given me. Not only that, but ‘The Men’s Really Hard Hat Award’ is also given to the men who have the most wonderful blogs that keep us entertained.

The Mens

Here is my list of Male Bloggers who I would like to pass this award onto. It’s in no particular order, so no fighting guys. There is one for each of you.

Chris, at Twenty First Summer. Chris was on the Blogging 101 course of April 2014 I attended. Chris is regular with his posts and his Saturday morning posts cover a whole range of subjects. I’m hoping he’ll write a post about why the number 11 is not pronounced onety one?  I just have to have that question answered and he’s the man to do it.

Norm, at Norm 2.0. A guest blogger of mine in November 2015, Norm knows everything there is to know about Photography. His ‘Thursday Doors’ photography challenge is great fun. So far I’ve not got arrested for taking photos of doors. Phew!

Christoph, at Writer Christoph Fischer. Christoph is a published author and all-round nice guy. He recently interviewed me on his blog and came to the conclusion that it was not me that ate all the Welshcakes.

Geoff, at TanGental. Another guest blogger of mine and my fellow male Bloggers’ Bash committee member, Geoff is also a published author and protects me from the female members of the committee. It was his idea about the elf costumes.

Chris, at Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog. Promoter and Supporter of authors, writers and bloggers, Chris does an amazing job in what he does. I think he should choose, promote and manage this year’s UK entry for The Eurovision Song Contest.  We’d certainly win the contest!

Lord David, at The Buthidars. David is a real Lord and has told me I need to curtsey when I meet him. Another fellow Welshman, it was him that ate all the Welshcakes.

Steve, at Steve Says. Up and coming DJ, Steve never fails in making me laugh with his posts and his outfits.  When it comes to music, Steve is the font of all knowledge. Did you know that he managed to get Kylie Minogue to sit on top of his Christmas Tree last month? Go on, ask him about it.

Richard, at Richard Ankers. When it comes to poetry, Richard is king. Some of his work has been published. Richard recently told me that I freaked him out. I thought he was referring to my singing, but thank goodness it was one of my short stories that had done the deed.

Ronovan, at Ronovan Writes. When it comes to Blogging, Ronovan is King. He taught me everything I know about blogging, so you can all blame him. He also taught me how to keep my sock drawer tidy. Thanks for that, Ronovan.

Eric, at Eric’s Blog. Eric recently wrote in one of his posts that he was my biggest fan. Well, I’ve got news for you, Eric. You’re not my biggest fan! Nope, it’s someone else who is my biggest fan and you’ll have to scroll down to the bottom of this post to find out who it is. However, you can still be my biggest ‘male’ fan.

Nick Verron, at Nick Verron. Nick is a hero of mine. He’s an incredible guy and one which many of us get inspiration from. I’ve told him I’ll gladly launder his Super-hero’s outfit, but there’s no guarantee he’ll get it back.

Andrew, at Have Bag, Will Travel. Andrew’s been just about everywhere. His trips are often packed with humour and events that will have you in tears of laughter. Every time I see a new post from him I can’t help but think about the incident he had with an inflatable in a lift. Ask him about it. I know he’ll love to share the story with you.

John, at Fiction Favorites. John’s ‘Fifty-Two Views Of The Gulf’ series is like watching a silent movie. However, it always ends on a cliff-hanger and leaves me on the edge of my seat. That’s so cruel, John! However, I love what you write and where you live.

For the gentleman who have been nominated for this brand new award there is only one thing I ask you do. You don’t need to accept the award or display it on your blog. You don’t need to write a post about it or nominate other male bloggers. You don’t even have to say ‘thank you’ to me for the award. No. All I ask you do is to do something nice for your wife, husband, partner or a member of your family today. Tell them you have been given an award and then go and do the washing up, take them shopping, fix that shelf or leaky tap they’ve been going on about, cook them a meal or simply just tell them that you love them. We don’t do enough of that.

If you want to pass the award on then please do, but there’s absolutely no obligation to do so.

Congratulations to all of you.

P.S – If you’d like to be in with a chance to meet my biggest fan (click here to read her story) please leave me a comment telling me how many pairs of socks you think I got for Christmas.

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Author: Hugh W. Roberts

My name is Hugh. I live in the city of Swansea, South Wales, in the United Kingdom. My blog covers a wide range of subjects, the most popular of which are my blogging tips posts. If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, please contact me by clicking on the 'Contact Hugh' button on the menu bar. Click on the 'Meet Hugh' button on the menu bar of my blog to learn more about me and my blog.

140 thoughts

  1. Blimey, what an honour. Me in with this lot of celebs, peers of the realm and general upstanding wotsits. My flabber hasn’t been so gasted since 99 red balloons was used as a wedding march. I am struggling a little with the concept of ‘putting on my hard hat’ because it is redolent of unrolling some extra strong prophylactic protection but I always saw you as a health and safety kind of chap so it makes sense. May this award take you to new places – fishing resorts on the east coast perhaps? Love you dearly and fondly my dear old huggy bear…

    1. Tut, tut! Who was the one that allowed Sacha to dance on the photocopier at the Bloggers’ Bash office Christmas party? No point pointing the finger at Ali or I.
      I’ll give the East Coast a miss this weekend. It’s meant to be have a cold chill from a Northernly. My marigolds won’t cope with that!
      Congratulations on the award, Geoff. I’ll be checking with Mr Le Pard that you carried out my one and only request.

      1. I think you’ll not be disappointed. Dinner cooked and I’ve been cleaning today too… So much the hero, eh! And yes soz about the Elf-antics; I’ll try and control her…

    1. You’re the first one to make a guess, Jan. You could well be in with a chance of winning 🙂
      Interesting that most the blogs you follow are by male bloggers. I thought the male blogger was a are breed.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out Hugh. As you know I’m not doing awards on my blog but I do appreciate the kind gesture.
    Since we already share the house chores pretty much equally, I’m not sure what I could do for Honey this evening.
    Hmm…oh, I know! This evening I’ll leave her in command of the TV remote controller 😀
    Thanks again Hugh!

    1. You’ve done the one thing I asked by accepting this award, Norm, so many thanks for that. Let me know if you managed to stay away from the TV remote all evening long 🙂 Or better still, ask Honey to let me know.

  3. Bravo, Hugh. Such a great idea, especially when it comes with no blogging/nominating obligations. You have a great list right there ! Sending you hearts of blue. 💙 💙 💙

  4. Hugh, this is quite the amazing award! It’s about time men/brothers got a special award with only one “giving” task of their choice. Straight forward! More awards should be easier to accept with minimal work. Many of us in the writer group go Award Free because of the involved acceptance work. What’s important for me is keeping a tight writing schedule and reading/commenting on fellow bloggers posts as much as possible. Congratulations all nominees! Chryssa

    1. Thank you, Chryssa. That is one of the reasons why I took the decision for my blog to go award free last year. I’m currently writing a blogging tips series and I’ll be covering blogging awards as part of the whole series. Don’t get me wrong, they are a great idea, but they can and do take up so much time, more so when we become more established here in the blogging world.
      I hope 2016 has got off to a great start for you? My very best wishes to you,

      1. Look forward to your blogging tips post including awards! Agree, for me awards were wonderful to receive. I’ve accepted several to promote & support my nominee. Many were young women with exceptional career/life goals and blog sites! That part felt really good. Best Wishes back for 2016 and your writing! Chryssa

  5. Thanks Hugh I’m very chuffed to receive it, I think it’s the first award I have ever received for being a man! There are a few bloggers on your list I’m not following, I shall rectify that straight away. Next year I will be your biggest fan regardless of gender!

    1. You’re so very welcome, and thank you for reblogging the post, Eric. I love your humour and wit. Don’t ever lose them. You’re one to watch here on Planet Blog (and I mean that in a very nice way ) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. Boy power! *fist pumps the air*

    …wait a minute. Looks like I’m in the wrong place. *sneaks off embarrassed*

    Congrats, Hugh 🎉 I’ll leave you men to it 😳

    1. Exactly. I don’t believe there are as many of as male bloggers as there are female bloggers (not according to my follow list anyway). I love the song choice as well. I should have added that as a video to the post.

  7. Love this! I can hear the Monty Python crew singing.. “Men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men…” in my head (lol) and I say that this is a good thing! Bring on and celebrate the MEN!

  8. Oh, Hugh, you are such a lovely man! What a fantastic idea honouring some of our wonderful male blogging friends. You have nominated some real crackers there, and I like it that you have suggested they do something nice for someone by way of acknowledgement. You should give yourself one of these for being such a brilliant blogger! xx

    1. The store Detective never said that to me, Judy, so thank you for saying I am lovely 🙂

      This is just a fun post to bring a few smiles today. The guys I’ve nominated are a fantastic bunch and I didn’t want any of them feeling left out of these “ladies only” awards doing the rounds. I think they’re all very happy now and they can, of course, pass on the award if they want.
      I love any award, but all the comments I get from you and everyone else are my awards. 🙂
      Thank you so much for reblogging the post. I hope it brings lots of smiles to your readers and followers.:) 🙂

  9. Terrific Hugh. I took the spirit of the award and offered to do the shopping today. The response was, “You’re kidding right?” It seems when I do the shopping the budget is blown. At least, I offered and my wife says a big thank you as do I.

    1. John, I am proud of you for asking to do the shopping. I’d have blown the budget as well. Well done on completing your task. Now go and celebrate your award by doing whatever you want to do. And don’t listen to the wife when she complains about it. 🙂

  10. Hilarious post, Hugh, and a wonderful idea, love the task they have to complet in order to accept the award. Well done, I really hope it does the rounds.

    Btw, haven’t yet seen anything about the girls only award. Interesting. .. for an awards free blog, you’re not doing so well are you, LOL!

    1. Thanks Ali. Yes, I hope they all complete their tasks otherwise I may just go around and make them dress up as The Village People 🙂
      The award for you ladies is doing the rounds. I’m sure you will be on one of those lists very soon.
      As for awards, well that is defiantly it from me for now, until ‘The Mildreds; next month.

    1. Of course you can Richard. You’ll have to persuade one of your lady followers to nominate you for the award 🙂 I’m sure it would put the car amongst the pigeons (so to speak).
      Congratulations on the award. Wear your hard hat with pride.

  11. Many thanks for the award. I’m not sure it’s compensation enough for the fibs you told since no-one could ever prove anything with the Welsh cakes and I deny it flatly.

  12. Haha… jealous? LOL!! But yes, Hugh! That is really fair that you guyes have your own award now!!! And you know what? It is amazig what the nominees have to do. My respect, wonderful!

    1. Yep, all us guys were (I think) Erika 🙂 No, but seriously, this was just a bit of fun as a response. I hope it brings a few smiles to lots of faces. With what is going on in the world I think we need to try and make each other laugh as often as we can. Thanks so much, Erika, and congratulations on all your awards. (I’ve got a big reading list waiting for me so I will get around to reading all about them soon).

      1. I definitely smiled, Hugh! I found it so funny… I love your humor! You are absolutely right, there can never be too much laughter in the world, never! Whenever you stop by my blog it is highly appreciated, but you just know that I never expecte people to read all of my posts because I know how much is going on here…. at the moment I am barely able to read posts because I am not getting my comments done… haha!!!

        1. I’ve been in overdrive with writing since the New Year started, Erika. I always put my writing first and then go and catch up on all the posts waiting for me. I don’t know when this overdrive spell will end so who knows what is going to appear on my blog next? I know what you mean about comments, but they are so wonderful to get and certainly make my day that little bit more perfect. 🙂 I’m sure the same applies with you.

        2. Oh yes, I don’t complain at all. I feel totally honored that I get so many replies and comments. It is awesome and I aprreciate it so much! So let’s see how long you are going full speed, Hugh 😀

  13. Aw thanks for this Hugh. For some reason I just want to put on my hard had and start singing YMCA! I’ll be sure to check out the other winners and “recruit” them into my reader app :). Not sure what you mean about my outfits though (hard hat aside). Cheers!

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