#RIPDavidBowie – The Patron Saint Of Music

Like the rest of the world, hearing today’s news that David Bowie has sadly passed away brings me sadness.

However, his music brought and still will bring many of us lots of pleasure. For me it was also his humour that made the difference.  Take the song ‘Life On Mars’ where one of Bowie’s lines was “That Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow.” Who would have ever thought to add a line like that?

For me, David Bowie’s humour shone through with his song ‘The laughing Gnome.’  Not one of his songs that many would think of if asked to name a Bowie track, but what humour it brings. Thank you for the music and the smiles and laughter, David.

RIP David Bowie.

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73 thoughts

  1. Thank you for posting this tribute to David Bowie. I do know the song as my older brother`s wife Trina, got me into David Bowie. He has been a part of my life with his music since being a child. Going to miss his presence so much.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this sad news, Hugh. Bowie/Jones has been one of my favorite British musicians for as long as I can remember. Such creativity! Such heart! He always had something insightful to say. How sad that he has left us-

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      1. He is one of those creative geniuses who would fill whatever time he has with lasting work. I read his obit and learned he had just opened a new show on Broadway last month. He made those last months after his diagnosis count, Hugh. What a legacy for us all. Love to you and yours, e

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  3. Thank you Hugh for your lovely tribute to an amazing musician. My daughter told me first thing this morning, I couldn’t believe it. I was just talking to a friend at a party on Saturday night about David Bowie and his music. I reminicised about buying my first ever record at Parrot Records in Ipswich with my pocket money when I was 12 – the 45 rpm of Gene Genie. Still one of my all time favourites to this day. He will be sadly missed but his music and talent will live on for generations to enjoy…. xx

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    1. It’s strange, Sherri, but on Friday I was going to write a “Happy Birthday” post for Mr Bowie, but I never got around to it. Then, I heard the very sad news this morning. Had I written that post I would have now been in two minds as to what to do with it. Leave it there or deleted it?
      I love you story about ‘Gene Genie.’ I think the first ever single we buy always stays with us.

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  4. I didnt even know he’d been ill so it was quite a shock. It always is when a celebrity presence you have kind of grown up with has moved on. What a legacy he has left the world though. He’ll never be forgotten.

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    1. I was the same, Ali. Had no idea he had been ill. I remember thinking how very quiet he had been, but he’d had breaks from the music world before. Any death is a shock to the system, but when it of a celebrity who you grew up with on the TV and radio, it seems to come as an even bigger shock. When Cilla Black passed away last year I remember being just as shocked.

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  5. I see what you mean Hugh about us being on the same wavelength, with our posts about this very sad loss.
    I remember listening to this song as a child. I particularly liked the part where the gnome burps and says ” pardon! ” So funny.
    Then in my twenties I wore out my copy of Ashes to Ashes.
    He will be missed, but what a fantastic way to go out.
    Well done to you for a great post and tribute. xxx

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    1. I love the song, Dorne. It always picks me up. I always played it after a horrible day at work (which was most days). I love the voice of the Gnome because he sounds like he is on helium. The lyrics are just so humorous and it never fails to bring a smile to my face when I hear it.
      Thank you.

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  6. Sadly, we’ve lost another legend. He will long be remembered. Up in the sky now with other legends like Freddy Mercury. RIP Mr. Bowie 😦 PS Hugh, did you see the video release of his last video? Chilling! Blackstar, check it out on youtube or my facebook author page, I posted.<3

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      1. Now that I am back in the states, I can get decent internet again. I shared that on facebook and when I played for my family last night, I got very teary and sentimental. We also heard “Let’s Dance” on satellite radio and just remembered the good ole 80s. I am finally catching up on comments with my lap top. Been using a tablet and I am tired of autocorrect.

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      2. I know the feeling about using autocorrect, Terri. The number of times I have submitted comments and then noticed that a word had been changed!
        So you like the 1980s as well? Great music, great bands and a great era. If I could jump on a time machine and go back, I’d stop at the 1980s.

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