Hugh’s Christmas Tree Topper Challenge In Aid Of The Dogs Trust #Charity – The Results

A massive thank you from Angela, Toby and I.  Once again, you guys came up trumps and I am delighted to inform you that I have donated £250 to the Dogs Trust.


Angela may have now been packed away for another eleven months and the house may be looking very bare with all the Christmas decorations having come down, but the blogging community continue to shine a light and make these dark Winter months bright and beautiful.

Good Night from Angela

Without further ado, here’s the list of everyone that participated in Hugh’s Photography Challenge for week 8.  I’m sending a virtual hug to everyone of you for helping us raise money over the Christmas festivities. Please take a bow.  You have all given a homeless dog a meal and may even have found a few of those dogs a new home. Thank you all so much.

Judy at Edwina’s Episodes

Ritu at But I Smile Anyway

Colleen at Silver Threading

Annette at Annette Rochelle Aben

Helen at Journey To Ambeth

Sally at Smorgasbord – Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Etol at Creative Busyness

Sonya at Middleton Road

Sandara at A Monmma’s View

Eloise at Mello-Elo

Debbie at Travel With Intent

Mary Lou at Lou’s Photography Blog

Geriatri’X’ FotoGallery

Marje at Kyrosmagica

Allie at Allie Potts Writes

Judy at Lifelessons – A Blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

Majka at Few Words – Uncontrollable Colours

Ladyleemanila at Ladyleemanila

Sherri at A View From My Summerhouse

Geoff at TanGental

A second entry from Judy at Lifelessons – A Blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

Florence at Meanings and Musings

Mel at Melissa Barker-Simpson

Ivy at Uncharted

A third entry from Judy at Lifelessons – A Blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown

Elizabeth at Tea And Paper

Carol at Light Words

Sue and Ani at Daily Echo

Terri at Perspectives On…Lifestyle & Leisure

Kat at Dandelion Fuzz

A fourth entry from Judy at Lifelessons – A Blog By Judy Dykstra-Brown

Yinglan at Just Another Story.

Lynn at Lynz Real Cooking

Ali at Ali Isaac Storyteller

Janni at Janni Styles1

Charli at Elmira Pond Spotter

A second entry from Majka at Few Words – Uncountable Colours

Brab at Barb Taub – Writing and Coffee. Especially Coffee

Nerd In The Brain

Leigh at Leigh’s Wordsmithery

Steve at Steve-Says…

Colline at Colline’s Blog

Janice at On The Land

Solveig at Solveig Werner

Diana at Myths Of The Mirror

Sarina at Shining Seeds

Dorne at Write Dorne – Putting Life Into Words

That’s 47 entries in all. However, there were also entries on Twitter and Instagram, so a big thank you to all you people as well.  I’d also like to thank everyone who reblogged the post and shared it on Social Media. I didn’t tell you this, but I also donated £1 for every reblog and for every entry and share on Social Media.

Hugh’s Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge: Angela the Angel

My thanks also to everyone who informed me that they had made a donation to the Dogs Trust. Your donation is very much appreciated and will go a long way in helping some of our less fortunate four legged friends. You can still make donations by clicking the link below.

The Dogs Trust

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 16.52.24

I’m going to round off this great news with the biggest thank you of all. That is going to Majka at Few Words – Uncountable Colours.  In the above list, not only will you find two entries for the challenge from Majka, but she even got her daughter involved with the challenge.  Checkout the link below and see the results for yourself.

A Mammoth entry from Majka at Few Words – Uncountable Colours

That’s another 20 entries to the challenge!  How cool is that. Thank you so much to Majka, her daughter and all her daughter’s friends.

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    1. No worries, Nick, I’ll be running the challenge again in December and your mum entered both last year’s and the year’s before challenge. In fact, that is how she first discovered my blog.
      Good on you with sponsoring, Zeb. I hope you get updates on how Zeb is doing? That’s a cool name for a dog.

  1. Hugh, this is such a wonderful effort and I loved the creativity of it, using bloggers to post their photos. Down herein Mexico, there are causes for the poor abandoned Baja dogs that abused or just let loose to fend for themselves if the owners don’t want them anymore. Thank you for bringing awareness to others and for donating on behalf of God’s creatures.

    1. The pleasure to host the challenge and donate to charity was something that I hope will remain with me until next December when I launch the next charitable Christmas challenge, Terri. Thank you for participating in the challenge and helping it be the success it was. Without generous bloggers like you, it would never have even got off the ground.

  2. Oh, Hugh! I am so happy to have shared in your Christmas joy. This was such fun and I loved all the trees and decorations. I have something special lined up for you next year, so we must do this again! I wish I could come to Wales and just hug you to pieces!!! 😀 ❤

  3. Thanks, Hugh, for doing this–both for our canine friends and for those of us who got to see each other’s tree pix. You were most generous. Sorry. I cost you a pretty penny with my Xmas Topper excesses. Happy New Year. Judy

    1. Thank you so much Sally. Thank you as well for nominating The Dogs Trust to be the beneficiary of the Christmas charity challenge. It was such a great idea and we are all delighted that you nominated them.
      Massive hugs from Toby and I.

  4. Congratulations Hugh on such a successful challenge. Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful and worthy event. You did us all proud by raising so much money for the Dog’s Trust! A huge hug back to you 🙂

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