Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet…Beverley A. Young

For many it’s the first day of a brand New Year.  New beginnings, new doors opening, and a new blogger for you all to meet here on Hugh’s Views and News.

I’ve not known this month’s guest very long.  However, when I was directed to her blog by Sherri Matthews (A View From My Summerhouse), I was hooked straight away.  What hooked me was the subject that Beverley writes about – Ghosts and the Supernatural.  Many of you know how much I like to include this subject in some of my short stories, but Beverley also writes about the subject in a non-fiction way.

Beverley A Young – Spiritualist, Writer, Author, Public Speaker, Paranormal Research

I spent many hours reading Beverley’s work and even sent her a photo I recently took that included an Orb, a subject Beverley has written about. Her response was very professional and very straight forward which is why I asked her to be my guest this month.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Beverley A. Young.


Discover Your Purpose: A New Year—A New You!

I don’t know about you, but making New Year’s resolutions doesn’t always work for me. The tried and true method of knowing who you are and putting into practise how you can best evolve on your path may be a more holistic approach to the question: What is my purpose in life and what can I do this year to fulfill my purpose?

You may already know that your soul resonates with certain numbers. When you know your soul numbers, you are closer to discovering your life purpose and to reaching your highest potential in this lifetime. To find your soul numbers, first jot down your birth date. For example, June 16, 1975 would appear as 6-1-6-1-9-7-5. Now add up each number as follows, 6+1+6+1+9+7+5 = 35. Now add 3 + 5 = 8. The soul numbers for this birth date are 35/8, with ‘8’ being the Master number. Likewise, if you see certain sequences of numbers repeatedly, such as 11:11 or 2:2:2, etc, the Universe is sending you a clear message as to what is coming your way, or what lessons you need to work on.

Now that you have worked out your Master number, check below to discover your calling in this lifetime or what message the Universe is sending to you:

The ‘1’ energy brings life changing events, so look for new beginnings, an upcoming change or shift. A double one (11) is a double creative number, so you may be called to use your creative talents to serve a higher purpose. ‘1’ also resonates with ambition, independence, motivation, adaptability, self-development, and oneness with life. Seeing ‘1’ sequences can bring miracles into your life, also synchronicities which may lead you to your purpose in life. Decide whether there is work to be done, or whether you need to take a leap forward. Change is inevitable so rather than resist, it is best to go with the flow as nature intended.

The ‘2’ energy resonates with Divine purpose or calling in life. When I lived at 222 Riverview I loved the ‘2’ energy of the house. I did most of my past life work there, studied tarot and the sacred truths, completed a Path of Service course, volunteered as a distant healer, and wrote a book. I was Divinely inspired under the influence of ‘2’. The influence of ‘2’ indicates things are coming together; it resonates with service and duty, balance and harmony, gentleness and kindness, faith and trust, intuition, selflessness, flexibility, partnership and cooperation. Many ‘2s’ work in service industries, as instructors and guides, mentors, life coaches, and as business partners.

The ‘3’ energy resonates with growth, expansion, kindness, compassion, speech and communication, sociability, friendliness, optimism, joy, inspiration. Under the influence of ‘3’ you may find yourself working with the ascended Masters to complete a project for a good cause. To use the energy of ‘3’ to manifest your deepest desires, you need to communicate those desires clearly. Write them down to organize your thoughts, say them aloud several times, then communicate those desires through prayer or mediation. Know your intended desires, believe in them, and have faith! At their highest potential ‘3s’ are channels of light that inspire and motivate others.

The ‘4’ energy resonates with inner wisdom. Inner wisdom requires you to take a closer look at all that you value in life – are your values realistic in terms of  your higher authentic self, or do they support the needs of your ego? Or you could be mastering self-control, or serving others by taking on more responsibility for their well-being. ‘4’ also resonates with patience, devotion, system and order, passion and drive, loyalty and conscientiousness. This could be a turning point for how you see yourself and others – a time when you let go of things and people that are no longer meaningful in your life. You may be called to share your wisdom with others.

The ‘5’ energy resonates with personal freedom. Think of athletes who are focused on training to get the end result they desire. The process requires dedication, hard work, focus and intention. The end result of this process brings success and also more choices in life – to go bigger, to ride the current success wave, or to cash out and reap the rewards of success. The number ‘5’ also resonates with adaptability, versatility, pleasure seeking, competitiveness, release and surrender, mercy and kindness. ‘5’ also brings opportunities to learn life lessons. The deeper meaning of personal freedom is detachment; without expectations there are no disappointments. This is Mastery.

The ‘6’ energy resonates with unconditional love.  ‘6’ brings tests in the area of home and family, spousal relationships, and romantic partners. It also resonates with balance and harmony, empathy and sympathy, nurturing, protectiveness, and firmness. Under this influence, you may develop musical talents, or an interest in agriculture, healing or teaching. You may be called to work with or take responsibility for the care of elderly, physically disabled or mentally challenged family members or individuals. Those who persevere grow stronger, with more compassion, love, tolerance and understanding of why this is the most difficult, yet most rewarding challenge of all.

The ‘7’ energy resonates with the Law of Karma. ‘7’ is also a mystical number associated with psychic abilities, the metaphysical and intuition. Under this influence you may attract opportunities to balance out Karma you carry with you. It can therefore bring people and events from your past into the present, as well as unexpected, sequences of events (synchronicities). You may reap the rewards of good deeds or suffer the consequences of misdeeds. This is a time to be accountable for your actions, deeds, and thoughts and how they affect others. The number ‘7’ also resonates with enlightenment, inner wisdom, philosophy and spiritual awareness.

The ‘8’ energy resonates with the power to create abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life. ‘8’ also resonates with self-confidence, inner strength, the ego, and self discipline. To work ‘8’ to its greatest potential, you need to understand the deeper meaning of personal power and how to use it for a greater cause. Under this influence, you may desire peace and a love for humanity, which could result in a calling to serve humanity in these two areas. When you serve a higher purpose, the power of ‘8’ attracts wealth and success. While this influence may also bring wealth and success to those who use this power to serve themselves, the results will not be as fulfilling.

The ‘9’ energy resonates with the Universal Laws and Principles. ‘9’ resonates with integrity and Divine wisdom and inner wisdom. Under this influence, the individual may become a lightworker, influencing others by the way she or he lives life as a positive example to others. ‘9’ also resonates with learning to live a life of “right action”, “right thought”, “right deed”. Under this influence, you may struggle to find focus in your life. Learn to listen to your intuition, believe in yourself and have faith that the Universe will show you the way. A higher calling may lead you to practice law, or to serve as a mediator or judge, or to work in the field of human rights.

The ‘10’ energy resonates with Inner Gifts. Those inner gifts along with your creative abilities will guide you towards your purpose in life. When you to tap into your Higher creative source, which is Divinely inspired, you have the ability to become a great artist—composer, painter, poet, writer, dancer, martial arts, musician, actor, instructor, or teacher. Whatever field you choose, you will use your creative expression to leave a distinctive and unique mark. There is no end to what you can create under the influence of ‘10’. This number also resonates with leadership, independence, originality, determination, creative powers, and adaptability.

Make 2016 your year to shine! Ask the Universe for guidance and then follow that path—no matter where it leads you—for the Universe knows your deepest desires and how to get you there better than you! Click here for more detailed information on how to Discover Your Purpose and Find Your Calling.

Happy New Year to all!

Beverley is the published author of Secrets In Qumran (Historical Fiction 2007) and Where Angels Gather (A spiritual novel about the Afterlife 2014). Her short story The End of Politeness was a recent winner in the Ottawa Library 50+ Short Story Contest. She is a spiritual tarot reader and a popular speaker in both the US and Canada. She continues her research into the Spirit World by conducting investigations of haunted houses.

Secrets In Qumran
Secrets In Qumran: The Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Secrets In Qumran is the compelling story of Jesus and his relationship with Mary Magdalene. The story is told in a non-traditional sense, focusing on the man Jesus rather than the Christ figure the world has come to know.

Where Angels Gather
Where Angels Gather: A Novel About the Afterlife

Where Angels Gather is a spiritual novel based on one woman’s transition to the Afterlife. The book reveals many of the ancient truths and secrets of the Universe and provides answers to questions we all seek about life after death.

Please contact Beverley directly to order her books by clicking the book reviews link below.

Book Reviews:

To find out more about Beverly, click here.

To find out what happened when Beverley stayed the night in a haunted Jail, click here.


I would like to thank Beverley for being my guest this month and also to inform you that she has kindly offered three free mini numerology readings.

All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning one of these three readings is to leave a comment for Beverley.  At the end of January I will choose three winners and will contact Beverley with the names of the three winners. Beverley will then contact the winners via their blogs. The names of the three winners and their blog names will be published here on Hugh’s Views and News.

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