The Top 10 Posts For 2015 on Hugh’s Views And News

2015 has been an incredible blogging year for me.  Not only that, but it has taken me across the paths of some wonderful blogs as well as giving me the chance to meet some of the bloggers behind the blogs.


Before we say goodbye to 2015, here are this year’s top 10 most viewed posts on Hugh’s Views And News.

Of course I’m going to do this in reverse order, so let’s get started.

Number 10


Forget About The Oscars, Welcome To The Mildreds.

Published in February 2015, this was my way of thanking lots of bloggers who had supported both me and my blog.

Number 9

Featured Image -- 6220

Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 8 – Charity Christmas Tree Topper Challenge. Help Me Raise £250 For The Dogs Trust.

Published in December 2015, my Christmas Tree Topper Challenge, in aid of The Dogs Trust charity, makes it into the top ten. The challenge is open until January 5th, 2016, and just by participating you’ll help us raise lots of money for a worthy cause.

Number 8

50 Shades Of Blogs Everyone Should Follow

Another post from February 2015, this was my way of celebrating Hugh’s Views And News reaching the grand age of one.

Number 7


How To Hashtag Blog Tweets

Written by my very good blogging friend, Ronovan, who I consider to be the King of Blogging, this post was published in July 2015.  Here, Ronovan teaches us how to use hashtags effectively in order to bring lots of traffic to our blogs.

Number 6

Hugh's Workspace Blog Hop

How To Backup The Content Of Your WordPress Blog

Another post published in July 2015, this post continues to attract traffic on a daily basis.  In fact, only today, somebody has thanked me for publishing this post and being a life saver. I was surprised by just how many of us never even thought about backing up the contents of our blogs.  Thank goodness that many of us are now performing this task regularly.

Number 5

Is Your Blog Living By Numbers?

It was a song I heard on the radio which got me writing this post. Published in August 2015, I got many people talking about their WordPress stats and, more importantly, how obsessive some were about the number of followers their blogs had. Have a listen to the song that inspired me and let me know your thoughts about blog stats. Are they really that important?

Number 4


Is Your Blog Under Attack?

Published in September 2015, I asked some very important questions about the security of our blogs.  I gave some helpful tips and advice on how to ensure our online presence is both safe and secure.  This is another post that continues to get traffic on a daily basis and one which many of you reblogged.

Number 3

Walking On Sunshine Blog Party

I am Pleased To Announce That The ‘Walking On Sunshine’ Blog Party Has Now Officially Began

In March 2015, I held my first, and so far my only blog hop party. However, this was a blog hop party with a difference because instead of only asking bloggers to introduce themselves, I asked them to bring along a guest and to introduce them to everyone. The party was a big hit. Maybe I should arrange another one?

Number 2

Hugh's Workspace Blog Hop

Is Your Blog As Friendly As You Think It Is?

At the end of August 2015, I asked the question of how friendly our blogs actually are? This was a post all about making visitors wanting to not only follow your blog but to want to come back and visit again, and again, and again.  It was reblogged by many other bloggers and the comments left speak for themselves in how helpful many found the post to be.

Number 1


Are You Letting Your Blog Get Out Of Control?

Topping my top ten list and getting not only the most views but also the most ever comments left on any of my posts is a post I published in August 2015. In it I explain how much of a problem I was having in keeping my blogging under control and how I managed to fix the problem. The moment I published the post the comments started coming in thick and fast. It seemed I had struck a nerve in the blogging world.

What did you particularly enjoy on my blog over the past year?  What would you like to see more of in 2016? I’d love to know.

Happy New Year everyone.  Thank you all so much for your support, advice and, most of all, your friendship.

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  1. Great review, Hugh! (You know, you should do a “Hugh’s Rhyming Poem Challenge,” too; so many things rhyme with Hugh!) Seriously, I think I missed TWO or perhaps even a FEW of your posts on the first go-round in 2015, HUGH. Seems I’ve some NEW reading to DO. 🙂 Many wonderful wishes to YOU and the “guys” at home–and thanks again for doing the fundraiser for Dogs’ Trust (I’m just sorry I missed the 2014 one). And now, TRUE HUGH, I’m almost THROUGH. (PHEW, and hoorah!)

    1. I love it, Leigh. Poetry is one of my weak points when it comes to writing, but I do agree that there are lots of words that rhyme with ‘Hugh’. “Don’t forget to keep backing up the blog, Leigh, otherwise we may lose it, just like a Christmas tree” 🙂

      See, Leigh, I told you Poetry was not very me 🙂

      1. Possibly even more words rhyme with Leigh, I can say, not all good ones sadly! 🙂 And, no, that was a good ditty and comparison; I read/sang it as if it were a jingle (ha-ha, pun was not originally intended, but I’m going with it). I hope to hear more about the Truth App publication(s)/anthology this year. Do keep us informed!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog this year, especially on the articles where you share your thoughts on blogging. Backing up the blog one was certainly one of my favourites. Also, love the parties you throw here. They are always so fun to attend and all of us bloggers certainly show up in interesting colours and always have a clever words to share all round. Happy New Year, best of luck to you this year in whatever you do 🙂

    1. Thanks Mabel. Yes, the backing up your blog post has certainly been one of my most popular posts and still continues to bring in traffic. I’ll certainly be publishing some more blogging tips post this year.
      Happy New Year to you!
      With my best wishes,

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