The Spirit of Brighton’s West Pier

I’ve recently been reading about orbs that appear in photographs.

It was Sherri Matthews over at A View From My Summerhouse that recently posted a photograph on her blog that appeared to show one of these orbs.  In turn, she put me in touch with Bev, at Welcome To Ghost Talk Blog who had written a post about what these orbs could mean when they appeared in photographs.

While on a lovely walk along Brighton & Hove seafront yesterday, I decided to take some photos of the West Pier.  The pier was opened in 1866 and was closed down in 1975.  Today there is very little left of it as Mother Nature claims more and more of it, especially during the Autumn and Winter storms.

Brighton West Pier.

When I looked at the photos on my iPad yesterday evening, my eyes were immediately drawn to the mysterious green orb sitting on the  beach.  Do you see it?  I took the photos with my iPhone 6 which had been in the pocket of my coat until I got it out to take the photos.  It had been a beautiful cold dry day so could not have been caused by any raindrops on the lens.  I took some other photos as well but the mysterious green orb did not appear in any of the other photos.

Some people claim that these orbs are the spirits of people who have recently passed from this world.  My mother sadly passed away in September this year and it did get me thinking if perhaps this was her wanting to get in on the photo.  Then again, maybe it was the spirit of one of the thousands of people who had walked upon The West Pier during the 101 years it was open?

What do you think?  Do you believe in ghosts and spirits, and do you believe they can sometimes be captured in our photographs?

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  1. There is an old sepia picture under the tight ownership of one of my close relatives (so sadly cannot share it on my blog). It is of one of my ancestors, who was a spiritualist, at a seance with human-shaped ectoplasm behind his left shoulder. I know there were some fake pictures at the time, but somebody in the past has assessed it as being genuine. Who knows?

    1. Indeed, Sarah. I was bought to the attention of this by Sherri Matthews, who introduced me to my guest blogger this month, Beverley A. Young. She’s written a great post for me, and her blog is full of fascinating posts on this subject.

  2. That green orb is certainly mysterious. I was going to suggest that it was a pixel problem, but it is very vivid in colour and I’m inclined to think it’s not. Usually if it’s a pixel problem, it would appear as a black dot on screen. Or, perhaps it could be some sort of reflection off the lens. But then again, that speck is really, really round…

    I do believe there are ghosts and spirits around us. Never have spotted one in any of my photos, but you never know. I’ve waken up in the middle of the night seeing shadows that look like they are moving all over the place 🙂

    1. Thanks Mabel. I have had quite a few comments about what people think the orb is. They have all been very interesting to read and most do seem to think that it is a spirit of some kind. It only appeared in this one photo. I took quite a few photos that day and there were no orbs in any of the others. It remains a mystery and probably shall do.

      Your shadows story would make a very good short story 🙂

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