The Spirit of Brighton’s West Pier

I’ve recently been reading about orbs that appear in photographs.

It was Sherri Matthews over at A View From My Summerhouse that recently posted a photograph on her blog that appeared to show one of these orbs.  In turn, she put me in touch with Bev, at Welcome To Ghost Talk Blog who had written a post about what these orbs could mean when they appeared in photographs.

While on a lovely walk along Brighton & Hove seafront yesterday, I decided to take some photos of the West Pier.  The pier was opened in 1866 and was closed down in 1975.  Today there is very little left of it as Mother Nature claims more and more of it, especially during the Autumn and Winter storms.

Brighton West Pier.

When I looked at the photos on my iPad yesterday evening, my eyes were immediately drawn to the mysterious green orb sitting on the  beach.  Do you see it?  I took the photos with my iPhone 6 which had been in the pocket of my coat until I got it out to take the photos.  It had been a beautiful cold dry day so could not have been caused by any raindrops on the lens.  I took some other photos as well but the mysterious green orb did not appear in any of the other photos.

Some people claim that these orbs are the spirits of people who have recently passed from this world.  My mother sadly passed away in September this year and it did get me thinking if perhaps this was her wanting to get in on the photo.  Then again, maybe it was the spirit of one of the thousands of people who had walked upon The West Pier during the 101 years it was open?

What do you think?  Do you believe in ghosts and spirits, and do you believe they can sometimes be captured in our photographs?

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131 thoughts

  1. What a beautiful photograph Hugh, and thank you so much for the link, I’m so glad you found Bev’s blog. Now it seems you might have your own orb; that is fascinating. I look forward to hearing what Bev makes of it. And we are on the same wavelength it seems with linking…I have a little present for you, just for fun 🙂


    1. A present for me? Now you got me wondering, Sherri. That is so very kind of you.

      I could not believe it when I looked at this photo on my iPad and saw the green orb on the beach. Something kept telling me to stop and take a photo but, because it was such a cold day, it would have meant taking my gloves off and I was thinking I could not be bothered. However, the urge to take a photo would not leave me so, on the third time of looking and getting the huge to take a photo, I removed my gloves and took this shot. I’m so glad I did it now.

      I’ve just message Bev as the pingback did not work. I’ve left her a link to this post so I hope she’ll take a look and let me know what she thinks.

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      1. Will await the news! That is amazing you saw the green orb on the beach, I bet you’re pleased you took your gloves off now. I am learning more and more to listen to my inner voice at times like that. I didn’t see anything when I took my photo, it only showed up when I looked at it later. And your present is just a small thing…it’s in my post from yesterday, I hope you like it 🙂 I’ll be back to blogging after the weekend. Enjoy xxx

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    1. I never thought of that, Teagan. Now, what if I had not taken the photo? What if I had dropped my iPhone or the battery had been dead? What if I had decided not to take that route that day? What if something, or someone, told me to go that route? What if…? 😉

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  2. It could be a trick of the light, or perhaps a piece of glass reflecting the light? Or it may be something else.
    I keep an open mind on these things. Sometimes they can be explained and sometimes not.
    I think the most important thing is how you felt when you took the photo? If you were compelled to take the shot it could be mysterious forces at work.
    I feel that the sprit world does make contact with us in many ways – if only we would open up to them .
    As for me? Our late greyhound is making her presence very much felt in our house and our youngest grandson sees her on a regular basis. We hear her move around upstairs and during the night. Not scary…very comforting. Weird or what?
    I hope things are getting easier for you Hugh. Bereavement is a tough thing to go through. xxx

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    1. Thanks Dorne, and thanks for your lovely comments. Something certainly told me to take the photo. I hesitated twice before taking the photo on the third urge. I’ve walked past that pier so many times in the years I have lived in Brighton and Hove, but on Monday, although I hesitated, I finally gave in and took the photo. It’s a real mystery and as somebody else said in their comments we should all be allowed to believe what we believe. Moments like this don’t often happen (well not to me) but when they do it really does get you thinking about what might be.

      Take care and, as always, thank you for your continued support.

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  3. This is really cool. I end up with strange objects in my photos sometimes. Who is to say they are not evidence of the spiritual realm? As adults, we adopt the mores of our culture and shift away from knowledge of the spirit world. I embrace my Celtic heritage and experience paranormal experiences more frequently than I expect. Good instinct to capture that cool photo!


    1. Thank you Terri. I’m still on the fence about this but there have certainly have been some very interesting comments from people as to what they believe the orb is. There seems to be a lot over the web about this subject. With red hair, I thought you may have been Celtic. I am Welsh born so a true Celt as well. In fact, we will be returning to Wales to live in the New Year.

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  4. Oh it is sad to see how much of the pier has fallen apart since I left Brighton 2 years ago. Beautiful picture though and you’ve got my full attention with that green halo: I must admit I’m intrigued as to what it is… Do I believe in Ghosts and spirits? I honestly don’t know. Maybe not. But I can’t imagine there being nothing either, no residue of the lives that were lived. I’m very sorry to hear about your mum…


    1. Over the years we are losing more and more of the pier to Mother Nature, Ellie. I don’t believe it has much time left before the sea claims it. It is such a shame as, many years ago, there was talk about restoring the pier to its former glory. That would have been a wonderful thing to have happened. We have quite a few pictures of the pier in its hey day. It looked a wonderful place to go for a stroll. I often look at those pictures and imagine what it would have been like to have walked upon its boards.


      1. we could make a pact, which ever one of us dies first can come back and tell the other 😉

        In all seriousness I like watching things like most haunted as I do think there something. I also like to think there is more to dying than it just stopping


      2. Agreed 🙂 I did mention to somebody else, who left a comment, that I would come back as an Orb. I’m guessing my problem will be which photo(s) to appear in.

        I watched ‘most haunted’ last night and had to turn over the TV channel as it really did give me the creeps. They were in an old hospital and I seriously thought that if I carried on watching then I would not be able to sleep.

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  5. I love piers… it’s a shame they don’t do something to rebuild/preserve what’s left of it and create an extension so folks can still enjoy it. 🙂


    1. There was talk, in 1995, that Lottery money was going to be used to rebuild the pier. It was due to open on 31st December, 1999. However, for whatever reason, nothing came of it. It’s such a shame, Kev, as it would have been a truly beautiful sight. We have another pier in Brighton but nowhere near as beautiful as this one once was.

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      1. Maybe some locals should unite and start a petition… ignite the old spark of interest and see what comes of it. It’s such a shame to just let it waste away.


  6. At one of my visits to my favorite graveyard there appeared to be orbs or some other unexplained ?? in some of the photos. I prefer to believe it’s a spirit than a malfunction of the camera. 🙂


      1. I puled up my file of pictures from other visits to that graveyard. Now I just need a little time to sift through them and see if anything else appeared. 🙂


  7. That green orb is certainly mysterious. I was going to suggest that it was a pixel problem, but it is very vivid in colour and I’m inclined to think it’s not. Usually if it’s a pixel problem, it would appear as a black dot on screen. Or, perhaps it could be some sort of reflection off the lens. But then again, that speck is really, really round…

    I do believe there are ghosts and spirits around us. Never have spotted one in any of my photos, but you never know. I’ve waken up in the middle of the night seeing shadows that look like they are moving all over the place 🙂


    1. Thanks Mabel. I have had quite a few comments about what people think the orb is. They have all been very interesting to read and most do seem to think that it is a spirit of some kind. It only appeared in this one photo. I took quite a few photos that day and there were no orbs in any of the others. It remains a mystery and probably shall do.

      Your shadows story would make a very good short story 🙂

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  8. There is an old sepia picture under the tight ownership of one of my close relatives (so sadly cannot share it on my blog). It is of one of my ancestors, who was a spiritualist, at a seance with human-shaped ectoplasm behind his left shoulder. I know there were some fake pictures at the time, but somebody in the past has assessed it as being genuine. Who knows?


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