Toby And The Monster

Hello everyone.  Have you missed me?  Yes?  Good.

While carrying the newspaper around the house today, I came across this cartoon and thought it must have been written with me in mind.  This is the battle I have most days with the Monster that resides in our house.

Toby V's The Monster
Toby V’s The Monster

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Have a woof-able week everyone.

Toby (the Cardigan Welsh Corgi)

Toby - The Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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85 thoughts

  1. Hahaha! Henry hates the vacuum cleaner and steamer! He cowers and hides behind the children or in his crate when I clean. Poor Toby doesn’t seem to enjoy the cleaner either! Thanks for the laugh Hugh xx

    1. You’re welcome, Eloise. Toby seems to be getting use to the vacuum cleaner now. Sometimes, he won’t even move out of the way and I have to vacuum around him 🙂

      I’m guessing that Henry has really grown up now? I wonder if he’ll ever decide to go into battle with the monster?

      1. Toby is a brave little dog! Yes, Henry is now a humongous fungus that cowers like a wilting flower at the sound of the beast. I’m sure he will build up his bravado enough once he realises the beast is not chasing him!

  2. It’s about time these monsters were made to be quieter Toby. Or perhaps you could hide the monster when your masters aren’t looking! But don’t tell I said that. x

      1. Oh Toby, I didn’t realise it was you replying to me at first and I got a mental image of your daddy Hugh trying to take a ride on a remote vacuum cleaner…. LOL. Now I’m with it. I would really like to see you sitting on one.
        Perhaps you could ask Santa for one?
        Just don’t let your daddy Hugh near it.
        Good to hear from you Toby. Big hugs. xxx

        1. Oh, I should try and get him to do that after he has had one too many red wines, Mistress Dorne. I’m sure it would be a huge hit on that YouTube thingy you humans seem to enjoy. I’m not so sure about asking for one for Christmas. I think it would disturb me during my 40 winks! That is a definite no-no.

  3. Are you saying that you vacuum most days!! Now you’re just bragging 😉 Ha, that’s my guilt talking-just said to Johnny that vacuuming must be where I’m weakest at housekeeping, and now this, no coincidence. Tomorrow it is!

    1. Yep, Hugh has to vacuum everyday because of all the fur I tend to shed. I also get a good brushing every other day but not from the monster! They were going to buy a tool to attach to the monster and attempt to use it on me, but I was not having any of it!

      Glad to hear your monster does not make much of an appearance. There should be some kind of law stating that they are only allowed out once a week.

  4. Before my little min pin went deaf and blind, she would begin to bark at the sight of the monster, kind of like she would do with the postman or even the postman’s truck. How about you, Toby? Are you friends with the postman or does he bring out the battle in you too? 😀 Sending pats from the States 🐶

    1. Hi Stacy, I’ll bark at anybody that comes to our front door. However, I always greet everybody with a few licks and the wagging of my tail. Some lucky people even get a gift of one of my toys (but only so they can throw the toy so I can chase and fetch it ). Wishing you a very waggly tail Friday 🙂

        1. Ooo! We had the option of getting that tool. Tried it out on Toby in the shop. That is where the battle began. Thank goodness we declined to buy the tool. I don’t think animals ever forget.

  5. Oh no! Toby I have a monster just like yours! I still haven’t been able to get a good grip to kill the beast. Good luck in killing yours. I don’t know why mom’s laughing, this is serious business.
    Best regards,

    1. I agree, Nick. Us dogs must unite and see that these monsters do not come out from where they dwell. They should stay in their dark caves and what they eat should be thrown in there with them.

      Good luck with your battle.

      Lots of barks,

  6. This is so funny. We have two cats and a dog. The dog doesn’t care about the vacuum. One cat runs and hides when the monster comes out and one runs directly to the source of the noise.

    1. Thanks Dan. Some animals don’t seem to react to vacuum cleaners but, for some reason, Toby seems to be jealous of it. It might have something to do with one of his toys almost being swallowed up by the monster one day. He’s never forgotten it!

    1. Hi Saang Chai, I’ve just been talking about another monster that lives in my garden. That one is called ‘Broom’. It does not make as much noise as the one that lives under the stairs but I still like to battle with it. 🙂

    1. Hi Ari. I can’t understand why the nasty monster has to come out once (sometimes twice) every day? Mind you, when the monster’s other friend (I think it’s called ‘Broom’, and is used in the garden) comes out, I also have a battle with it. It does not make any noise like the one that lives under the stairs but I still have to do battle with it.

      1. Toby, I don’t think humans fully appreciate the perils we encounter on a daily basis and how hard we work to keep our household safe.

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