Thursday Doors – November 5, 2015

Have you met my guest blogger, Norm Frampton, this month?  If not then check out the guest post he wrote where he gives lots of fantastic tips and advice about photography.

Norm also runs a photo challenge every week entitled Thursday Doors.  I’ve taken lots of photos for the challenge but have never got around to participating.  Whenever I go out I’m always stopping and taking photos of doors and thought it about time I joined the challenge.

Here’s my first Thursday Doors photo.

Thursday Doors

Don’t you think this looks like a happy door?  Look at those big eyes in the glass panes and its letterbox as its mouth.  I can imagine this door leading to a happy house and a happy household.

Fancy joining in the fun and participating?  Head over to Norm’s blog and he’ll explain what you need to do.

Thanks for visiting.

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