79 Word Story Challenge: When The Clocks Go Back

I saw this challenge over on Kyrosmagica.  Marje wrote a great story about a Halloween brooch.  Click here to read it.

Then I read that Chris, The Story Reading Ape, had been collecting the stories so he could showcase them after author, Andrew Joyce, set the challenge up.

The link to the post from Chris’s blog is below.


Now many of you know how much I enjoy writing the odd short story, so here’s my entry for the challenge.  It’s entitled When The Clocks Go Back.

Old Tom watched the clock.  At two in the morning they came back to haunt him. The same ghosts, year after year.

An hour later they were gone.

The following year, Monica woke at two in the morning.  She froze in terror as the ghost of an old man danced around the room and made its way over.

“What are you doing in my house and in my bed?” he bellowed.

Thank goodness when the clock chimed two again.

When The Clocks Go Back

I hope you enjoyed the story and don’t forget to check out all the other entries on Chris’s blog.

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53 thoughts

    1. Thanks very much Pat. I had the story in my mind all week, especially as the clocks here in the UK go back an hour this weekend. Then, when I read about the challenge I thought it would be ideal for it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting on it.

      Best wishes,


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