Wordless Wednesday – The Thinker

Do angels really think, or is it a cherub that is deep in thought?

Wordless Wednesday - The Thinker

Taken in Hove Recreation Ground, Hove, East Sussex, UK.

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34 thoughts

  1. Hugh, you got me there! I thought a cherub was the same as an angel. But there is a slight difference even though angel is a synonym. I’d say this little baby-faced cherub is looking heavenward, hopping to be a grown up angel some day. Love the photo! Chryssa


      1. Don’t know who did this artwork, but I’d sure like to meet him/her and see more of their work. Who knows, maybe they will see this post and contact me? Who am I kidding? 🙂

        Taken in Hove. Check the bottom of the post for the location details.

        It’s no longer there as the building is now being refurbished and made into a little cafe.


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