5 Tips for Blogging Emergencies.

I’ve returned with a bit of news. Blogging news. For one, Hugh is a bit absent for a time and I thought I would mosey on over here and snoop around a bit.

With Hugh being otherwise occupied it got me to think about blog tips. Imagine that, right? But this is a bit of an odd one.

Have you ever had an emergency and had to leave your blog for an extended period of time and been worried about it? I know it sounds odd to worry about your blog that way, but once you’ve put time into it, it is part of your life. You have friends you communicate with through your blog. You feel a piece of you is being neglected although there is nothing you can do about it.

There are ways to get around this problem.

5 Tips For Blogging Emergencies

#1 Build up a Post Backlog.

We have this weird habit of when we write a post we think it MUST be published then and there. That can hurt for a few reasons.

  • Your post may need to sit a bit so you can come back and see if it is actually good and well written.
  • You post too many things in one time span and people end up not reading everything you post.
  • You don’t have go-to posts for when you are away, sick, or just tired one day.

You’re away but you normally can at least get into your blog for a few minutes. If you have some posts in your drafts, labelled, tagged and ready to go, then all you have to do is schedule them.

#2 Get Help

Not everyone likes to have someone in their blogs and able to post. If you set them up with Author privileges then all they can do is post. They can’t actually do any damage to the inner workings of the blog. And if you’ve given them access then you most likely trust what they post.

Today is a perfect example. I’ve been part of Hugh’s blog for so long I can’t remember whey I was added. But as many of you who are here regularly know, I’ve stepped in on a couple of occasions and posted when Hugh has been away. Now, Hugh and I have known each other for quite a bit now so we have that trust. Hugh’s blog is not the only one I am part of for just in case reasons or helping in the background. It’s always nice to have a go-to person handy.

#3 The Email Option

Did you know you can do a post by email to your blog? If not, well now you do. You simply go to the Dashboard of your blog and click My Blogs. You’ll see a list of blogs that you are part of AND there is one option there called Post by Email. Click Enable and an email address will show up. That’s the email address for you to send to and have a post show up on your blog.

You can use this option in a couple of ways:

  • Post an article or two. You may be wondering that if you can get to email why can’t you get to a blog. Well sometimes it just isn’t possible from whatever location you are in. Some places block blogs from being accessed, like some school systems. But email is usually fine to go to.
  • You can send an email post that you are going to be away for a period of time. This might be a could thing to consider so people won’t worry. You know those regular people who blog but then disappear, we worry about them. Hugh is healthy and safe so no reason to worry there. That is just in case anyone was beginning to get a little concerned.

#4 The Phone Call Option or Post by Voice

I haven’t tried this method but it’s in the same place as the Email Option and would be used for the same reasons. I’ll need to give it a try for fun one day soon. Instead of an email address, you get a phone number and a code or extension to enter.

#5 Schedule Posts in Advance for Several Days or Weeks Out.

I used to do this a lot. I would have two weeks worth of posts scheduled, Not posts for every day, but if I had certain things I came up with, I would go ahead and put them in for maybe every Monday or Friday, depending on what the material was. This is done on my LitWorldInterviews.WordPress.Com site a lot. One of the Teams, which Hugh is a part of, will have a Review and an Interview with an author and schedule one for one Monday and the other for the following Monday.

There you have it. 5 ways to cover your blog in case of emergencies. I’m sure at least one will help you out.

And now for a BONUS Emergency Tip, I had avoided it because I had not tried it yet and that is the WordPress App. I am mentioning it now because Elle Knowles suggested it in the comments here. So I bit the bullet and downloaded it on my tablet. So far it is awesome. I may do a future post here to let you know if it is exactly like the usual WP or not. So far…so good. Oh yeah.

Have you ever read my interview with Hugh? I interviewed Hugh back in August of 2014 and it was an entertaining adventure. You can even see how I made him dance, to his favourite girl band. Click here to check it out.

Much Respect



Ronovan is an author and blogger who shares his life as an amnesiac and Chronic Pain sufferer through his blog RonovanWrites.WordPress.com. His love of poetry, authors and community through his online world has lead to a growing Weekly Haiku Challenge and the creation of a site dedicated to book reviews, interviews and author resources known as LitWorldInterviews.WordPress.com.

62 thoughts on “5 Tips for Blogging Emergencies.

  1. Fancy meeting you here. Just catching up on my blog life after my own breakish. You must have more hours in a day than me! The app on my tablet is so so I am finding. Could be my tablet? I’m a not so techy girl so appreciate all the help I can get. Will definitely try the email option though.

    1. I am hearing that the app is not great for actual posting. Need to try it. But have to find another hour in the day. Also your ears should be burning. Was talking about you with someone earlier. 🙂

  2. Great tips Ronovan. I hope Hugh is doing okay. I popped by to see what he’s up to because I haven’t received anything lately in my inbox. Thanks! 🙂

    1. He is as healthy as a Hovian, Hoven, um, an animal from Hove, actually. 😀 I’m just visiting the blog while he takes a bit of time away. You know how he doesn’t allow the blog rule his life like he once did.

  3. These are great ideas – vacations this summer were a cause for great concern with respect to my blog and I ended up writing posts ahead of time. But being unable to reply to others’ blogs did make me feel out of the loop, though.

  4. I do worry a bit when a regular blogger disappears. I think maybe they got “unfollowed” by accident or had some kind of emergency. It’s funny how we become used to the regular visits with each other.

    I have to admit, I’m just not organized enough to implement your helpful steps at this point. For me, it’s better to just post that I’m going to be out of commission or recuperating for a while. Then I don’t feel guilty about not responding to comments or staying up with reading. One thing that’s so wonderful about the relationships in blogland is that everyone is supportive and understanding. 🙂

  5. These were great tips especially and so perfectly put together…Thanks for sharing…are you accepting applications to be the go to person for more bloggers :D…Thanks for sharing Ron!

  6. Thanks for the tips, Ronovan. As you know I schedule posts (some days I just feel like preparing posts, and sometimes I just know I’ll be away and might not have time to post), but hadn’t heard of the e-mail option. I don’t think I’d use it for posts but perhaps for notifications to give people peace of mind. Now, I haven’t tried the App…
    And regards to Hugh!

  7. I reblog other bloggers’ post mainly and only occasionally put one out myself. I don’t think anyone would miss me for a few days. But I do like the idea of scheduling posts in advance. If someone invented a forty-eight hour day I’d be better at keeping up to date!. Thanks for all these tips, Ronovan.

  8. I use the app lots, both on the iPad, and my android phone. It can have a few limitations, but is generally a good go to if you can’t get to a computer!!!

  9. I love the word-press app for my phone, but find it hard to post that way. Its good for comment moderation though and has some very nice features when it comes to stats.
    As for having someone help you out, that seriously depends on the blogger. The way I see you write posts for your friends is quite unique to blogging. Personally, I find it hard to ask for help and even when offered – would likely not accept it. But I think the idea is awesome. 🙂 Great tip post.

  10. Thanks for sharing this Ronovan. I hope that the new and updated app will be better now. It has had a lot of problems. Photos could be a challenge to insert as one. Long time since I did all through the app by same reason.

  11. I’ve been away from my computer so much during the past months I’ve gotten pretty good at posting from my WP app. And yes – check your date before you post. If you started a post last week and finish it two weeks later and post, it will show up as the wrong date and be hard to find in the reader. Very weird. ~Elle

    1. Yep. Also if you were to repost an old post as a work around not having something it will mess up any links back to that post because of the date. It’s one reason I often times just copy an old post instead and share it again.

  12. This is such a helpful post. Thanks so much for all of the information. Want to be my guest blogger in case of emergency???? One thing that I find interesting and puzzling is that when you elect to publish a blog at a later date, it appears in the reader on the date that you originally wrote it! Because of this, it can easily be overlooked. I’ve written things and posted them weekss later and it is impossible for anyone to find them in the Reader. This seems like a poor policy. Thanks again for the education, Ronovan. http://judydykstrabrown.com/2015/09/22/sacrificial-offering/

    1. Hmm, I haven’t had the problem of the date issue. I’ll need to test that out with my own blog. It should work according to the date published. Weird. 🙂

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