Is Your Blog Living By Numbers?

Why are we so obsessed with numbers?

I’ve read many interesting posts over the past few months about the number of visitors and followers some of us would like for our blogs, but living by numbers doesn’t only apply to us in the blogging world.

Just take a look at shopping.  Put a number on a price ticket and it can either make the item a huge success or a total flop.  I know it doesn’t apply to everything and that many of us Apple fans will want the new iPhone Seven (if that is what they intend calling it) but, there you have it again, even the mighty Apple uses numbers for some of its products.  Dare I mention Windows Ten?  Maybe I shouldn’t!

Numbers are important but we shouldn’t become obsessed with them.  When I was at school I hated every single Maths lesson I had because numbers and I were not the best of friends.  I couldn’t understand the logic behind why I had to know anything about fractions and, to this very day, I could probably count on one hand the number of times I have had to use a fraction during everyday life.

I can remember numbers being on the front of my birthday cards and disappearing when I reached the age of 13.  But why disappear then only to reappear at the age of 18? Then they disappear again until we reach the ages of 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70…do I really want to be reminded it’s my 80th birthday? Just what is the logic behind that? In the UK numbers are also evident on the back of some motor vehicles, and I’m not talking about the registration plate.  Numbers are often placed on the rear of a vehicle to denote the engine size, but why does it matter?

Going back to the world of blogging I was once as guilty as the next person in checking my stats every single day, ever wanting to see the figure by ‘number of followers’ rise each day.  The same applied for the number showing me how many hits my blog had received.  If those numbers showed a decline I would get really disheartened, whereas if they were on the up I’d feel happy and confident.  But it shouldn’t matter, should it?  At the end of the day isn’t it the quality of what we publish that is the most important factor?  So, words rather than numbers?   Shouldn’t we bloggers, therefore, be living by letters?

Just a final thought before I show you the song that inspired me to write this post.  Don’t get obsessed with your blog stats.  Allowing them to take over can cause blog burnout and, before you know it, you’ll have an abandoned blog on your hands.  In the 18 months I have been a blogger I have seen so many wonderful writers come and go because they were obsessed with numbers rather than words.  So start living by letters, rather than by numbers, and don’t fret over your blog stat numbers.

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  1. I’ve recently done a lot of thinking about my blog, its direction and growth. I wondered whether to diversify my blog and post more often in a concentrated effort to grow my blog. After some soul searching, I realized that I wouldn’t be happy if I followed that direction. I love my current posting schedule which gives me time to enjoy the blogs that I follow, I share my poems which are my true love. I’ve just added a fitness category to share my experience as a person who’s been working out for some 30 odd years. I didn’t add it to increase my numbers. I added it have fun sharing. I figured some might enjoy, and benefit from what I have to say. I’ve come to the realization that I’ll never be a huge blogger by the numbers. It was such a relief to accept that. I do follow some really big blogs that are awesome, but they come by it naturally. I admire them.
    I did obsess over the numbers until recently, and now I check less and less. Another huge relief to let go of any expectations in that regard. I’ll continue to blog and have fun for as long as I see fit, so for a long time to come. 🙂 You have a fantastic blog btw. 🙂 I found your blog thanks to Miriam from Out an’ About. I’m so glad I dropped by. 🙂


    1. And fun is what Blogging should always be about, Brenda. You’ve certainly adopted the right attitude about this. I think many bloggers get obsessive with the numbers, especially number of followers, in the first year and this can so often lead to Blog burnout and they give up when the numbers don’t materialize. However, our Blog stats can also give us lots of valuable information such as which posts get the most views so we can concentrate on writing similar posts so to generate more interest.

      I was recently at a Bloggers Bash where we had a guest speaker who spoke about numbers. His closing words were “Don’t work for the numbers. Make the numbers work for you.” Makes perfect sense to me 😃

      Thank you for the follow and thank you to Miriam for introducing you to my blog.

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      1. I would agree about making the numbers work for you, instead of working for the numbers. A concept that reminds me of the expression ‘work smart, not hard’. You’re very welcome on the follow btw. 🙂 Wishing you a great Thursday!

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