How to Hashtag Blog Tweets

Howdy folks, it’s me, it’s me, Ronovanee. Okay, so it’s Ronovan, but Ronovan didn’t rhyme. Hugh is letting me hijack his blog for a moment. Just don’t tell him I did it, cause he doesn’t know I snuck in. Remember, everything that follows is my opinion and not Hugh’s, so if you disagree, it’s all on me. OOOooooOOo I rhymed that one for real, oh what a thrill. o, O (All images created by me. My apologies in advance.)

I want to start off by saying blogging isn’t a game of numbers for me. I know for some it is and you can tell who those people are. They are the sad people that belittle others who do things because they believe in them instead of doing them for gaining followers and views. In the words of the masochistic dog to the flea, “Bite me”.

What is Hashtagging?

Many people like to look at using hashtags as part of the marketing game of blogging when using Twitter. It can be, depending on your purpose. For me, I do it because I want people to read what I write. I don’t go crazy with Tweeting like I once did in the beginning, but I still Tweet my posts and those of others at times when I think about it. And for those who are new, hashtagging is using the # before a word on Twitter to get noticed.

Take it or Leave it but you Better Believe It.

Hashtags—love ‘em or lump ‘em, but either way, if you are going to Tweet then learn to live with ‘em and how to use ‘em. And that’s not just for your own posts you share but for those of other peoples posts as well. And Tweeting does bring in extra views, and certain hashtags will bring in a lot more views.

For many people, the only reason they don’t use hashtags is that they just don’t know what to use. Honestly, there is no real wrong way to do it as long as you do it. Oh sure, there are some hashtags better than others but really just doing them does the trick in some way, as long as you do it with style. But we’ll get to style later.

It’s up to you and you alone.

Let’s get something straight from the beginning, don’t feel pressured to use hashtags on Twitter. Did you know I can search for the word poem without using the # and find tweets that include that word, with our without the #?

Yes, a hashtag does give a Tweet or movement a more singular thread but don’t feel tied to it. That poetry search will also give you #poetry.

Using #poetry only narrows a person’s search on Twitter and excludes the word without the # included in the Tweet.

But let’s get onto using hashtags.

The hashtags you use will be specific to the post or Tweet you wish to share. It all depends on the topic. You would not use #CDs if you are Tweeting about Books. You might use #books instead.
What else might you use?

You can also specify the genres of the book. Now genres get a bit tricky. Why, because some genres are not as popular as others on Twitter.

A Hashtag Tool

There is a site I use to see what tends to be the most used hashtags.

You will want to keep in mind every type of genre your book might incorporate, whether you have reviewed it or written it.

Hashtagify has several features to use, and you can play around to see what I mean. They have the free version and a paid version. Of course, I do the free one. Why? I pay attention enough, and I am not a blogging Nazi wanting to take over the world. Just look at my content. If I wanted to take over the world, I would be putting out different things. I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.

Keep it Fun with Style

(I don’t know how she ended up in Rio. But at least she’s clothed.)

I try to keep blogging fun for myself and no one else. If it’s not fun for me, then it won’t be fun for anyone. That’s one reason I stepped back from the addictive nature of the marketing aspect of blogging. Trust me, I was in marketing for 11 years, I know what it can be like. It’s a game. Remember—blogging isn’t a game for me.

One way to keep it fun and hashtag at the same time is to Hashtag with Style.

Using hashtags can be overdone. The style is using the hashtags within your Tweet message.

Check out #Poetry from #Blogs to #Follow on #WordPress.

That’s one possible way. Yes, not the greatest example, but an example.

Next, you can do something like #MondayBlogs as your real hashtag then followed by a throwaway hashtag like #MondayMorningBluesBoy or #WhyDoMondaysComeEveryWeek or really whatever you like, and it doesn’t have to include the word Monday. #IHateMyAlarmClock

That throwaway hashtag is more important than a lot of people realize, it’s personality and shows you are having fun with it all. And that Tweeting is not just your way of getting blog traffic but almost an afterthought.

The three Best Hashtags out there for bloggers right now, in my opinion, are:




But the main thing to remember is, don’t feel pressure, just Tweet and hashtag it with whatever you feel like for now. Even if you just use simple words like #Poem and #Monday, you are doing better than you were.

Much Love, Success, and Respect



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