The 777 Writer’s Challenge

I’ve been tagged by Ali Isaacs, to participate in the 777 Writer’s Challenge.

Ali is a fellow committee member of the ‘Annual Bloggers Bash Awards’ (known as The ABBA’s) which are taking place in London on August 1st, 2015.The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards (ABBA's)So far, 20 bloggers (most of whom have never met each other before) have confirmed they’re attending the event.  There is a full day of events planned, plus winners of the Awards will be announced during the day.  If you haven’t voted for your favourite bloggers yet then you have until 12pm BST on July 30th to do so.  Click here to be taken to the voting page, and click here for more details about the event.

Now on to the challenge.  I have to go to the seventh sentence on the seventh page of a work in progress and reveal the next seven sentences.  Those of you that have followed my blog for more than a few months will know that I have a love of writing short stories, most with a twist at the end.  Unfortunately, none of the short stories I am writing go beyond that sixth page, so the excerpt below is from a book I started to write more than 18 months ago and which, unfortunately, has remained on the hard-drive since I started blogging.

There was a long pause before he got a reply.

“Ah yes, better make it black please.”

“Contact made” thought Scott. “Finally, but should I shower and dress first or just put on my dressing gown and go and face Nick straight away?”

“Don’t put it off”, a voice in his head said, “go down now and face him. Put it off and you are fooling yourself.”

But something else was stopping him from going downstairs straight away, and he knew exactly what it was.

I have to nominate another seven people to participate in the challenge.  I can think of many to nominate but know that many have already completed this challenge.  Therefore, I’m going to leave it open to anybody who wants to join in, to do so.

Thank you to Ali for nominating me to complete this challenge.  She’ll be getting an extra hug from me on August 1st.

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34 thoughts

      1. There’s a few clues in some of the other comments, and I may now publish the first chapter on my blog, and get some feedback. I’d be delighted if you let me have your feedback if and when I publish that first chapter. I’ll let you know if and when it happens. Thanks, John.

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  1. Oooerrrr! What was it? I neeeeeeed to know! Hope you’re going to publish soon, Hugh, and not leave us hanging too long! And thanks for being a good sport and accepting my challenge!


    1. Well, all I can tell you is that Scott and Nick were once lovers. My lips are sealed about the rest.

      I started writing this novel ages ago, and then discovered blogging and writing short stories. I will have to get back to it at some point.

      I loved this challenge, Ali. Thanks for tagging me.


    1. But where do I find the time, Judy? I’m so addicted to blogging and writing short stories that the novel had almost been forgotten about. Maybe one day I will go back to it. I may publish the first chapter on my blog and ask for some feedback, and go from there.

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      1. You have got a lot going on Hugh. Its just seems such a shame that you can’t get time to work on your novel. I certainly love your short stories and your blog so you can’t give those up!!!


    1. I think I have more chance of giving up drinking red wine than finishing the book, Sally. Especially as I had big plans for it (and the other six in the series). I may just publish the first chapter on my blog and see what reaction it gets, and go from there.

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    1. Yes, even though it has to come from the seventh page and be the seventh sentance on that page, it’s very surreal to hear that people want to hear more. I think all the ones I have read so far have all had me wanting to know more.


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