The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Half And Half

This week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge is ‘Half & Half.’

I didn’t think for one minute that I would have anything for this challenge, but then I came across these four photos.

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge - Half & HalfThe WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge - Half & HalfThe WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge - Half & HalfThe WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge - Half & Half


Did I get it right?  Do you have a favourite from the four?

Thanks for visiting my blog.  I look forward to seeing you again very soon.

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55 thoughts

  1. Hugh, I love all four of your photos. The top one of the ruins really speaks to me. I love the whimsy of the two multi-colored buildings. How pretty the colors are. The two bottom houses are quaint and remind me of England. I love the flower half bursting from its leaves. I think you nailed it! 😀


  2. I love the half-opened flower. I Love the two halves of the crumbling wall on the first pic. I love the house peeping through the two huts and I love the different coloured houses on the last one! They are all great photos Hugh and fit the bill perfectly! 🙂


  3. Hugh, I love the Half & Half HOUSES! Years ago our family almost moved to London (from Milano). It was my job to find a house there. Well, I found one, not in the ex-pat community, but in Camden Town! It was a re-modeled Half & Half house with the house hooked to it “as is,” badly in need of a new coat of paint. The move didn’t happen to London, we were reassigned to Athens! I still remember that Camden Town house, and the charm of Half & Half Houses! If course no comparison, your two houses are equally beautiful. Thanks for the good memory! Christine


      1. They are considered a weed here, because they take over native growth. Many beautiful plants do this to our bushland, and as I live near a national park, I have to take this into consideration. I do have the blue and white varieties, but fortunately, the sea winds, and stony soil seems to prevent them from invading the bush.


      2. What a shame to hear that Juli, but I guess we are the same here in the UK as well. Some plants are considered weeds even though they look beautiful. Over here they are just coming into their prime and they look absolutely stunning (especially against the summer evening light).

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      1. Youre very welcome – they are great pics! ve already got one set up and ready to go – Ive just tweeted it to you, do you think it’s suitable for the challenge? It’s been ages since I did a photography post!


  4. Wonderful take on the weekly photo challenge Hugh, love your photos, especially the beach huts. I’m rather partial to taking photos of those beauties 🙂


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