The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards – Join Us On August 1st 2015

The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards (ABBAS) are the brainchild of writer and blogger, Sacha Black.

The Annual Bloggers Bash Annual Awards

At 11:00am on Saturday 1st August 2015, bloggers will meet outside the British Library, which is located between London Euston and St Pancras railway stations.  Click the link below for full details of how to get there.

More details about the British Library can be found by clicking the link below.

We are planning to meet by the piece of artwork in the picture below, so keep a look out for it when you get there.  It is located between the main courtyard and the upper part of the library and is just off the Euston Road.  Hopefully it cannot be missed once you see it.

The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards
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Sacha invited Ali Isaacs, Geoff Le Pard and I to form a committee to arrange the event with her.  Here we all are. Can you guess which one is me?

None of us have met before (well I don’t think we have) and together we have put plans in place for the day.  During the day we will be announcing the winners of the six awards nominated for by fellow bloggers.  Details of the awards and which bloggers have been nominated for them will be announced soon.  You’ll be able to vote in each category so keep a look out for the post.

If you are planning to join us in London at the event then I’d really appreciate it if you would confirm your attendance in the comments section below as we’d love to get a good idea of how many people we can expect.

Cracked-Facebook-LogoFor those of you who are unable to join us at the event we have set up a FaceBook page where live updates will be posted all day.  Click the link below to go to the FaceBook page where you can also confirm your attendance.

Twitter-LogoWe will also be tweeting about the event on Twitter using the hashtag #BloggersBash, so keep a look out for those tweets as well.

Sacha, Ali, Geoff and I look forward to meeting you at the event and we will, of course, be posting photos, pictures and information on how the day went on all our blogs.  We look forward to meeting you all on August 1st.

Please do not hesitate contact me if you have any questions about the event.

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96 thoughts

    1. Hi Marje, thanks so much for reblogging the information about the Annual Bloggers Bash being held in London on August 1st. I do hope you can make it, and we will be giving out contact numbers for anyone who can not find the location. Rest assured I have an ‘O’ level in Geography, so should be able to get you there 🙂

      I look forward to meeting you at the event should you decide to come along. Just let me know nearer the time if you are coming so that I can add you to the guest list.

      Have a lovely weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Hugh. Happy to spread the word. I have an O level in Geography too! But no sense of direction, even though I learnt some map reading skills all those years ago. Yes, of course I’ll let you know nearer the time whether to add me to the guest list. Have a lovely weekend too. Marje


      1. Would love to Hugh, but depends on Pat’s health at the time. I will keep it in mind and make a note on my calendar, but sadly, I cannot commit.


      2. No problem Kev, I fully understand. I’ll be taking lots of photos of the event and of course there will be the after party posts on here as well. Just let me know if you are able to make it nearer the time so I can add you to the guest list.
        I wish Pat and you both a lovely weekend.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Reblogged this on graemecummingdotnet and commented:
    I’ve allowed myself to get a little bit out of the loop with blogs and blogging recently, so I’m really just catching up now. I will be there (rail tickets booked and sitting on my desk), and as my train arrives at Kings Cross, I don’t even have far to walk.

    This is an exciting development for bloggers, and I really hope it’ll be a success for Sacha and the other organisers. As far as I’m aware, there are no limits on who can join us, so if you’ve not got it in your diary yet, make it so (did I really just say that?).


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