Murder At The Vicarage – Whodunit? (Part 1)

This is a short story, in four parts, which I wrote last Summer whilst on holiday in the English countryside.

I am republishing the story over the next four days and would like to thank Norah Colvin who inspired me to republish the story after reading her recent post “Are You Game.”  Check out Norah’s post first and then come back and read the first part of the story.

Can you help John, Toby, and I, in solving the mystery of “Murder At The Vicarage?”


John, Toby and I are now in the little sleepy village of Evershot, in deepest Dorset.  We are here on a 5 day break, but could just as well be in St Mary Mead, home village of Miss Marple, because that is what this place reminds me of.

I am sure as we walked Toby, after dinner last night, I heard gunfire and somebody screaming as we passed the vicarage, but maybe my mind is working overtime or I’d had too much red wine with dinner?

Then, during the night, I was woken by some noise coming from outside and could have sworn I saw two members of staff carrying what looked like a rolled up carpet, and placing it in the boot of a car which I have not since seen.

This morning, when we came down for breakfast, the heavy antique candlestick was missing from the dining room, and one of the cords which had held a curtain back was missing, allowing the curtain to fall half way across the window.

One of the waitresses saw me looking at the curtain for far too long and informed me it was closed half way to block out the morning sun from some of the tables facing the window.

I even saw the chef holding what looked like a lead piping as I walked past the open kitchen door on my way to help myself to the freshly baked Danish pastries.

My goodness, this place really does feel like St Mary Mead and I wanted to go and find which of the thatched roof cottages Miss Marple lived in so I could alert her to my suspicions.  But alas, I was informed by my partner that we had a full day booked out, so the visit to find Miss Marple will have to wait.

What do you think I should do?  Should I go and find Miss Marple or should I turn a blind eye and go back to that game of Cluedo on the iPad?

Murder At The Vicarage - Miss Marple


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