10 Things I Like About My Knees

I’m celebrating knees today.  Come and join me as I tell you what I like most about my knees.

  1. They belong to me, and I think I’m quite nice.
  2. They make it easy for me to sit down.  Imagine watching TV or going to the toilet while standing up!
  3. They don’t complain when I hide them away until Summer arrives.
  4. They come in very handy when performing my favourite dance ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’.
  5. They were the reason why I stopped wearing flannelette night-wear in bed.
  6. They come in very handy for resting my head on, providing middle-aged spread does not get in the way.
  7. Kneeing Michael Farquharson in his tender area when he told me I looked rusty because I had ginger hair would not have been so satisfying.
  8. They make the perfect place to sit on when I’ve grabbed the last chair and the rather attractive man doesn’t want to be the only one standing up.
  9. They helped me from being caught by the supermarket security guard when running down the high street with a frozen chicken stuffed up my jumper.
  10. I would not have won the knobbly knee contest at Minehead Butlins Holiday camp in 1972!  I was only ten years old but was delighted with my win.

What about you, do you like my knees?  Do you feel sorry for penguins because they don’t have knees?

I was going to show you a photo of my knees but they are rather shy, so here’s some photos of some vegetables stuffed into glass jars instead.

Vegetables stuffed in a jar

Vegetables stuffed in a jar

What’s your favourite part of your body, and why?

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