10 Things I Like About My Knees

I’m celebrating knees today.  Come and join me as I tell you what I like most about my knees.

  1. They belong to me, and I think I’m quite nice.
  2. They make it easy for me to sit down.  Imagine watching TV or going to the toilet while standing up!
  3. They don’t complain when I hide them away until Summer arrives.
  4. They come in very handy when performing my favourite dance ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’.
  5. They were the reason why I stopped wearing flannelette night-wear in bed.
  6. They come in very handy for resting my head on, providing middle-aged spread does not get in the way.
  7. Kneeing Michael Farquharson in his tender area when he told me I looked rusty because I had ginger hair would not have been so satisfying.
  8. They make the perfect place to sit on when I’ve grabbed the last chair and the rather attractive man doesn’t want to be the only one standing up.
  9. They helped me from being caught by the supermarket security guard when running down the high street with a frozen chicken stuffed up my jumper.
  10. I would not have won the knobbly knee contest at Minehead Butlins Holiday camp in 1972!  I was only ten years old but was delighted with my win.

What about you, do you like my knees?  Do you feel sorry for penguins because they don’t have knees?

I was going to show you a photo of my knees but they are rather shy, so here’s some photos of some vegetables stuffed into glass jars instead.

Vegetables stuffed in a jar

Vegetables stuffed in a jar

What’s your favourite part of your body, and why?

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  1. Ha, Ha. I have a sneaking impression that you are about as nutty as I am. Well, cheers to knees in all their shapes, sizes and knobbly bits. Loved this post, so funny, and the randomness of the vegetables at the end so wonderful, I’m still smiling……

      1. I do!!! They need to go through a lot with me… at one point they did really bad and hurt and I got scared 😦 The doctor gave me fish cartilage tablets and so now that is the answer whenever I give them lots to do 🙂 I’m very grateful they’re going along with what I want them to do ❤ Hope yours are well as well 🙂

  2. You and your knees seem to have had a very good relationship over the years. Running away from the supermarket with a frozen chicken? They sure understood your need to eat. I bet these few weeks your knees are going to be treated to some sunshine, going out and about 🙂

    My knees have always treated me very nicely. Occasionally they get agitated when I’ve been standing on hours on end in bad shoes – they just “lock” and I stumble. On a random note, I love the phrase, “the bee’s knees” 🙂 Hope summer is treating you nicely.

    1. Yes, my knees have been out and about quite a few times over the last few weeks, although I had to put them away at a recent Wedding I attended 🙂

      They have also come in very handy when we moved house last week. Some heavy lifting was called for and they were made to bend and take the strain a lot.

      Did you know that Bees do actually have kness? I was amased to hear that, so that saying you mentioned is indeed very true.
      Wishing you a very ‘bees knees’ week Mabel.

      1. I am sure a beach day is around the corner for you and your knees will be singing in the sunshine. Good to hear you bent your knees and they came away unscathed during the moving process. Hope you settle in nicely.

        So interesting to hear that. I suppose bees have tiny knees, given their size. Wishing you a good ‘bees knees’ week too, Hugh.

  3. This gave me a laugh Hugh and now I get the pictures of vegetables in jars… kind of!
    I have arthritis in my right knee; so that can be great fun. But, I don’t care… we all get arthritis, rheumatism and all of the other lovely growing old stuff. It’s how we deal with it that counts!
    I quite like my shoulders. There’s a group of freckles on each one. I know… probably too much sun.
    Everything is bad for you… including life!
    Enjoy your knees Hugh. x

    1. I have a little arthritis in both my big toes so know just how painful it can be Dorne.

      I’m pleased to say that my knees have finally come out of hiding and hope to stay visible until early October. It’s their time of the year now so I’ll be celebrating with them a little. 🙂

      1. Oh no, sounds like Johnny! I tan quite nicely but sunblock is a must also 🙂
        It’s raining lightly today, but still warmish. Good because I needed a day not outdoors. Enjoy your weekend Hugh 😀

  4. I love the pictures (vegetables in jars, and pickles are one of my favourite things). I notice my knees as I injured the right one when I was 15 in a PE exam and it’s bothered me on and off since (the left one joins in every so often for company) but I insist in keeping them going, so touch wood. When (if) the good weather arrives what worries me more is the guys who suffer from Tarzan complex (as a friend of mine named it, very aptly) and feel they have to take their shirts off in public. In some cases is OK, but some bellies… I’m sure your knees are great. And I agree about starting a petition to get knees for the penguins. Although perhaps they wouldn’t be as funny… Or they would be funnier…
    Thanks for a great post.

    1. Oh, the beer belly parade. Yes I sympathise with you Olga. Not only that but many of these guys don’t use sunscreen and they look as red as a pillar box. I believe going shirtless whist driving is illegal in the UK and I can often see why that is the case.

      Sorry to hear about your knees. I have a similar problem with both my big toes! Sometimes they are fine and sometimes they simply do not want me to put on those pair of shoes and refuse to bend slightly so I can get my whole foot into the shoe.

      I’m sure the penguins will be very pleased about starting a petition. They can then join us in participating in Knees up Mother Brown. Oh what fun 🙂

  5. Hugh, Tell you knees not to be shy. Everyone’s knees grow to look strange. Did you know Dr. Oz said, “Bones, stop growing after puberty and muscle and fat cells also stop dividing. But cartilage – that’s the plastic-like stuff in ears and noses – cartilage continues to grow until the day you die. Not only does cartilage grow, but the earlobes elongate from gravity. And that makes ears look even larger.Dec 15, 2009” There is cartilage in our knees.

    1. They are very shy, Meredith. In fact they have just been out for a walk with Toby but were very reluctant to show themselves very much.

      Thank you for the information on Bones, muscle, fat cells, and cartilage. The Human Body is indeed a wonderful structure. As for earlobes, the only think I knew about them (and this is something I learnt in drama class) if you snip the earlobe a little, with a small scissors, they produce so much blood that people think you may well have been murdered. Great for when you are playing the victim, like I was, when I was only on stage for a mere 30 seconds.

      1. Hugh, true story – It’s a good thing I had small ears when I was born, or else I could have painted them red today and call them the barn doors.

  6. I’m sure your knees are absolutely gorgeous Hugh! Shame they are too shy to be photographed. Never mind – the carrots look lovely. 😉. And congratulations on winning the knobbly knee competition. (One for the mantelpiece!)

    Alas – my knees are not pretty and I feel the world is a better place if they are never seen in public. All my shorts come to Below the knee. (Sigh!). I rather like my hands though. Perhaps I will post a sketch of them. Thanks for the laughs Hugh. You always brighten up my day. Cheers. X

    1. Yes I was very proud of that win but I think I may have snatched the award because of my age, because there were certainly a lot more knobbly knees on that stage than mine 🙂

      My knees say “thank you” for the lovely compliments Maria, but they are still refusing to be photographed.

      I look forward to seeing your sketch of your hands. Maybe sketch your knees as well? Can I tempt you? 🙂

  7. Knees work fine – don’t ask about the hips tho’ lol. The Jean Schrimpton days have been and gone for me – hems just below the kneeline – yet I do get them brown in the summer.
    I do believe it’s only in recent years men’s knees have been exposed in the UK – from what I’ve heard from friends there’s no more sitting on the sands with your trouser legs rolled up, shorts are the way to go.

    1. They are indeed, and that brings back memories of my father (and all the other men) sitting on the beach with knotted handkerchiefs on top of their heads. Ah, the days before sunhat for men were invented. I still see a few rolled up trousers bearing legs on the beach. The trousers usually have a pair of braces attached to them.

  8. Oh My, that picture really was weird. When I first saw it I thought it was the prequel to a horror story, as it looks like a lot of fingers stuffed in a jar.
    I’m sure your knees are suitably handsome, to match the rest of you.
    Ears, I like my ears, my Nan told me that they were nice and small and neat, and I have felt a great deal of affection for them ever since. My audiologist also told me I have tiny, delicate ear canals, which i do not feel such affection for as they did not allow me to wear hearing aids comfortably (so I gave up and just say “pardon” an awful lot).

    1. Well I could very well use that picture again Claudette, because now you’ve gone and given me an idea 🙂

      I like ears as well. In fact mine are rather sensitive but I won’t go into that just now.

      I’m in the same boat about hearing. Only just manage to get away from having to wear a hearing aid but I know how very difficult it can be when trying to listen to what somebody is saying to you especially in busy environments.

      1. I do, however. I wore a suit today that either has shrunk or I’ve grown and it felt like the circulation was cut off from the knees down!

  9. Having dependable knees is always a plus – I hadn’t really thought of favorite body parts – hum, since I love to eat – maybe my mouth?

        1. One of my favourite starters at a meal is warm asparagus with a soft boiled egg over the top, sprinkled with a little black pepper. Asparagus season has just finished here in the UK.

  10. Hilarious – love crazy people!! Knees are also good for riding bicycles, Hugh – except be careful in summer shorts because the tops of them can get burned. Unless you cycle verrrry fast!

    1. I never thought about the bicycle aspect Judith, but then I can’t remember the last time I rode a bike.

      When ever my knees come out into the sunshine they always demand being smothered in at least a factor 50, so they should be safe from that burning sun.

    1. Maybe another day Christine. They are rather shy and need lots of encouragement. They were out yesterday in the local park but nobody battered an eyelid at them, so they were quite relieved by that 🙂

    1. Not as funny as my fellow comedian Sally Cronin, David, but thank you for the encouragement 🙂

      It seems my knees have had their 5 minutes of stardom but, like any true artiest, they make just have a ‘come back’ tour.

      1. LOL! When it warms up you won’t even notice. Your knees will be liberated. Have a great rest of your Sunday, Hugh. Sugar is doing much better today. Eating, drinking, and sleeping well. Thank goodness. ❤

  11. Thank God you explained. I was getting pretty worried about whatever the heck that was in the first jar. 😀
    I was taught to believe my knees were ugly… But i never saw any that i thought were pretty. Now, i’m just glad to have knees that work. Huge hugs, Hugh!

    1. I find that cod liver oil also helps keep the knees working. I won’t tell my knees what you thought about them. They’ve already had a shock by being shown off in the local park this afternoon.
      Hugs to you Teagan, on this lovely Sunday.

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