Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet…Judy Martin

I met Judy Martin at my “Walking On Sunshine” blog hop party back in March. I can not remember which blogger it was that introduced us all to Judy (known to most as Edwina), but whoever it was deserves a jolly good pat on the back.

Blogger and Write Judy Martin
Blogger and Writer: Judy Martin

Since being introduced to Judy’s blog, Edwina’s Episodes, I have looked forward to reading her posts about her everyday life and feel she could almost be my next door neighbour.  To me that shows that her writing, and what she writes, is professional, cleverly put together, and entertaining.  Like myself what she writes about is everyday life, but Judy has a way with her words that makes it a “must read” every time she publishes a new post.

Judy has massively supported my blog and, in turn, has introduced me to many new bloggers.  I couldn’t resist asking her to write a guest post for Hugh’s Views and News, so without further ado let me pass you over to Judy.


Let me start by saying how delighted I am to be doing my first post as a Guest Blogger for your blog Hugh. I don’t know if you knew this, but you have been instrumental in gaining me followers on Twitter as well, not only by re-tweeting some of my posts, but also by teaching me a few of the basics as to how it actually works, so huge thanks for that.

In order to get some idea about what me and my blog are about, I thought I would give you a kind of ‘top to toe’ overview. However, seeing as I do everything ‘arse-backwards’ I decided to start with…


I am a relatively new blogger who is now slowly finding her feet, despite occasionally tripping over them and getting it wrong! This is probably attributed to my clumsiness which is sometimes featured in my blog.  I also have a habit of ‘putting my foot in it as well! ‘No matter; it is also mainly why I do my own thing, ‘dancing to my tune’ as it were, clomping about with my two left feet. It does however, give me the freedom to write about whatever I choose.


Although still pretty small, my blog is constantly growing and evolving. I remember at first, waiting anxiously after publishing a post to see whether or not I would get any comments on it. Now I have some wonderful people who I interact with almost on a daily basis. It means that my little blog is getting ‘legs’ and is travelling further afield, introducing me to all kinds of wonderful people and their blogs, as it goes.


One of the main purposes of my blog is to try to get a little humour into everyone’s day. We all face the stresses and strains of life, but sometimes it is great to just step back and laugh at some of the silliness that we encounter, even in the most mundane of situations! I would be glad if my posts made you giggle or titter, happy if they made you chuckle or snort, but thrilled if I could make you do a huge belly laugh or even a guffaw!  Occasionally I find some really silly news stories that are just beyond belief, which I like to put my own take on, just for a bit of added wackiness in order to get that belly laugh out of you!


One of the main reasons I started blogging was as a kind of an outlet really. Suffering from depression, it was kind of cathartic to concentrate on writing things that would make people laugh! It is not always easy when you are feeling anything but joyful, but I do find that it gives me less time to focus on myself and my own worries. The one thing that I promised myself is that this blog would be open and honest; otherwise there would be no point to it for me. Every situation I have written about (that is not an obvious news article) is all true. Now, that has sometimes got me into a bit of hot water, especially with my daughter’s school over the Christmas Concert Review (oops). I have, once or twice, also written about my job working with the elderly, which might be a bit sad, but it is how I have felt at the time. On the whole, I like to write tongue-in-cheek humorous posts with the odd bit of sarcasm thrown in to spice it up a bit.


As I have mentioned I like to write about anything and everything that pops into my head, and try to see the funny side of it. I love little poems, and have even recorded some of them should you wish to hear them, like this one here. I might have a go at a Haiku, or just stick to a regular post; who knows? Some days I might even do one of each! One thing I would like to be sure of is that it is always a little different, and, dare I say, unique!

So that is me all over! Well almost, as I come as a package with a moody husband (Mr Grump), accident prone daughter (Miss Hap), and a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Roxy.  All of them, as well as other family members, are fodder for my blog and make regular appearances. I would love for you to come on over and visit us, you will be very welcome.


I’d like to thank Judy from Edwina’s Episodes for accepting my invitation to write a guest post for Hugh’s Views and News and hope that you will also thank her by visiting her blog and following it.  I can guarantee she will welcome you to her blogging community and she will also introduce you to many other wonderful bloggers and their blogs.

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