The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Enveloped

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is the word ‘Enveloped’.

I’ve gone all cake mad with this challenge.  Did you know that while I was putting this post together there were only 219 days until Christmas? Shocking, isn’t it?

Hugh's Christmas Cake

See how the ribbon around my Christmas cake envelopes the cake.  Yes, I made this myself a few years ago.  It was all gone by New Year’s day.

Not forgetting this cake.

Hugh & John's Civil Partnership Cake

All that hard chocolate envelopes lots of chocolate sponge inside and it was calorie free!  Well, after a few glasses of Babycham, it was!

Toby had to get in on the act as well.  Here’s a Birthday cake he got a few years ago.

Toby's Birthday Cake

He was very pleased with it after getting the wrapper off that enveloped this tasty treat.

If I could offer you a piece of any of these cakes with a cup of tea or glass of wine, which one would you go for?

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63 thoughts

      1. You are too kind! I”m planning to bake a chocolate blackberry jam cake today if I can ever get myself away from the computer. My husband is betting I’m glued to the chair indefinitely! I know you know that drill…. ❤


      2. Sounds wonderful, WG. I’ve heard of chocolate and black cherry cake, but never one with blackberry jam. I rather like blackberry jam spread on my toast n the mornings. I do hope you managed to find time to bake your cake.

        Yes, I know that drill all too well. It’s very hard to get away from the computer sometimes. However, we’ve had a lovely sunny warm day here in Hove today, and I rather enjoyed a lovely walk along the seafront with my Partner and our dog Toby. We spent three hours outside, but as soon as we got back I was pressing the ‘on’ button on the computer 🙂

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      3. It is addictive… especially when conversing with friends near and far away. My curious nature keeps drawing me back. I’m glad the two of you, and Toby, had a lovely walk on a beautiful day! Lovely drizzle and cool breezes here- we’re loving it, too.


  1. Ooh, LUSCIOUS, Hugh, especially the chocolate one. I was salivating as I feasted my eyes upon its cacao-based glory! Yum Yum! xxx


  2. Hi Hugh, only a cake to lift my mood after reading the wedding series, wow, what story! Don’t tell me it’s close to Xmas yet, I don’t want the winter to be back. You are a great baker, the cakes look wonderful, of course I’d pick the middle one, chocolate. I’m in my lunch time now, maybe I go out to get a piece of cake, it will not be delicious as yours, but at least I’ll walk a little to digest the wedding story. 🙂


    1. I know I shouldn’t be talking about Christmas yet, but did you know that in three months time we’ll be seeing the first signs of……OK I’ll stop there! 🙂

      I only actually baked the Christmas cake. The chocolate one was our Wedding cake, and the bottom one we bought in Harrods (for Toby’s First Birthday).

      The chocolate cake seems to be a popular choice, so please take a slice of it before it all goes.

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  3. Your cakes are glorious! I think I gained weight drooling over them. I love sweets but can’t eat them any more. Oh, well. I enjoyed seeing them. You are so cute about Christmas. That part made me smile thinking of you as a little boy with your Mum and Grandmum. ❤


    1. Thanks, Colleen. I don’t know if you get cravings for sweet stuff but I’ve recently found that a cup of mint tea helps gets rid of the craving. I use mint directly from the garden, add it to boring water in a teapot, and it does the trick. It’s also very refreshing.

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      1. Wow, you are very good having chocolate still around! Unfortunately, I am diabetic so am not really supposed to have chocolate. I did get an Easter egg though, and it was bloody lovely! Belgian chocolate one. 🙂


  4. Definitely the chocolate – it is just a work of art. I wish I had a photo to show you of the huge Wedding Cake my niece made for her Sisters Wedding – truly a beautiful work of art.


    1. Toby loves to share, so Nick can certainly help himself to some of Toby’s cake. You’ve got the last slice of the chocolate one, Meredith. That one has been very popular.

      I was quite proud of my Christmas cake, having baked one before.

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  5. They look Great, Hugh. I’ll have a slice of… oh you know me, I like variety. bit of each one please. 😉 After all, it’s never too early for Christmas cake or a bit of log! 😀


  6. What wonderful cakes you have made here Hugh! Love your Christmas cake, reminds me of the ones I used to make but no longer do so since it is just hubby and I who eat it! I think I would have to have a slice of it with a nice cup of tea… who cares if it’s only May 😉


    1. Well I only actually baked the Christmas cake. The chocolate one was our Wedding Cake and brought from Choccywoccydoodah in Brighton. Do you know the shop, Sherri? If not, then their shop can be found in The Lanes and is well worth a visit. You’ll be amazed by what chocolate delights you will find in there. Not surprisingly it was all eaten rather quickly.

      So glad you enjoyed reading my little series of four pieces of flash fiction. I’ve had a lot of lovely comments about them and am so glad they have been well received.

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      1. Oh I know that shop Hugh, yes I do! Alhtough I think they might the ‘competition’ as my son’s lovely girlfriend is the assistant manager of Angel Food Bakery in The Lanes! She teaches bakery classes as well as baking cup cakes and all sorts for the shop. So now you will have to go there and buy a cupcake on my behalf 😉 I must say though, your chocolate cake looks divine, and the only reason I didn’t choose it as most did is that believe it or not, although I adore chocolate, I am not that keen on chocolate cake. Strange that isn’t it?
        It’s always so encouraging to get all those wonderful comments Hugh. I have been greatly encouraged too, which has kept me wrting Flash fiction, although I haven’t had the time lately, but hope to get back to it soon…and I look forward to more of yours 😉


      2. I’ve just come back from a shopping trip to The Lanes, Sherri. I can’t say I know the Angel Food Bakery but I will certainly check it out next time I am in town. I’m amazed with all the different kinds of cupcakes on sale these days and I do like to indulge in the odd one every now and again (especially on a sunny afternoon while sat in the garden with a nice pot of English Breakfast tea). My word, it must be fun at Christmas time if she does all kinds of baking. I wonder if they sell a lemon curd cupcake? I love them but don’t often find them anywhere for sale.

        I’m the same about chocolate cake now (and puddings for that matter). Love chocolate but would choose something else over chocolate cake or a chocolate pudding.

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      3. Oh Hugh, I am so late in replying to you, please forgive me, but long blogging absenses have had me on the run for a while now. That’s interesting that you are the same about chocolate too! Funny how our tastes change isn’t it? I am sure that Angel Bakery sells lemon cupcakes, I love all things lemon and I’m sure she made one for me before. I’ve texted her to ask, and when I hear back I’ll let you know!!!


      4. Oh you would be like my top, top, top friend if she came back and said Lemon Curd Cupcakes are on the menu at the Angel Bakery. I may even go in, take a few pictures and write a post about it. Is she camera shy, Sherrie?

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      5. Well Hugh, guess who is your top, top, top friend now? Yep…that’s right. ME!!!! She said, yes, they do those cupcakes there and I told here I was sending you her way and that it was fine to let you know that her name is Claire (same as my daughter’s as it turns out!) so if you go in and ask for her (I told her your name) she will know who you are and then you can talk to her about doing a blog post and pics etc. She will probably be thrilled! Oooh, I’m excited now and can’t wait to hear more… xx


      6. You are, you are, you are 🙂

        Wow, what fantastic news, Sherri. I’m so excited now because this will be my very first post about a local business. Now at the moment we are in Wales and we won’t be back in Hove until Wednesday next week, and then we are back in Wales the week after to attend a Wedding and a 70th birthday lunch, before we head back to Hove in early July, so it may be a while yet before I get to see Claire. However I thought what I would do is contact you and let you know when I plan to visit so I can ensure Claire is there on that day. I’d hate to turn up and be told it is was her day off!

        I hope that all fits in well with you both? Please do let me know.

        I’m looking forward to seeing, tasting, and buying some of those cupcakes very much. 🙂

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      7. Haha 😀 *Jumping up and down with glee* So glad to give you this great news Hugh! And no worries, I’ll be seeing Michael (my eldest son) and Claire in a couple of weeks in Lewes so will talk to her about it then and yes, when you are ready, just let me know and I can let you know her days when she’ll be there. How exciting! I can’t wait for you at last to taste your all-time favourite cupcake, and then blog about it!
        Meanwhile, I hope you have a super time with all your lovely travels and celebrations 🙂 xx


  7. Chocolate cake every time for me, Hugh! Although I was tempted to say I’d sample Toby’s, he’s such a cute dog and I’m missing my old girl, until I realised it was probably made of dog roll. Was it?


    1. Yes, it was, Jill. Of course he loved it and didn’t want to share any of it, but we are thankful for that. We actually purchased it in Harrods and the lady who was selling these cakes said that all the ingredients were natural and good for dogs. Toby certainly didn’t have any complaints with it.

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  8. Not only do you pour an inviting drink, but you actually make decent cakes too. I am very impressed, Hugh. I find it hard to doubt your skills in the kitchen since the Christmas cake was polished off in a jiffy. And very nice of you to make Toby a doggie cupcake too, which I’m sure he savoured it.

    If I had to pick one of these cakes to eat, I will have to pick the tall chocolate, creamy one. The second one (did you make that yourself too?) I love a good chocolate cake with not-overly-sweet cream laden all over it. That tall cake would be a bit tricky to cut, though. I would be afraid of toppling it over if I had to do the honours. But I’m sure you cut it alright 🙂


    1. Alas no, Mabel. I only actually baked the Christmas cake. The other two cakes were shop purchased. Toby’s cake was from Harrods. I think it cost us £7, but he absolute loved it. It had all sorts of doggie goodies in it.

      The chocolate cake seems to be the one most people wanted a slice of. It was a huge cake and actually fed over 70 people. We had to cut into the top layer and then we let the catering staff cut the ret of the cake up. The chocolate on the outside was quite thick. I was amazed we were told there were no calories in it 🙂 (Oh I wish!)


      1. Not surprised everyone wants a slice of the towering chocolate cake. It really does look delicious. Ah, so you did the honours cutting the cake and let the professionals handle the rest. Don’t blame you at all. Don’t want any of that cake to topple and go to waste!

        If you had cut it smaller, then everyone would have seconds 🙂


  9. I want the recipe for the calorie free chocolate cake – it looks fabulous! I’ll have a big slice with a glass of bubbly rose, please. 😉. And I’ll have some Christmas cake with an egg nog. Toby’s cake looks lovely – what is it made of?

    Great photos Hugh – my mouth’s watering over the choccie cake. (Hehe!)


    1. Coming up Maria, although I’m doubting if the comment about it being calorie free is true.

      Toby’s cake was purchased in Harrods and was made up of dog roll which included all the doggie goodies he enjoys. He did say he would share it but by the time anybody decided if they wanted a piece he’d already eaten it.


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