Sunday Stills, The Next Challenge – Pointy Things

Hugh is off out somewhere which gives me the perfect moment to say a big “WOOF” to all my fans on here.

Now I’ll get straight to the point on this one and point you all in the direction of Ed, over at Sunday Stills, who challenged Hugh, and many other Human bloggy people this week, to take photos of pointy things.

Do you think my ears are pointy?

Toby - The Cardigan Welsh CorgiWhat’s that?  They are more rounded like me?  Who said that?

How about this item then?  We pass this every morning on my walk and it points us in the right direction.

Pointing in the right direction

I’m not sure what those numbers mean. nor does Hugh, but this sign is a great place to raise my leg and…

Now these look kind of dangerous to me, but they are pointy.  Am I getting to the point now?

Pointy Railings

I am?  Well that deserves a treat don’t you think?  Give me the cheese now otherwise I’ll start herding you and jump up and place my muddy paws on the first human I see wearing a brand new, or freshly dry-cleaned, white coat. Deal?

Wait a minute, what the heck is this?

The Cone Monster

Is it some kind of monster from Doctor Who?  Better get on to my mate K9 and move on quickly, but he is kind of pointy, yes?

OK, final go before Hugh gets back from ballet class.  These are definitely pointy, aren’t they?

Christmas stars in New York City


Thanks for joining me today.  This is my very first photo challenge on Hugh’s blog.  I’m kind of good at it, don’t you think?

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63 thoughts

  1. Toby, you are the BOMB! I love your narration. Now tell me. Did Hugh help you take the photos, or are you that accomplished? Sugar and Spice say you are still the best looking dog in the blogosphere! Well done. Hugs to you! ❤


    1. Nope, I took them, Colleen. Well, shall we say that I directed Hugh on how to take them. My paws are rather too large to push the buttons on his iPhone 6. Goodness, if I got my paws on his phone, his phone bill would be huge because I’d be phoning Sugar and Spice at least three times a day for a doggy chat.

      Hugs to you, Ron and Sugar and Spice as well. Those two girls really rock. ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Toby I got the biggest smile from your message back. Sugar and Spice licked your picture on my Samsung phone screen. I had to clean it twice. You sure have a way with the ladies. The girls send you paw-kisses. Please tell Hugh and John we are sending hugs to them. ❤


      2. That’s great to hear Ms Colleen. I like making humans smile. Mind you they don’t smile at me when I go running towards them covered in fox poo. I don’t know why, because I love the stuff 🙂

        Hugs and waggly tails back to you all as well.


  2. Well done Toby, I liked your selfie which showed off your pointy ears! Those decorations were pretty as well. Hugh will be proud of you, or maybe just a little jealous of the wonderful pics you took. 🙂


      1. They are such a lovely breed, very loving and gentle, but full of character. You look like you could get up to a bit of mischief too Toby! Roxy says hello back 🙂


      2. I agree…with both things that you said. I can run rings around Hugh sometimes, but I can’t risk not getting a biscuit after my walk, so I’m usually good.

        I hope to see Roxy making an appearance on your blog soon. Say ‘Woof’ to her from me.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you, Stacy. I think you rock as well. However, the only human I know with pointy ears is Dr.Spock, but I don’t believe he was human, was he? Us dogs have far more pointier ears. Mine are also soft to the touch and humans seem to like touching them, which I do not particularly like.


    1. I promise that what you have said will go no further, so thank you very much. I’m hoping there will be a challenge soon that will involve some fox poo, cause I love the stuff when I can find it. Plus I have a great game of chasing Hugh when I get covered in it. It’s great fun and I’ve never seen him run so fast.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Toby, tell your dad that he needs to take you for walks all over the place so you can get more great photos! Nice job on those photos, I really liked the fence shot and the orange doo-dads hanging in the window. What kind of camera did you use? 🙂


    1. I try, believe me, but he’s usually doing that bloggy thing most you humans seem to enjoy.

      I don’t have a camera as I’ve not saved up enough pocket money yet, so I get Hugh to take the photos on his iPhone 6 while I direct him.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Well, gosh, Toby, I’m quite impressed (and scared that Ari is going to find out and demand to do her own challenges!) You did a great job while Hugh was away. 🙂


      1. I’m sure you are inspiring dogs. 🙂 I’ve noticed Ari hovering around my lap top when I leave the room so I’m sure she’s up to something. 🙂 She sent back a “woof” while giving me a woeful look.


  5. Toby you are so beautiful – good looks and talent too – what a package! No wonder Hugh is so proud of you. Your photos are really to the point and address the challenge quite pointedly. I would like to point out what a good photographer you are.

    I can imagine you standing on your back legs camera in paws taking these shots. Well done you artistic dog! So lovely to see you posting again. 😊


    1. Why thank you Ms Maria, that is so kind of you to say so.

      I haven’t quite mastered the challenge of taking photos myself yet. I leave that up to Hugh and just direct him. He’s OK when it comes to taking directions from me, but sometimes I have to tell him off!

      Liked by 1 person

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