Sunday Stills: The Next Challenge: Cows

I never thought I would get to use these photos, so when I saw the Sunday Stills challenge from Ed this week, my heart skipped a beat knowing I hopefully had the perfect pictures.

Garden CowGarden CowCows on the DownsGarden CowsCows on the DownsGarden CowCows on the Downs

I’m not quite sure what Toby made of them. Β He is after all a cattle herding dog, but they were far bigger than him so I think he did right by leaving these cows alone.

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64 thoughts

      1. You and Toby would always be welcome… I’ll get the kettle on…There are horses too πŸ™‚ AND the red kites land in the pocket handkerchief of a lawn πŸ™‚


    1. I liked them as well, but I was not allowed to buy one. My partner said there was absolutely no way he was having one of those cows standing in his garden. Yes, his garden! Not our garden. But I suppose he does do all the gardening so I should not complain.

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      1. Ha Ha! I like the ‘his garden’ remark. Mr Grump goes on about ‘his freezer’ when I go rummaging about looking for something, then can’t get it all back in properly! It’s a shame you can’t sneak one into the garden, but I think he might notice! πŸ™‚


      2. Yes, I agree. Those garden cows are not very discreet are they? Maybe I should buy him one for Christmas? If I did, I don’t think he’d ever let me drink a glass of wine in his garden ever again!

        Grief, just what does Mr Grump keep in his freezer? Maybe a good subject for a future post? I hope he at least shares any Magnums with you.


  1. Fabulous Hugh.. I have one with me riding a mechanical rodeo bull when I weighed 24 stone.. the guy who owned it was beside himself.. the damn thing would barely move and kept making these dreadful screeching sounds.. I don’t think it was every the same again.. will share privately with you one day when I know you better!! hugs


  2. These are delightful. Toby might not know what to make of them, but I bet lots of kids love them. Is this some kind of playground?
    The real cows have bells stapled to the inside of their ears? Please pass the aspirin. πŸ˜€


    1. Thanks, Tess. No, these colourful cows were in a garden centre and were for sale at Β£50 each! I’d seen them quite a lot and not many had been purchased – poor cows!

      Those bells are what I like to call ‘cow earrings’. A must have fashion in the cow world. My understanding is that they are tags so that if a cow gets lost, or wonders off, it can be returned to its rightful farmer.


    1. I just love your comments, David. They always make me laugh.

      Thank you for your encouragement about my choice of photos. I’ve never seen Toby try and round up cows, but he has been known to round up Jack Russells and small Children


  3. Ah what a joy; my brother in law just bought us a pelican clearly made by the same craftsperson as made the cows. It sits by the pond looking rather doleful. I hope he didn’t spend Β£50 though. Toby looks suitably suspicious.


    1. I’ve only ever seen the cow version, Geoff, but of course I guess there are many manufactures of this kind of garden art. Enjoy you Pelican, what ever the cost. I hope it scares off anything that may want to try and eat any fish you have in the pond.

      Toby is suspicious of just about anything that is bigger than him, including me!

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      1. Hopefully he is that smart! Ari sometimes thinks she’s much bigger than she actually is and I’m always afraid she’s going to find herself in a sticky situation.


  4. I love the colourful tin cows, Hugh. They look so happy and bringing cheer to those who look their way. I wonder if Toby threw a jealous or hissy fit when he saw the real cows lazing on the lawn. The cows do look like they are having a good time lying back and doing nothing, having some of that lush green grass. What a life πŸ™‚ Hope all is well with you, Hugh.


    1. Hi Mabel, yes the tin cows were colourful, and quite expensive to purchase. I took the photos sometime ago, and they are still at the garden centre every time I visit there. OK, they could be new stock but, upon checking them, I think that due to all the weather related material that has built up on them over the winter months, they are the same ones! Yes, they need a good clean and a good home.

      Toby was not sure about the cows, and we did not want to let him off his lead due to the fear that he may have wanted to take them all on. πŸ™‚


      1. I had an inkling they could be purchased and might have been pricey as I spied tags at the bottom of them. But such marvelous artwork deserves a good home. To be honest, I barely noticed any weather-related wear down on the tin cows. Maybe go back in a few months and they might look sadly a little worse for wear…but still radiant looking as ever.

        Very wise of you not to let Toby off on his own. I don’t think he could handle a heard of cows. Those on the grass look fierce πŸ™‚


    1. So not only did you milk a cow on the morning of your wedding, but you also had “people like” cow toppers on the cake as well? I can tell just how much you like cows, Claudette. Hopefully the tin ones I found, will make their way to a shop near you very soon πŸ™‚

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