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      1. Thank you Slight relapsing, but no worries. I’ve been pushing myself with this A to Z challenge. Helping with a book launch promotion for a lady that I co-authored another book with coming out in a few months. And starting a new website for author support. I got an email from Hugh and I thought I would help out here as I could as he might be off and on here for a bit. Life is life, you know. So I did this drawing on picmonkey this morning and did the Haiku to go with my challenge. Not the best drawing, but using a track pad and picmonkey isn’t a great way to go. But it was fun. I hope Hugh likes it.

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      2. I think it is a great drawing. I knew exactly who it was as soon as I saw the profile.
        You are very busy, with all those projects on the go. Take care.
        I know Hugh will love it.


    1. Hi Vashti, no, the artist is Ronovan. He stepped in for me last week, after the death of my step-father, and draw and wrote this wonderful sketch and haiku for me, so all the credit must go to him. I was so overwhelmed by what he did for me. It is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.

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  1. I just love the friendship between you and Ronovan, Hugh. What a wonderful, uplifting gesture from him at such a difficult time. I read with sorrow your post about your step-dad’s passing and your mother’s dementia and have commented there. Sending you caring thought and virtual hugs …


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