Shall We Dance?

“Are you OK, mum?

Hilary thought her mum was looking tearful again.

“Yes I’m fine.  I’ll just sit down here for a while and rest my eyes while you go and catch up with Tim and Barney.”

“OK, I won’t be long” replied Hilary, as she walked off calling out for her young son.

Margaret closed her eyes, and it was not long before the presence of somebody else sitting down besides her on the bench disturbed her.

“Shall we dance?” came the words.  She open her eyes and smiled.  It was about time he asked her to dance after all the weeks of him not getting around to asking her.  She held out her hand to him and they both stood up and walked towards Floral Hall.

“Barney” called out Hilary.  Tim was now holding her hand.  A black Labrador dog came bounding towards her.  “Here boy, there’s a treat for you”.  Tim let go of his mother’s hand and walked towards the building just to their right while Hilary attempted to get Barney on his lead.  The dog was having none of it and thought it a game.  She gave up and looked towards her mother who was still sat on the bench, before turning her head towards Tim.

“Come away from there, it’s not safe”.

“Mummy, I can hear music coming from inside” replied Tim.

“Don’t be silly, darling, that building was closed down and boarded up years ago.  It’s where your Grandmother and Grandad first met.  They used to go dancing there every Saturday night.”

Tim pushed his ear up to a piece of board that was stopping the light flooding into Floral Hall.  He was sure he could not only hear music, but the sound of people laughing and talking as well.  A wet nose on his leg disturbed the moment and he saw Barney looking up at him wagging his tail.

“Come on, we have to get back to Grandmother.  It would have been grandad’s eightieth birthday today and we have to visit his grave.”  They walked towards Margaret who still had her eyes closed.

“Are you OK, mum?” asked Hilary.  Margret kept her eyes closed, for she was no longer sat on the park bench.

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