Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge – Ill & Rest

How on earth was I going to get a haiku together with the words ‘Ill’ and ‘Rest’, and which had an Easter theme?


Ronovanwrites Weekly Haiku ChallengeRonovan set us all a tough task this week and although he’d made no mention that we had to give our haikus an Easter theme, I’d eaten so much chocolate on Good Friday that I wanted to give my haiku an Easter feel.

I ate quite a lot of chocolate and gradually the words came to me.  Thank goodness the Easter Bunny had me on his ‘even nicer’ list this year, and paid me a visit a few days earlier.  I’m still hopeful he’ll call again tonight.

Easter Delight

Hugh's Easter Egg Chick

 Happy Easter everyone.

The Easter Bunny

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60 thoughts

  1. This photo made me laugh so much! 😀 😀 I brought my brother Mark over to the computer to see your photo, Hugh, and he sends you very Happy Easter wishes. And of course I wish you a very Happy Easter, as well.

    The Easter Bunny came here early too (the ipad must have worked!) and Mark got a lovely egg filled with praline chocolates and I got a yummy chocolate bunny.

    We are just about to cook our roast duck and I have bought dripping to cook the vegetables just the way Mum used to do.

    Have a lovely day and enjoy all that chocolate.
    Going to pour myself a glass of bubbly now to help with the cooking. 🙂

    Maria xx

    Great haiku too. 🙂


    1. Glad to hear I bought some more Easter laughter to you, Maria. I do look rather evil in the photo, don’t you think? I look as if I have discovered the Easter Bunnies stash of Easter Eggs and am eating my way through them before he finds out.

      Glad to hear he turned up at your place. He’s one super cool guy in what he does and he deserves more credit than what he gets. I’m sure I heard him during the night and he certainly made light of the carrot juice and carrot I left out for him.

      I hope the roast duck was good. We’re having roast turkey for our Easter dinner, followed by rhubarb crumble and custard. I sure there will also be a little bit of chocolate eaten throughout the day. Plus it’s a lovely sunny morning here in Wales. 🙂

      Enjoy your chocolate bunny, Maria.

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    1. I’ve never heard of that. Prey it does not happen to me. I only tend to eat chocolate at Easter and Christmas. I’m not sure why, but other times of the year I simply don’t buy it or get given it, so maybe that’s the reason? 🙂


      1. Do you shine all the time? 🙂 Chocolate is meant to be eaten, Man, not hoarded. Although, saying that, I had a friend in my youth who showed me her cupboard at Easter – she had shelves of the stuff from LAST Easter that she hadn’t eaten. She was a late-life child, I was the second last of 5 – envy is not a good colour, but I wore it!


      2. If you were to take a look inside my chocolate cupboard you would find some chocolate left over from Christmas. However, it is not the kind I usually like to eat. Other than Cadbury’s I can be quite fussy at what chocolate I like to eat. If there is no Cadbury’s and I have a chocolate craving then I will eat other chocolate, but often it is thrown away or given to somebody else.

        I do have some chocolate in a tin which dates back to 1993! I kept it because of the tin, which I really love and did not want to open without spoiling the tin. My guess is that the chocolate in that tin is no longer chocolate as we know it.

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      3. 🙂 You have a chocolate cupboard? Boy, the shine just left you! 🙂
        I am also fussy with chocolate – Cadbury, white Nestle or Milk Lindt only.
        I think you chocolate tin might need to be cleaned.


      4. Yes, I’ll take a photo one day and publish it on my blog. I may do a haiku about it 🙂

        As for the tin, it would make the subject of a great short story I think, so watch out for that as well.

        Thanks, Claudette, you have given me some inspiration. 🙂

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      5. Please don’t write a horror story about a tine of chocolate, I would be devastated. 🙂
        Nah, go ahead a write whatever it triggers – it could be good for me and my chocolate fetish.


    1. You know I took that photo last Monday and didn’t actually eat the chocolate egg until Friday. I had to give it back to the Bunny after getting the evil look off the chick. They were nice to me letting me borrow the chocolate so early on, but I followed them to the secret stash and just could not resist. That chocolate had my name written all over it. 🙂 It now says “all gone”.


      1. He did, indeed! 🙂 Though some of it came after Easter, as all the chocolate was on sale. Even the Easter Bunny likes to save his money, lol.


  2. Hugh, A nice idea to go with silly on this one. I am enjoying reading all as I go through Ron’s review, but have to say this stop is a refreshing change! Ill and rest apparently don’t conjure up much humor to most 🙂 Melissa


    1. Thanks, Melissa.

      No, those words Ron gave us were tough but I wanted to get some humour in there for him considering he has not been well recently. He seemed to like it which I’m very pleased about. Goodness knows what I am going to come out with for the next one 🙂

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      1. I’ve missed a few but only because I just could not come up with the words. They don’t usually come to me until the end of the week.

        Yes, we are having some beautiful weather. Warmest day of the year so far yesterday. It was a perfect Bank Holiday Monday (unless you were in a traffic jam somewhere).

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      2. Ya, that was my problem, uninspired until too late. Another scorcher today. I think tis the same here, warmest days yet.
        Enjoy Hugh and see you at Ron’s later in the week 🙂


      1. Oh yes,,,and he got it on sale!!! He’s bringing it to me this weekend for Greek Easter!!! 😀


  3. Hope you had a Happy Easter! In my efforts to limit 5 year old CJ’s candy consumption, I forgot to put ANY Easter candy out! I guess I was successful. 🙂

    Cute haiku- and really cute picture! 🙂


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