Mauve – The Jennifer Nichole Wells Photo Challenge

Mauve is an odd colour to capture.  Is it really purple in disguise?

Whatever the answer, I’ve never really liked the word ‘Mauve’.  It sounds a bit old-fashioned to me, and whether I was able to capture it, or not, in these photographs is entirely up to you to tell me.

So what do you think?  Did I manage to photograph what Jennifer asked us to capture?

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46 thoughts

    1. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one, Amanda. For some reason mauve reminds me of my grandmothers scented drawers which always smelt of Lilly of the Valley. I’m going right back to the 1960’s and 70’s now, and I’m guessing it’s because Lilly of Valley came in a bottle which had a mauve label on it. 🙂

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  1. It really is a good attempt and so reflects your efforts..i feel mauve more at watching those flowers in three shades of red, purple and mauve…difficult to interpret yet you did very well 🙂


  2. Hugh, Oh,oh! Mauve for me is not so purple. It’s lighter & more in between purple and pink. I know you’ve already checked out Teagan’s fashionable mauvey photos in the episode this week. I do love your photos and the variety of mauve hues though! Happy Week, Hugh! Christine


    1. But isn’t it great how we all interput these colours so differently, Christine? I think that is what makes these challenges so much fun. I’ve seen a huge array of what colour people think mauve is.

      Have a great week, Christine.
      Best wishes,


  3. Mauve conjures up the 1970s for me too – I’m sure I knew someone who had their kitchen walls the colour of the laundrette you’ve found here. The door with the ship also says ‘mauve’ to me. It’s not a colour name we hear often now, is it? But I love purple so I enjoyed your selection 🙂


    1. Hi Peggy, good to hear you think the same as me in what mauve reminds you of.

      The laundrette seems to be the most popular choice of my photos that most represent mauve. I agree we hardly hear the colour being mentioned, probably because most people would refer to it as purple.

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  4. Well, I’m. With you over wondering exactly what mauve is – I vote for purple too, and you’ve definitely captured that and in some unlikely places 🙂 dare I say that that laundromat is certainly doing its part to attract clientele 😀 All wonderfully fun photos, Hugh. Now I want some gummy bears!


    1. Thanks, Stacy. I love to go out and try and find different objects in the colour Jennifer sets for the challenge. It’s great fun, and the laundrette is my favourite out of this bunch. It certainly brightens up the high street.

      I was very tempted with the sweet/candy cake made with Jelly Babies, but I quickly walked passed before it called out my name. I hate to think how many calories were in even just a slice.


  5. A great selection of purply colours here, Hugh. I love the jelly baby cake (yummo!). And that is definitely mauve paper underneath it. Also there are shades of mauve in the flowers. The Bubbles Laundrette is a perfect shade of mauve too. 😊

    Please save me a jelly baby cake for morning tea! 😛. The Easter bunny will be here soon too (oh dear!)


    1. Thanks, Maria.

      This was a hard colour to capture and, to be honest, I was not entirely sure what colour mauve was other than it was some kind of purple.

      The Jelly baby cake was very tempting, but I did not loose my will power and buy it, even though those Jelly babies were calling out my name 🙂


  6. I adore these. The mauve with the turquoise is especially lovely (109 and beach hut)- the colors just go so well together. And that launderette is so fun.
    As far as if you’ve captured it- mauve is most definitely a shade of purple prancing around under a fancy name. So all your images work in my book. Going by the hex code I’d say, maybe the flowers in pic 1 and the launderette are the closest, but I think it’s funny, reading through the other comments you’ve gotten, how differently each person interprets what mauve should look like.


    1. Thanks, Jennifer.

      I had great fun with this colour (even if I do not like its name). I always love these challenges because of the way everyone interprets them. That’s what participating in these challenges is all about – having fun 🙂

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  7. Hmmmm, to be honest, I’m not sure what you’ve captured! 🙂 That’s a lot of different colors. Now, I’m not criticizing you- don’t get me wrong. It makes me laugh because I decided not to do this week’s challenge because all the photos I collected are pretty much similar in hue to yours! I just couldn’t find anything that I really like as mauve and I’m not really sure I have any kind of handle on what it is. I give you an A for effort! 🙂


    1. I’m exactly with you on this in not really knowing what colour mauve is, apart from it being a kind of purple. While I was out taking the photos, anything that I considered to be purple, was snapped. Fortunately I did not get a lot of photos, otherwise it would have taken me days to upload all of them.

      Thank you for the grade “A”. 🙂 I think it’s great how everyone interprets these challenges. I’ve seen such a variation in mauves on this challenge.

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  8. Mauve is quite a complicated colour and I believe you’ve captured it beautifully… Its difficult to choose one favorite picture I think I like mauve… 😀


      1. You are so right..It isn’t a very common colour and I’m surprised you were able to capture so many beautiful pictures capturing the colour out there. Growing up I remember we used to have Yardley’s mauve talcum powder tins wonder if they are still around? By the way, I just noticed Ems is wearing a mauve T shirt today and her friend just came by wearing the exact same colour…Mauve is the colour of the day today!


      2. I remember Yardley’s mauve talcum powder as well, Nishi. In fact, can you even buy talcum powder anymore, and what was it for anyway? My Grandmother had loads of the stuff, as did my mum. However, my mother would use it on me and my sister when we were babies, after changing our nappies. Enough said, I think. 🙂


      3. 😀 Lol! I know this sounds corny but I miss talcum powder… My grandmother used to use tons of it too it was like a nightly ritual for her – a bath followed by a generous douse of powder….I used to love the smell…though now doctors advise against using powders on babies (clogs pores and causes rash apparently) and so I’ve never used them on Emm…Interesting how far this discussion on mauve has taken us.. 😀


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