The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Fresh

Yes, I’ve used this photo before, but when I heard the theme for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge was Fresh, this photo immediately came to mind.

Why I Put My Blog on a Diet

Have I made you feel hungry by looking at that photo?

Now I’m not going to disappoint you and leave it at that.  Here is something else which is a must have for me so that I can keep my mouth fresh.


Finally, here’s one from Toby.  He said he was a very fresh puppy when this photo was taken.

Toby Veale as a Puppy

Not quite, Toby, as you were four months old when the photo was taken, but good try none the less.

So who wins the contest in your opinion?  Toby or Hugh?

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83 thoughts

  1. Sorry, I refuse to argue with a cute puppy!

    The first pic is making my mouth water, so good thing for the second picture then 😀


    1. Don’t worry, he’s had his lunch, so you can argue with him if you like and don’t mind getting your face licked.

      Yes, I was going to mention if you ate the fruit salad then you would need the items in the second photo, but some people clean their teeth before breakfast so I hear.

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    1. Yes, it’s not fair is it, me pushing that fruit salad under your nose every eight weeks or so.

      I hope the cereal bar fills you up, Elizabeth. I must say I rather like my cereal in a bowl with some cold skimmed milk. Sometimes, I heat the milk up in the microwave to make the cereal go all soggy.

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    1. Well, I’m glad the fruit salad has gotten you to thinking about healthy eating, Amanda. Fortunately, Toby does not like fruit. He’s not allowed to eat certain fruits anyway, but I can’t even tempt him with a healthy treat like a carrot. No, he wants the biscuits, just like I do!

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  2. I just had my favorite breakfast of shredded wheat and strawberries so the photo reminded me just how happy my taste buds are at the moment! I’m afraid men rarely win in a contest with a cute puppy!


  3. That salad looks scrumptious! I’m salivating––it’s the epitome of fresh! Oh yes! I love the fresh feeling after flossing and brushing my teeth. And I love Toby’s little fresh puppy face. Your choices in pictures are excellent! 😀


  4. I think the bottle of Listerine wins. It’s the freshest. You know I lived in Poland for a year and there were only two things I could not find in any store. 3×5 index cards, and Listerine. I managed to get by without the index cards, but I had to make arrangements for the Listerine.


    1. Well, thank goodness somebody has voted for the dental picture, Walt. It’s actually my favourite as well and I always love the freshness feeling I get when using those items twice a day.

      Now I wonder why they don’t sell Listerine in Poland, and what they use instead?


      1. There were different types of mouthwashes, but nothing that did much of a good job. That was many years ago though. Perhaps they’ve seen the light of freshness by now!


  5. Okay, Hugh, after all the delicious buffet food at your Blog Hop party, the lighter, colorful fruit dish looks really good, but…but…cute, little Toby’s got my vote! At 4 months he’s still a fresh puppy. I love doggies…have two wonderful fur babies! Christine


    1. It’s an Air Floss. I much prefer using it to the old fashioned floss. Since using it, my teeth hygiene has improved tenfold. I had a very impressed dentist last time I paid a visit to get my clean and polish.

      Look forward to reading your post.

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      1. He kind of reminds me of my dog actually, probably not a chicken egg stealer though. Naughty Fyffe, just caught him in their coop, broken shells about the place 😦 .


      2. Ha, ha, I’ve noticed if chickens sense fear they become very brave, puffed up, and strut about pecking at the timid (cat in my case), but if they are chased (our other two cats), they get noisy and flap about trying to be scary. Maybe they are more intelligent than I thought? Anyway, probably keeping dogs and chickens separate is best for them both.


  6. What a breakfast, Hugh. I’m eating lunch but I would so make room for that. Though I’d add a drink somewhere with it. Not coffee or tea since I don’t drink either. But maybe coconut juice or a hot glass of Milo. Aside from food, your dog looks very cute.


    1. Yes, that fruit salad was an anytime meal as far as I was concerned Mabel, and it was very refreshing to eat.

      I know quite a few people who don’t drink tea or coffee. I do like a cup of tea at least three times a day and it’s always my first drink of the day. I don’t like coffee other than when it is in a cake or the filling in a chocolate.

      Thank you for saying Toby looks cute. He thinks he still is cute even though he will four years old in October.


      1. Wow, Hugh. You really are a bit of a tea drinker. If I do come visit, I’ll bring some tea for you. I’m sure you haven’t tried all the teas in the world…but that you have a lot to talk about this beverage 😉

        Now that it is almost winter in Melbourne, don’t know if I’ll be eating cold fruit salads in the mornings. Maybe for an afternoon snack, yes.

        Always thought Toby was cute, how can anyone not 🙂


      2. Well I’d love it if you did come to the UK for a visit sometime, Mabel. I’d treat you to afternoon tea, although you don’t need to drink tea, you can have what ever drink you like, but I’d hope you would tuck in to the sandwiches, scones and dainty cakes that afternoon tea is about in the UK. It is quite a treat.

        He’s getting quite a fan club here on WordPress now and people are already asking if they can be his agent. I’ve just finished brushing him, which he is not keen on having done, but it always make his coat look so shinny after a good brushing.


      3. I would be honoured to have afternoon tea with you. Maybe not scones since they are quite hard (or maybe that’s the way Australian scones are) but certainly the sandwiches and cakes. We do have posh hotels offering UK-esque high tea in Melbourne, but they cost a bomb. Think $50 and up per head.

        Sounds like you pamper Toby quite a bit. Always looking his best, which is very nice.


  7. I’m in love with Toby …simply love his innocent expression…Quite the model he’s become posing for you and your Weekly Photo Challenges!
    P.S : Do let him know if he’s looking for a manager I’m right here.. 😀


    1. Yes, I’ve now stood down and admitted defeat on this challenge, Sherri. He beat me fairly and squarely. I think I’ll post a picture of him covered in fox poo next time, because he seems to like rolling around in it and then come running towards me to give me a hug!

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