The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Wall

Walls can often be so boring, and many of us will decorate the ones we have at home with photos, pictures, artwork, and even mind-blowing wallpaper.

Here are some walls I took photographs of this week when out walking in the streets of Brighton and Hove.

Walls Walls Walls Walls Walls Walls

These are my entries for this week’s WordPress Photo challenge – Wall.

Did you spot a certain dog managing to sneak in to one of the shots?

I hope you like what I managed to capture.

I’m off to ‘spend a penny’ now, or as some would say ‘going to see a man about a dog’.  I wonder why I feel the sudden urge to go?

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17 thoughts

    1. Some of it, yes. Some of it can look like I’ve done it (“Hugh’s art is like that of a three year old child” – quote from my final art teacher just before I left school).

      If you do pay us a visit, then just ensure you tell me. I’ll make sure you don’t wander in to any dodgy places. 🙂

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  1. Well we couldn’t have a photo shoot without Toby could we?

    My you have some lovely mural art in Hove. I love the boat on the beach. Great graffitti art too. Thanks for the virtual ‘wall art’ tour, Hugh. 😊


    1. You’re welcome, Maria. Glad you enjoyed the street art. I think most of what I have seen of it in Brighton and Hove is very good stuff. I’m just amazed that it is there because I’ve never seen the artists’ of it at work.


  2. Very colouful walls around your neighborhood, Hugh. It must be distracting when you walk past each time…taking lots of photos. I wonder why those kinds of street art? Maybe a toilet or bathroom near by?

    We have lots of street art in the city of Melbourne where I live. They get painted over so often. Seems like we want to show off some talent 🙂


    1. I’m always taking photographs, Mabel. It’s a nice habit to have I think, because I’m always amazed with what I find when I start viewing them.

      Yes, behind the street art where ‘toilet’ is mentioned, there were toilets/restrooms. Just a nice way, don’t you think, to brighten up the outside of a room we all have to use.

      I love all this street art but have never seen any of the artists at work producing it.


      1. “…always amazed with what I find when I start viewing them.” I second that. When I’m out taking photos, sometimes I thinkm “Oh, what a pity. Didn’t get the shot I want”. But there have been times when I’ve looked back at the photos at home and think that it wasn’t too bad.

        Very creative sign to point to toilet then. It would be lovely if toilets and restrooms had more decorations or decor. Why not 🙂

        I’ve caught some artists producing their street art work in Melbourne on a few occasions. It’s usually early in the morning when not many are around.


      2. OK then, that explains why I never see the artists at work. I thought they may have done their work at night, but no, of course not.

        Those paintings were actually on some temporary toilets/restrooms on Brighton seafront. The week before last the artwork was not there. Great way to decorate up a feature we all need to pay visit to from time to time. It will be a shame when it is all removed, but hopefully not for sometime yet.


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