My Workspace Blog Hop: Hugh Reveals All (Well Almost)

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, I was tagged by Sherri Matthews, over at A View From My Summerhouse, for the ‘My Workspace Blog Hop’.  I hadn’t known Sherri for very long when she tagged me for this blog hop and I remember how very pleased and honoured I felt that she had thought of me when I read her list of nominees.

Sherri is a beautiful writer, her posts always ooze happiness and friendship and, the day I left my first comment on one of her posts, she welcomed me with open arms to her blogging community.  She is currently writing her memoirs and I’ve read a few snippets, which she has shared on her blog, and have already ordered my signed copy of her book.  Sherri was the one who first mentioned ‘blog burnout’ to me and even though I’ve seen many blogs come and go over the time I have been here on WordPress, it wasn’t until she mentioned it that I realised it was happening.  Basically, it refers to bloggers who give up blogging, for whatever reason, within the first two years.

Hugh's Workspace Blog HopIn the Workspace Blog Hop I get the chance to show you where I sit and do most of my writing.  However, the ideas I often get for a blog post or a short story don’t usually happen in the place I write.

As it’s only the two of us that live here, along with our pet dog, Toby, we are lucky enough to have been able to turn one of the bedrooms into a study. There is a sofa bed in the room just incase we ever do need it and, as you can see from the photo, it is occupied by rather a lot of soft toys, mostly Harrods Christmas Bears which my partner, John, has given me every Christmas since 1993, the year we met.  The bears are not all in the photo, and I don’t think it will be long before they will need their own room.Hugh's Workspace Blog Hop

The desk I use sits right behind the only window in the room and although the house is situated on a what can be a busy road during rush hours in the week, beyond it we have what Toby likes to call his garden, which is Hove Recreation Ground.  Lots of sport is played in the Recreation Ground all year-long and, when I took the photo earlier today, there was a game of ladies rugby being played. In a month’s time the rugby posts will be taken down and the cricket season will start.  It has been known for Toby to run across the cricket field (or is it a pitch?) during play, much to my embarrassment, but fortunately just beyond Hove Recreation Ground is Hove Park where he can meet up with his doggy pals and have a good run around and play.Hugh's Workspace Blog Hop

Now I do spend a lot of time in this room, and John often complains that he can’t get anytime to get on the computer himself, but lately he’s taken to sitting in the kitchen and using a laptop.  I don’t like a cluttered desk, so as you can see there is not a lot on it, and that is how I like it.  To me an uncluttered desk gives me an uncluttered mind, so I am able to sit and write freely.  Very often Toby will sit or lay under the desk and peer out the window while I am bashing away at the keyboard.  This is also the place I read, like and comment on the blogs I follow.  I’ve learnt not to comment using my iPhone or iPad because of some of the embarrassing predicted grammar and word mistakes I’ve submitted.  I’d rather use the desktop computer to comment and write.Hugh's Workspace Blog Hop

I mentioned earlier that most of my ideas for writing do not come to me in this room.  They usually come in what some would say are strange places to have ideas, such as in front of the ironing board, in the local supermarket, while loading/unloading the dishwasher, or even in the middle of the night when having to go and spend a penny.

Hugh's Workspace Blog HopFinally, I need to tag a few of you for the workspace blog hop, but remember, there is no obligation whatsoever.  I always find it so difficult knowing who to tag, but here is one lovely crew, all lovely blogging friends whom I’m delighted to introduce:

Eloise of Thoughts by Mello-Elo

Colleen of Silver Threading

Meredith of Meredith’s Musings

Ali of Alien Aura’s Blog: It’ll Blow Your Mind!

Nishi of The Showcase

Dorne of Write Dorne – Putting life into words

Thank you for letting me show you around Hugh’s blog workspace, today.  Are you ready for a cup of tea and maybe a jammy dodger or two with me now?

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61 thoughts

  1. First, congrats on using a Mac!

    I blog from my Macbook Air so my workspace is wherever I need it to be, usually my living room couch. My article from a few weeks ago about my trip to Florida was written almost entirely during the trip. Back in the day when computers weren’t portable, this would not have been an option.

    Very nice setup, Hugh!


    1. Lovely to hear of another Apple user, Chris. I don’t know where I would be without my iCloud, iMac, iPhone and iPad. Who knows? However, I can’t seem to get on with using the Macbook air we have. My partner tends to use it (probably because I won’t let him on the iMac 🙂 )

      When I think back just to when we first had a home computer, which was 1997, most of the desk and the space around it would have been filled with equipment. Now, we have all that space to fill, if we want to.

      Thanks for dropping by, Chris. It’s always great to hear from you.

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  2. A delightful piece, Hugh – such a great read. Thank you very much for the mention. It came just at the right time. I am having a pretty despairing type of day: Free download is not going well, and I feel, sometimes, as if I am running out of options. Ah well, life must go on – and, to be positive, the darkest dawn often heralds the most beautiful and sunny day. Have a brilliant Sunday – and thanks, once again, for all your support and help; it is HUGELY appreciated. xxx


    1. You’re welcome, Ali. I don’t know if you have been tagged in a “workspace blog hop” before, and please don’t feel you have to oblige and do one. If you do decide to go ahead then please, like me, take your time as to when you want to do it.

      I think it’s a great idea and a lovely way to show people where you do all your writing. It’s almost like “Through the keyhole” stuff.

      Sorry to hear the free download is not going well. However, I did read somewhere recently that weekends are not generally good when it comes to the number of books being downloaded. They seem to be downloaded more during the week. I wish I knew where I had read that now. It was here on WordPress somewhere, but I can’t remember which blog I saw it. If I do find it I will send over the link to you.

      Stay positive and enjoy the rest of the weekend, Ali.


  3. Hugh, you have a fabulous area to work in! What lovely views you have too. Sugar and Spice are many times in my “creative” room with me. They provide me with many an inspiration, just as Toby does for you. Thanks for inviting me. I will be happy to share my creative space with all our bloggy friends. 🐕🐕💕📖


    1. Thank you, Colleen.

      Yes, even as I type this response to you, Toby is fast asleep just to the side of me. We have just come back from a long walk and it’s cold outside (only low 40F today), so he is tired. John is preparing a roast chicken dinner to warm us up.

      I look forward to reading your ‘workspace blog hop’ and please don’t feel you have to do one straight away. Sherri tagged me nearly two months ago and it’s been on my ‘to write’ list ever since.

      Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

      xx ❤

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      1. I have made a note and will do the Blog Hop after our daughter and grand daughters come to visit the end of the month. It has been warm here in Pensacola. The last few days it was in the 70’s F. I worked in the yard yesterday, pulling weeds, cleaning out dead leaves, etc. Today, I am blogging and writing posts for the week. Your chicken dinner sounds wonderful! Ron barbecued steaks last night and I made steamed asparagus with sweet potatoes. Have a wonderful Sunday Hugh. ❤


    1. You’re very welcome, Eloise.

      Have fun with it, and please do it in your own time. I was tagged nearly two months ago and have only just done mine today!

      Thank you very much for the reblog as well. I’ll be over to visit your blog soon as I have seen a couple of ‘New Post’ emails in my email box. I’m hoping to finish your book by tomorrow as well. I’m absolutely loving it.

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  4. Hugh, what fun it is to be able to picture you in your surroundings! And what a wonderful window for both you and Toby (so cute that he sits at your feet). As for your bears, a lovely tradition! A great “happy place” from which to pursue your creative magic 🙂 Now, can we talk about spending a penny? I had an inkling what it might mean, but googled it to make sure 🙂 Love it!! I’m adding this phrase to my repertoire – sounds so much better than what I’ve been calling it 😉


    1. Thanks, Stacy. Yes, now I’ve shown you exactly where all this stuff on my blog is created.

      I do love the view, and the Recreation Ground is always busy with people and dogs, so there is always something going on over there. I’ve even used some of the people, I see over there, as characters in some of my short stories. Even as I type a reply to your comment, Toby is fast asleep just to the side of the desk. He likes this room as well.

      Haha, I’m glad you liked the phase I used for visiting the bathroom. I’ve always used that expression and it came from my Grandmother many years ago, although many people here in the UK seem to use it. Now I’d love to know what you say when you want to “spend a penny”. Please do tell. I promise not to tell anybody 🙂


  5. Well, Hugh your desk is super neat and tidy and those teddies are very cute. My daughter wants the one in the most left, but I told her they belong to you…. 😉


    1. Well the one on the far left of the photo is not actually a Harrods bear. He’s called ‘Tatty Teddy’, and if you were living next door, I’m sure he’d like to go and stay with your daughter. I’m sure she’d look after him for me 🙂

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  6. Your workspace is admirable, and I love how Toby sits underneath the desk looking out on the world.
    I also love the teddies on the sofa, doesn’t Toby want to get at em? My dog would be in heaven in that room – he loves teddies 🙂


    1. Thanks, Amanda.

      If I give Toby a soft toy, it will usually have the head ripped off it and all the stuffing pulled out within minutes but, for some reason, he doesn’t take any interest in the soft toys which belong too me. I don’t know why, but he seems to know that he is not to touch them. It may be down to the fact that I’ve never allowed him on any of the sofas or beds, and because they are sat on a sofa he’s not allowed to touch them.

      He has a toy basket next to his bed and has had many a teddy bear, but the poor things don’t last very long and always end up having a good shaking and being dismembered very quickly.


    1. Phew, I thought from some of the comments, it may have only been me that had a clean and tidy desk, Claudette. 🙂

      However, each to their own I say. We are all different and I know a few members of my family who have desks that look like rubbish dumps. However, they seem to do well working in that kind of environment.

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    1. Well, each to their own, David. Some members of my family are exactly like you and seem to work well like that. I’m afraid I have to have a clean and clutter free desk to be able to feel happy and then to be able to put my thoughts down here on my blog. We’re all different and I say what ever works for you is the best.


  7. Omg I felt like it was me writing that, it’s uncanny…I did do a post like this a few months ago but it wasn’t an official bloghopthingy. I actually have that same beocom phone 🙂 I think I need to update my whereiblog post. I might even make it a vlog…


    1. I was actually going to do this post as a VLOG, but I couldn’t persuade my partner to hold the camera for me. Maybe next time.

      We have a very nice B&O shop just down the road from us. In fact, they are bringing us a TV on Friday so we can see what it looks like in our living room. I think we’ll be watching the next series of Dr.Who on a B&O 🙂

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      1. You don’t need someone to hold the camera. Greg won’t so I’ll be doing mine solo. I used to work for bang and Olufsen and got hooked. Well as far as audio is concerned anyway. Not too fussed about the tellys


      2. Yeah, I agree, their audio is great, but we want to try the telly out now as well. We’ll see what transpires after the demo on Friday.

        I use my iPhone and iPad as a camera but want to be in the video as well without looking like something out of The Flintstones or off CBBC 🙂

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    1. Yes, I’ve seen some very embarrassing comments left by me on other blogs, and having to ask the owner of the blog to do a quick edit for me. It is a problem, Jill, and don’t you just hate predictive text sometimes?

      I like my desk like that. It seems to give my mind all the creative space it needs to write, by being uncluttered.


  8. Halloo Hugh! Thank you for taking us on a tour of your workspace and those teddies look so adorable Hugh I’m sure I can find some space here at my house for those lil cuties..if you dont find the space that is..was just saying..;D..Im so happy and honored you mentioned me in your blog hop Hugh! some tea and jammy dodgers for me!


    1. Hi Nishi, welcome back. I’ve missed you last week but I guessed you were maybe taking a blogging break? I hope all is OK with you?

      Those Teddies are mine…all mine…all, all, mine…hahaha *Hugh laughs in a wicked way*

      You’re very welcome. Have fun with it and don’t feel obliged that you have to do the workspace blog hop. It’s all meant to be a bit of fun and a chance to show us where you do all your writing. If you are busy, then it can wait. It took me nearly two months to write and publish mine from the day Sherri tagged me.

      Right, kettle is boiling away and I’ve even got a teapot out, so it’s all proper. 🙂

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      1. Actually missed you too..I did a quick sneak peek of your blog but didnt get the time to comment and like all the posts I missed.Emma and the husband fell ill at the same time and now even I’ve got a sore throat so was busy tending to their needs last week and didnt get the time to blog…hopefully wil get some writing done this week…Yes I’ll try get the work space tour though you see that would mean me taking pictures of my entire house :D..haha high tea at Hughs then..I’m on my way!


      2. Sorry to hear the family have been unwell, Nishi, and I hope your sore throat soon disappears without developing into anything major.

        I look forward to reading your workspace blog hop post, but please do have fun doing it and write and post it whenever suits you.

        Have a great day and take care.

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  9. Oh Hugh, I absolutely adore your Christmas Teddy Bears 🙂 I gave one to Hubby for his birthday a few year’s ago, as he had never had one as a boy 😦 Everyone needs a bear or two or more 😉 Love your workspace too, so neat and tidy, with lots of nice space and light around and a great view. Love the photo of Toby, seems he enjoys the view too! Wonderful that you have Toby’s garden – sorry, the recreation ground – on your doorstep. Thank you so much for taking part and for your lovely, kind introduction, I am very humbled. So glad to have met you here Hugh, I am honoured to share in your blogging community and I wish nothing but the best in your writing career.


    1. Thank you for tagging me in your workspace blog hop post, Sherri, and apologies for it taking me so long to getting around and writing and publishing my post.

      I think it’s a brilliant idea to be able to show off where we do our thinking and writing. It’s almost like having everybody around and showing them around your house without so much of a cup of tea being drunk or a biscuit being eaten. I had a teapot at the ready and packets and packets of jammy dodgers, so I’ll have it eat them all myself now – yum yum 🙂

      Yes, we are very lucky to be living in such a lovely part of the UK and to have a great view from the house as well. I know you know this part of the world anyway, so you will know exactly what I am saying. There are so many wonderful walks to take Toby on and he loves it here as well. I think being under the desk and looking out of the window is one of his favourite spots in the house.

      Thank you for your lovely comments, Sherri, and I look forward to reading all your upcoming posts and visiting your blog often. Oh, and not forgetting your book when it is finally published. Signed copy for me don’t forget. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yum yum to Jammy Dodgers indeed Hugh! Ahh…well, you are so very welcome, it is my pleasure and you are not late at all, in fact I think you did it very quickly compared to how long it takes me to catch up! You certainly are in a lovely part of the world, one of which I am very fond for many reasons. And yes Somerset isn’t too shabby either 😉 Hugh, thank you so much for your support of my blog and writing, I look forward to all your visits very much, and you can count on me to visit you too. And you fill my heart with joy as I think of that day when I hand you your signed copy of my book…it’s on reserve, ready and waiting 🙂 Have a lovely evening!


  10. The last photo of your work space is really beautiful … so neat and tidy…. complete with Toby looking longingly over towards the park. 😊. I love the tree in the window too. It’s lovely to have an outlook when you are working.

    It’s good that you have so many bears – they will never be lonely. I wonder do they sneak over to the park for a Teddy Bear’s picnic now and then? 😂🐻🐻



    1. Thanks, Maria.

      I really enjoyed doing this blog hop because it gives us the chance to show off where we do our writing and creativity. It’s such a lovely way to introduce ourselves to the rest of the world.

      We are so lucky to have lovely views from the house and Toby loves to sit looking out of that window. He often falls asleep there and occasionally will startle me with a bark when the postman drops the mail off.

      I look forward to reading and seeing your workspace blog hop.

      Liked by 1 person

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